Do Cornwall Residents Like Higher Taxes? Should Mayor Kilger & Council be held Accountable for Higher Taxes? POLL

jg2CFN – Do taxpayers in Cornwall really want their taxes to stop growing or gasp!  Shrink?   Watching council meetings over the budget and looking at the make up of council this scribbler isn’t so sure?

Councilors MacDonald, Thibault, the Mayor and to varying degrees some of the other councilors have had little to no problems bumping up taxes 2-4 percent per year now for awhile.

While some of this can simply be called “Fitzy” taxes, some surely cannot.

We know that the CAG group headed by Gerry Benson, Roy Perkins and friends has been a total bust with both gentlemen actually council for cash for their pet projects, and council gushed over them fumbling as fast as they could for the cheque book or gushing apologies if they just couldn’t afford the largess.

Where does council draw the lines?  We just lost another 100+ jobs when Star Tek closed.   There are tough economic times all over and a far larger proportion of residents in Cornwall are on one form or another of fixed incomes.

Is it time to really focus on the councilors individually and ask where they stand on taxes in Cornwall?



And our second poll of the morning.


  1. Shut down arbitration, retention pay, and 4% compounding salary increases to uneducated emergency workers, of which there are far too many, most of whom don’t pay taxes to the city and laugh at the rest of us who have to work.

    Dead Weights

  2. Kilger should definately be held responsible for the tax increases. In fact he should be kicked out of office for all of the nonsense that has gone one under his watch!

    Wish I knew him personally so he could aprove a free tow out of the snowbank next time I need one!

  3. Good comment !
    City RN
    I agree Kilger should be held responsible for tax increase,He needs to step down from some of the committee`s he is on because he is not helping anyone!
    Kilger needs to start thinking and speaking for himself and stop hiring third parties from out of town to deciced was is best for our community.Heck it is going to cost 100k for some one to look over the Official plan,I thought those that work for the city should already no there own rules and By-laws but they don`t.
    Cornwall needs new management.

  4. Save mega costs. Send the entire City Hall to the Civic Complex.

    The current building could be revamped into executive condos.

  5. I have been a long time advocate of having a motion passed by city council that would require that tax increases be tied to the rate of inflation. That is to say that increases to property taxes can be less than the rate of inflation but not exceed the rate of inflation unless a referendum is held. Further,I believe that the unfair practice of across the board systematic increases in compensation for municipal employees should also be either strapped to the back of the actual rate of inflation or cancelled in favour of returning to actual increases based on merit/productivity . We need to stop rewarding mediocrity because that is what all to often we are getting !

  6. As much as people are pissed off at the City many people who work for the city are very good people who take pride in what they do for the people of Cornwall. It has been the clique of The City of Cornwall who have painted us with a bad brush. Kilger did nothing to protect the good name of Cornwall.

    He made sure his own kids were taken care of with high paying jobs, he made sure his good buddy got big bucks to screw off time and time again (fittzy boy) on duty I add.

    Cornwall needs a new start, new ideas a brand new council from top to bottom, sadly however things may not change because many people in this town will complain but do not get out to vote to make the change we so desperately need.

    Why Kilger did what he did to this town only he knows, why he continues is totally shameful. I was told this just recently. Kilger runs City Hall the same way he did his restaurant, down the shitter.

  7. I agree with you city BS! There are a lot of good people that work for the city, but Kilger has destroyed our reputation and wasted tons of $$$. MOST of the councillors need to be thrown out as they stood by his ways. They did not stand up for what is right or what the people wanted. Wait, they NEVER asked what the people wanted!


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