Former Cornwallite Michael Clifton Gets his Cornwall Ontario News from CFN in Toronto!

Cornwall City skylineDear Cornwall Free News,

Just a note of support from a former resident of Cornwall, I can see that The Cornwall Free News is a place for people to voice honest opinions about local issues and that should never go out of style. Public debate is a sometimes painful process, but where would the community be without it?  It has been my pleasure to offer a comment here and there as well. I do have many fond memories of a Seaway City childhood that was crazy, interesting, challenging,  painful, fabulous, curious – well you get the picture!!!  I wish the best for the people that live in Cornwall mostly because I met so many good folks there growing up and that’s what a town is about isn’t it? Cornwall’s got soul.

I wish you continued success with the Cornwall Free News. I read everyday.

Regards, Michael Clifton – Toronto Ontario

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  1. I’m sure letters like this make your job worthwhile. Congrats Jamie and CFN.

  2. Author

    Thanks Gary. They do. Rarely do they go public.

  3. Thank you, Michael. Our great viewers, both near and far, are what motivate us the most.

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