Bill 115 OSSTF Video Clearly Shows Student Activities Used as EXTORTION TOOL by Jamie Gilcig

Bill 115CFN – Are you tired of children being used as pawns in the Teacher/Ontario Government scrap over Bill 115?    I just viewed this commercial and am totally disgusted by the OSSTF.

There’s only one thing standing between public high school students and their extra curricular activities.

It’s not about taking sides in this squabble.  It’s despicable to actually see a video clearly stating the obvious, that the Teacher’s Union are holding up our children, their Proms, school trips, and events hostage.   That if they don’t get their way they will behave in the manner that some of their students end up in detention for.

The Teacher’s union chose in the last Provincial election who to support, and with no better option this is where it’s descended to.

Frankly as much as I feel some of the facets of 115 are unfair to teachers I think they should all get a nice big pay cut after watching this commercial so we can fund people to help with extra curricular activities.   School is a few scant years of people’s life. It’s their foundation of who they become.

Are these the lessons we want our children learning from?  Is this the behavior pattern we want our children to take into their lives as adults and parents themselves?

There’s only so much honey in the honey pot and maybe it’s time we all wake up and hold our governments accountable for how they spread it and where?

Frankly the Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation really blew it with this ad in this scribblers opinion.  What’s yours?

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James Moak


  1. OMG…the world may not have come to an end, but it might as well have!! I finally agree 100% with something Jamie has said.
    It’s a Christmas miracle:).

  2. It is awful ! And yes the teacher’s union is using our kids to get what they want. I don’t blame all the teachers.A lot of the local ones do not agree with the taking away of the extra curriculars but as we know if you are in a union you have to follow their rules regardless of if you agree or suffer the concequences.Unions were a good thing when human rights were violated but unions today are just trouble makers in my opinion.

  3. Merry Christmas CFN, AN amazing story and it is good to see someone actually speaking truthfully about what is going on.

    It has nothing to do with students!

    If people question this contract they can see the deal the fire deparment just recieved under similiar contractual agreements.

  4. Jamie,

    Your comment in regards to the OSSTF’s video is despicable and hypocritical. If the four years students spend in high school are the most critical in shaping student’s lives why are you suggesting that our government and society devalue the educators who provide that voluntary service? Our educators are one of the most important pillars of this society because they educate our future generations. It also seems you are completely ignorant to the fact that the Liberal Administration and Laurel Broten, our Minister of Education, have made it ILLEGAL for teachers to strike and so cutting students extra curricular activities is one of the only methods of protest they have. Jamie, rather than bashing our teachers, who not only deserve their wage but also their collective bargaining rights, should dedicate your time to writing your local MP to denounce Bill 115. Bill 115 is not only an attack on the teachers but all unions and more importantly DEMOCRACY! In case you forgot, we fought in two world wars for that cause.

    And you ask about what lessons our students should be learning. Here’s one for you- if our teachers don’t stand up for democracy than what message is that sending to our students? If our teachers and people like you don’t stand up, I strongly believe that we are sending the message that democracy is a failing institution and that we as citizens should just sit back and allow the government to dismantle our rights and impose draconian legislation.

  5. Author

    Yes Kate. I stand by my position. A child’s years in school should not be grist for either the government or union of teachers. The students welfare and education should always come first.

    And why is it we only hear from teachers when it involves their pay? And in the last Provincial election former teacher Elaine MacDonald stood against Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the press.

    We all get it. You teachers only care about money…

    Thanks for posting though.

  6. I would have preferred the McGuinty government freeze all Ontario government employees wages and bonuses for a year instead of picking fights with Doctors then Teachers. Too late for that.
    Hey Union, the province is broke and our kids need education, do the right thing!

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