Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement Comes Out from Leadership Co-Chair to Join Wynne Transition Team

Bernadette  WYNNECFN – Ms Clement spoke Saturday night after Ms Wynne’s victory over Sandra Pupatello and said she isn’t confirming that she’ll run to

Provincial Leadership Co-Chair Bernadette Clement with Riding President James Borer
Provincial Leadership Co-Chair Bernadette Clement with Riding President James Borer

be the candidate here in SD&SG in the upcoming provincial election, but was very elated at Ms Wynne’s Victory.

Also on the transition team are Ms Wynne’s Campaign Manager Tom Allison

  • Tony Dean: Former Secretary of the Cabinet and Clerk of the Executive Council
  • Greg Sorbara:  Minister of Finance under Premier Dalton McGuinty (2003-207);
  • Don Drummond:  Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at TD Financial Group
  • Frances Lankin: Ontario MPP and cabinet minister (1990-1999);
  • Lyn McLeod: Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party from 1992 to 1996, and Cabinet Minister under Premier David Peterson;
  • Dr. Ben Levin: Canada Research Chair in Education Leadership and Policy at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
  • Elaine Todres: Deputy Solicitor General and Deputy Minister under three administrations, transformed human resource policy within the public service;
  • Jan Innes: Vice President of Public Affairs of Rogers Media with 25 years of private and public sector communications experience.
  • Glen Murray: Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities (2011-2012)
  • David Crombie: Member of Parliament (1978 to 1988)
  • Maria Van Bommel:  Member of Provincial Parliament, Lambton—Kent—Middlesex (2003-2011);
  • Arnold Chan: Vice President, Aboriginal Affairs and former Senior Advisor to Premier Dalton McGuinty;
  • Hari Suthan Subramaniam: Former Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;
  • Angus Toulouse: He is Ojibway from the Sagamok Anishinawbek First Nation and an elected member of the AFN Executive Committee.

Ms Clement stated what a privilege her experience as co-chair was.


bernigMs Clement lost in the last Federal election to incumbent Guy Lauzon and missed out on a judgeship that went to Christine Lahaie.


  1. I wish Bernadette Clement well and good luck on whatever adventures she chooses to engage herself in.

  2. Watch her pensive expression when the group was making its pitch for funding of the feasibility study. To me, it looked as though she wasn’t buying it. (Could be wrong.) But I don’t get the feeling she’d speak up if she wasn’t.

  3. Never liked the Liberal party and this lady did not stand up against discrimination at CCH. Proved herself to be part of the “clique” on city council. Did not stand up with the community on many issues. I won’t vote for her.

  4. When want to be politicians sit on the fence and create the impression that they are reluctant to take a stand on an issue I personally look elsewhere to caste my vote . I choose to look for real leadership qualities and an individual that I can respect and trust to represent the will of the majority .

  5. Clarity. I want ideas, a strong outspoken stand and clarity. I like the person of Ms. Clement yet reserve my desision on such an important ‘gift’ to a polititian that has not said one iotta regarding the issues of the day here in Cornwall I think she is hedging her bets and may try a win with her tail between her legs as we say ‘NO’ as was said when she ran federally.

    Bernadette, you havae big shoes to fill before we can advance you. That b eing said, your grooming has just begun. All the best.

    Now, if a certain Mr.Cameron would run, a man weho wears his convictions on his sleeve as we must see from you, well then, the dogs of war will battle forward.

  6. I wish her good luck. No I don’t. She’s a brown-nosing social climber. And even worse, a McGuinty liberal.

    Admin, would you please put up a warning page before we have to look at these women. I am feeling faint. Same goes for the hospital twins. No offense meant. Thanks for your cooperation.

  7. Dave wrote: Now, if a certain Mr.Cameron would run,

    You have to be kidding? Being the president of the LFA is a fulltime job. **smile**

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