Rockin’ Time with Trench Town Oddities and HELIX in Cornwall Ontario by Amanda Cross – HD VIDEO

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lead singer Brian Vollmer of Helix with Sarah Smith

CFN – Was that a Gimme an R – O – C – K? That’s right it was! The Port Theatre was rocking Sunday night with opening band Trench Town Oddities followed by Helix! If you couldn’t make it to the show, you missed a great time with these two bands!

Trench Town Oddities kicked the night off at 8pm taking on acoustic versions of well-known Christmas tunes such as O Holy Night. They also played a song from their Days & Nights album called End Up Here with a slight twist to it.

Trench Town Oddities have worked extremely hard in preparing for this night so much so they went into the studio and worked up their own takes of classic Christmas tunes.


“Believe it or not I’m actually really nervous. We haven’t played any of these songs for anyone but the band.” – Sean Harley, lead singer of Trench Town Oddities


The guys of Trench Town Oddities were thrilled to be the opening band for Helix, but they couldn’t stay on the stage the whole night. Helix had to take the stage and rock our socks off!

For a group who’s been around nearly 4 decades now, they’re still going strong and sounding fantastic! Helix has been all around Ontario for their Heavy Mental Christmas Tour, and Cornwall was their last stop!

Helix performed classic hit carols such as Hallelujah, Little Drummer Boy and Jingle Bell Rock. Although, Helix still played a couple of their famous hit songs such as Heavy Metal Love and Rock You, which they saved for their last encore song! For all you Leaf’s fans out there, yes I said Leaf fans! Helix rocked the house when they played their All I Want for Christmas Is the Leaf’s To Win the Cup.


“My wife says I’m cursed now because it’s a Christmas show and there’s no snow! It’s a hockey song, and there’s no NHL!” – Brian Vollmer, lead singer of Helix also adding “What I really want for Christmas is the NHL to start now!”


I’m sure no one could disagree with that statement by Brian. I know I would love the NHL season so start but we all know that won’t happen.

For those wondering why Helix didn’t have the tour earlier when they released their 2008 Christmas CD, A Heavy Mental Christmas the reason behind that is because they wanted to make sure they were ready. They didn’t want something half-done but they wanted it to be perfect.

For all you Helix fans out there, they are in the progress of writing new material for a CD that could be released by the end of 2013.

Helix’s next major event will be in March 2013 for the Monsters of Rock Boat Cruise which will also include fabulous bands and musicians such as Cinderella, Nelson & Lita Ford. For further information on this event check out

Don’t forget to check out both of these bands websites for new updates on music and where they’ll be next! and

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