“Dr. Razz” of Comprehensive Chiropractic Rehabilitation returns to Cornwall Ontario

After 25 years south of the border, Cornwall’s Glen Rasmussen has returned home to the delight of many of his former chiropractic patients.  CFN viewers can read what this doctor and teacher of chiropractic has been up to all of that time by following this link.


“Dr. Razz” has set up chiropractic shop at Cornwall’s Central Plaza at 805 Sydney Street
(across from Farm Boy)
just outside of Cornwall’s Original Mile Square
He welcomes former patients (new patient exam fee waived) as well as new ones.
Senior and previous patient discounts are available.
Comprehensive Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
Call him today at 613-662-2106
Walk-ins are welcome!
Visit him online.


At his centrally located office just outside of Cornwall’s Original Mile Square, this chiropractor offers his patients a variety of chiropractic treatment options and complementary modalities.

Services include treatment of sports injuries, sprains/strains, shoulders, elbow, ankle, neck and back pain.  Besides chiropractic treatment, additional modalities include short wave diathermy and interferential current therapy.  Custom orthotics are available.

Doctor Razz welcomes questions about potential chiropractic care; don’t be shy to give him a call today!

32 years of experience!
Official chiropractor of the Cornwall River Kings hockey team.







  1. Hey Don, thanks for the great service!

    It took 3 weeks for the Freeholder to get my ad on the Internet!!

    Still waiting on them for an editorial after 3-4 requests.
    I have not heard from a reporter/editorial person, just the sales person who is slow to respond. You can’t get a person when you call the phone. Call back sometimes? Usually with 24 hrs. It has been frustrating.

    You can use me as a referral source if you would like. Glad you found me as I did not find you first.

    Thanks again.


  2. Author

    Thanks, Dr. Razz.

    I like happy clients!

    Your Google search results are simply amazing. Various combinations of search phrases place your CFN ad and article on the first page of search results, often the first or second result!

  3. I am one of many “south of the border” , broken hearted patients of Dr. Razz. Our loss is Cornwall’s gain.
    For all who have never used Dr. Razz’s practice, you will never be sorry when you do. His techniques and knowledge of anatomy and physiology are incredible.
    We miss him and it is just too far to come for an adjustment or I would be there in a minute.
    My back and neck will never be the same.

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