Cornwall Community OPEN board meeting Thursday January 24th, 2013 at 5PM

CCHCFN – Cornwall Community Hospital is having an open board meeting tonight at 5Pm at the hospital.  Sadly the hospital has not given us an exact location as of print.

Frankly the Hospital has not been the most professional in its communications with us.  We ask basic questions like:

Have you had open board meetings in the last six months and if so can you please send us your minutes?

Now that’s not complicated, right?  Well CCH confirmed that there is an open meeting today at 5PM and that means that members of the public can show up which if you care about the Cornwall General situation; or the bilingual nursing issue, or any other issues you can attend.

CFN promises to advance promote further OPEN meetings of the CCH board so that more of you can make time to attend.

Will you be there?   You can post your comments below.


Shaun McDonald of CCH sent an email confirming the meeting location in room 1231, 840 McConnell Avenue


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  1. Yeah, it’s really too bad that the hospital puts up last minute meetings like this, on pretty well the coldest days of the year, probably expecting that no one shows up.. show’s a lot of professionalism there as you’ve mentioned in your article..

    Here we have language issues, that people want addressed.

    We have the sale of a +60 million dollar facility for 2 million that people want addressed.

    I have a feeling a lot of people are going to make it to this meeting (not)..

    There are a lot of people that care, but unfortunately when released last minute like this, many will probably not be able to attend and then the hospital will get away with “well, we had the meeting”..

  2. I fully agree with you Clifford S ,Why would the hospital not advised the public with enough advanced notice.

    Had it been for canvassing for donations the local radio would have it on the airways every hour weeks in advance,and the hospital would have posted it before that .

    Accountability,Accountability ,what is with this Hospital Management and Board?

    Were they hoping no-one shows up ?Was that their intention?

  3. Representatives from Language Fairness for All will be attending this meeting tonight.

    Thank-you CornwallFree News for making this meeting public knowledge. Without your great reporting Cornwallites would remain in the dark about these important issues.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    Margaret Meade

  4. It’s time the people correct the government,

  5. Actually this is pretty well the definition of insane.. putting up an emergency meeting like this, the day of, and expecting anyone to want to go through this cold at the last minute in order to attend..

    In the meantime, the papers that print this information, will not have any opportunity to do so until tomorrow (after the meeting happened already)

    They’ll (CCH) probably use it as some statistic as well, claiming that they put up the meeting, claiming that the media is just desperate for something to write about.. “we had a meeting, only 4 people showed up.. so the interest must be low in saving the hospital..” for shame..

    And I get a good laugh at the negative votes my comment above endured.. I wonder if it’s the language issue comment that delivered all the negative votes.. I mean it’s only logic, such an important meeting, released at last minute, bypassing print, etc, is specifically designed to make it that people don’t show up.. but lets put a negative vote on that comment.. some people need their heads read..

  6. Next step people is to get two people to resign?

  7. Well it’s 5:23 and I am just finding out about this now so I guess I will not be going….good grief are they for real?

  8. willie191
    January 24, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    ‘It’s time the people correct the government,’

    One would think the statement, ‘government by the people, for the people’ was how things worked. I suppose in essence it is suppose to work that way as we have vote opportunities.

    Problem is, it takes so darn long for those opportunities to show themselves and certainly not by those we would like to give alternate opportunities too, right.

    On the other hand the axiom ‘the government is the people’, implying that WE are the government seems to be how we exert the inertia of others in-between voting times.

    And then their is the quote forwarded by Debbie Cameron, that rings so true too:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    Margaret Meade

    Debbie, thanks for being there on all our behalf. We look forward to your full report, providing it was actually worth your time or another’s if you could not either.


  9. All the board members were treated to a free lunch,Some interesting facts disclosed including money coming in soon from an estate of Henry Turner who died years ago & had had willed monthly payments to hospital,something like $500,000,however, nothing really about the sale,the kicking to the curb of all those 32 patients at the 2nd site,all families had gotten letters from hospital to remove their family members,no mention either of more near retirement staff getting walked out of hospital thus saving on benefits,retirement ,even heard of staff getting their home computers hacked & brown nosing staff reporting on each other,shameful….very shameful!!!

  10. Hi folks,

    The board meeting was an open meeting with no chairs available at time of arrival .Guess they did not expect any interest ,but chairs were soon made available to the scant amount of people who showed up.

    It was a typical dry /boring board meeting .

    Nothing was mentioned about the sale of the second street site.

    Was advised by the Hospital Foundation’s Ms.M.Baker Brown that the hospiotal will reach its goal for MRI funding by February-So why prematurely ask the city for the $500,000 ?

    French language services Committee -J.Duguay /F.Hamelin had advised the performance indicator as satisfactory -the gentleman J.Duguay in very broken English had advised that the performance was satisfactory.

    We could not give input on the meeting.IF able to several questions would have been asked:

    (1)Why is it satisfactory to have a minimum of 50% bilingual to serve 20% of the population?
    (2) Is it customary to hire outside of province to fill those bilingual necessary positions as in 6 physio therapy positions presently filled by people from Laval Quebec?Are there not enough Qualified bilingual applicants in the area of Cornwall?
    (3)-As this is a Community Hospital -How many employee’s are hired from outside the province to fill those bilingual positions?
    (4)-If there are not enough bilingual applicants to fill those jobs ,what justifies having a 50% BILINGUAL HIRING POLICY?
    (5)-Detox -With those 14 positions given notice with the RESTRUCTURING how many of those experience individuals are no longer Qualified because of the French Services designation?
    They were Qualified before ,suddenly with the implementation of the french services they no longer have the skills or experience?
    (6)If those 14 individuals had the skills and experience to provide those services before ,but due to the french services act they are no longer able to perform their job,how is it that providing those french services is superior to MERIT?

  11. What does a meeting about the sale of the CGH have to do with language? MY GOD Chris….get a life!!

    Furthermore……one has to request permission to speak at a scheduled board meeting. Usually professional meetings follow an agenda……ca-vas? Having said that, I am sure the agenda did not include language or hiring practises.

  12. @ Stella. Pretty much every problem known to humanity can be blamed on bilingualism.

  13. @Christopher Cameron RE: POST on January 25, 2013 at 8:40 am

    Three cheers to you and the LFA group for taking the time and making the effort to attend. You questions are valid and should be addressed.

  14. So still no public consultation on the sale of the hospital at bargain-basement price of $2mln? Its CEO Periard should be fired for inflicting intentional harm to the community.

  15. CCH are just announcing today about meeting their MRI needs,they did not say that it is was bequeath to them from the estate of Henry Turner as I had posted above after hospital board meeting.

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