Sink Hole Catches Van in Cornwall Ontario – December 29, 2012

van sinkCFN – For one unlucky driver the storm brought an extra surprise Thursday as their van fell into a sink hole caused by a water main crack in Cornwall Ontario!

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Thanks to Todd LeBlanc for these to photos of the mishap!

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  1. Is that right outside of the Cornwall Barbecue on Second St. W.?

  2. Author

    looks like it Reg

  3. iwas there for supper tonight i didnt see anything wrong in the area

  4. My parents live in an area that has been resurfaced. They have been talking to the city for years about the visible hole beneath the drain prior to the city repaving.

    Contractors told them to stay to the far side of the drive when leaving just in case..

    Cornwall is built on much of the old industrial waste from Domtar and it is now washing away and leaving many sink holes. Norm Levac is well aware of them as is Stephen Alexander

  5. Bet it won’t be the last……..we have as much age old sewage and other infra structures as everyone else in the country. Unfortunately, it only follows that more of us will experience costly reminders about how important it is that we maintain a history and life span plan of action.
    Too many naysayers will cost us dearly.

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