Over 1,000 Protest Idle No More From Akwesasne Over the Seaway International Bridge in Cornwall Ontario – January 5, 2013

2CFN – Over 1.000 peaceful protesters walked through Akwesasne and over the Seaway International Bridge to Cornwall Ontario on a beautiful sunny Saturday.

10The National Idle No More protest hit our area against Bill C 45 and in support of Chief Theresa Spence and her hunger strike.


No incidents were reported.


Protesters heading back over the bridge.


Amazing Photos courtesy of Ed Renkema of Ed Renkema Photography!

ed renkema photography


  1. It saddens me that the “Idle No More” movement is viewed by many Canadians as a “Native” issue. There are amendments being made that will solely impact the aboriginal communities throughout Canada this is true, but it is not the only amendment being made this is a 450 page document with many changes that should cause people to be concerned. I support the root of this movements and stand firmly against the changes to these two acts Navigation Protection Act: Under the act, major pipeline and power line project advocates aren’t required to prove their project won’t damage or destroy a navigable waterway it crosses, unless the waterway is on a list prepared by the transportation minister. The amendments remove that protection for 99.9 per cent of lakes and rivers in Canada.
    Environmental Assessment Act: The first omnibus budget bill had already overhauled the assessment process and the second one reduces further the number of projects that would require assessment under the old provisions. I object to the faster approval process. The Harper government is constantly selling/giving our natural resources away and or allowing them to be massively damaged. Before you judge and base your opinions on an absurd resentment towards Native Americans look into Bill C-45.There are things being done that effect us all regardless of race.Protect your country, the land and the water, educate yourself and form educated opinions. )0(

  2. rashedah is right. We should all be concerned. Bill C-45 is an abomination, as it puts at risk the rights of all Canadians to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. “Idle No More” therefore deserves to grow into a pan-Canadian movement of protest against a government of vandals.

  3. Sol if I read it right, you are saying that the Harper government and all other politicians will be breathing dirty air, drinking dirty water and getting rid of a healthy environment to live in. I think you need to get a life!

  4. Here’s one for you, rashedah, let them pass their Bill C-45 and next election VOTE.

    Should your VOTE win the majority, then your MP’s can repeal it.

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