Ontario Libeal Leadership Race : Sandra Pupatello Wins Big in SD&G Delegate Voting

pupatelloCFN – Liberal leadership contender Sandra Pupatello looks to be the big winner in the SD&G riding nomination process after voting Saturday.

In a three way race former MPP Jim Brownell had voiced his support for Eric Hoskins, while riding president James Borer tossed his hat to Kathleen Wynne.

Mark A MacDonald casting his vote.
Mark A MacDonald casting his vote.

Former candidate Mark A MacDonald thrust his support and machine behind Ms Pupatello and buzz from the Knights of Columbus Saturday showed that Ms Pupatello drew over double the amount of the sixteen committed delegates  chosen than either Wynne or Hoskins.

Provincial Leadership Co-Chair Bernadette Clement with Riding President James Borer
Provincial Leadership Co-Chair Bernadette Clement with Riding President James Borer

Mr. MacDonald hasn’t ruled out another run as MPP with buzz being of an expected Spring election.

What do you think SD& G residents?  Who will win the Liberal nom and become our next Premier and will there be a Spring election?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Results? How is this winning big with no indication of the delegates that were elected to attend the convention? Yes, she fielded more delegates than any other candidate. However, the true test is seeing if the membership chose them.

  2. Mr. Borer,

    Still waiting for you to answer J.Q and CC #2 questions we asked you to pass on to M.MEilleur

    I see you really feel she is a caring, dedicated and selfess person , by putting your support behind K. Wynne.

    We eagarly await your responses

  3. Jack, that’s what the membership voted on today.

  4. great, I now know who NOT TO VOTE FOR

    We have had enough of liberal raping of Ontario

    maybe under the conservatives we can finally RECOOP the losses due to e-health and power plant scandals , not to mention the enviormental projects that cost millions and did NOTHING for the taxpayer

    Ole, and bravo

    By the way, when is it Mr. Borer is due to answer the questions he was going to ask M.meilleur concerning the francophone imbalances in this province ?

    When the liberals loose, it will welcome relief to get rid of her, hopefully even out of Queen’s park

  5. Author

    Peter Mr. Hudak is a political joke and unelectable. It’s not about his party. It’s him personally.

  6. @ Admin

    as bad as Hudak is , it is still 1000% better than what we have now or what the liberls have offered up as replacemnts

  7. Tim Hudak, is still 1000% better anyone of the liberals that have surfaced
    Particularly M. Meilleur, the Anglo hater.

  8. Author

    Well Peter the beautiful thing about a Democracy is that we all get our opinion and vote. To me any politician that is against Free Speech, Freedom of the Press and has to hide their public meetings is simply boot scrapings…

  9. @ Peter. The Cons should have won the last election by a landslide. They were way ahead in all the polls when the writ was dropped.
    Why do you suppose they lost? I’ll give you a hint…..

  10. @Emily. I’m well aware, I was one of the delegates voting. The headline is misleading. It says Sandra wins big yet no results were released. On the ballot she did have way more individuals looking to represent her at the convention, but it remains to see if the party membership backed them.

  11. Ed, don’t forget to give the Liberal election machine some credit. They do a wonderful job of choosing an issue said by another team, and make them go on the defense, and then off message. The voters also deserve some credit, some get all their info from headlines, some from their family, or who talks the best even.

  12. True Eric. Warren Kinsella runs a formidable war-room, and he’ll do it again if Pupatello wins the leadership. But you must admit, Hudak blew that election just by being Hudak.

  13. Mr Borer,

    Why have you choosen to DUCKN J.Q. and cc# 2 their questions.

    They would love to hear from, as you say a dedicated seflless, and hard working person.

    These questions were all related to the MAJOR ADVENTAGES GIVEN TO francophes in ONTARIO

    You were very quick to critize them, come on, be a man, and have her, answer the questions, they requested you pose.

    Your have such a sweet photo, but does THAT REALLY REFLECT WHO YOU ARE??

    Didn’t think so, a phoney through and through

  14. @ Admin

    Ok, then Who?? Would Mike Harris consider a comeback?

    Too late for a leadership Race?

    And maybee the P.C. committees will get him to improve and win.

    Remember Harris didn’t win on his first try either, nor did alot of successful politicans


  15. @ Peter. The only person that the Libs and Dippers would rather be up against than Hudak would be Harris. There was dancing in the streets the day Harris quit politics to spend more time with his wife and kids.

  16. @ mr. borer

    Still waiting , waiting mr.borer

    Is lying to people in your job description

    this is consistent, with m.meilleur and the liberals

    it is truly amazing how you sleep nights

  17. @ Leo. Everyone has to sleep.
    Even the people you don’t like.
    Fight On!

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