Strange thoughts before bedtime by Jamie Gilcig – January 10, 2013

CFN – jg2 As I sit here bombing myself with soothing tea trying to fight off what just might be a cold I ponder and look back at this last week.

In life there come points when we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

We have to make choices and sometimes those choices are no fun.  There is no red or green, no right or left, no black or white or right or wrong.

Sometimes we just make a choice and have to live with it.

Sometimes we have to decide between two friends and sometimes we’re in a position where we can only be real friends with one because of circumstances.

It’s very adult thinking I know.

Life isn’t fair.   The tooth fairy is really your mom, and if you’re real lucky, your dad too.

The world is a hard place and people are mean and cruel to each other.  They lie; they cheat; they steal, and then one day if you become old in Cornwall Ontario it can be a very scary thing unless you have an awful lot of money; but that’s for a whole other story.

No tonight I’m in a warm house; full of tea, with my loved ones nearby, some still alive that won’t be in a few years.   Some great friends.  Some great co-conspirators.  Some great co-workers.

Surviving is an amazing thing and all of us survivors should smile tonight as the stars twinkle above us.

Sometimes it’s good to think strange thoughts and drink tea….

Night all.   Last one turn out the light.



  1. “As I sit here bombing myself”

    Jamie your story reminds me of a bender I was on 35 years ago
    Cornwall council had decided to let Domtar dump tons of
    “stuff” locally saving millions in trucking fees
    The trucks ran non stop into that site and nobody was checking each and every load
    Strange I gave up alcohol for good that night and turned my life around.Wish I could say the same about the old boys club that has run this town into the breaks my heart to drive thru downtown that looks like some backwater.

  2. Jamie
    You are so right about that “goal crease” across Ferris face
    Man with all the debate about how hard hits are ruining the NFL and leading some former stars to do themselves in.
    Getting wacked by a hockey stick in a senior hockey league seems way dangerous…glad u didn’t hit him with your camera as he rushed at you

  3. ‘Oh no you don’t…I’m the real slim spin-offs..get your own name..

  4. What’s in that tea?!?!

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