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IMG_9576spirittreeyoga_CFNWe offer a beautiful and serene studio space where everyone is welcome to enjoy and discover Yoga and all of it’s benefits. Spirit Tree Yoga is committed to sharing the authentic practice of yoga with the community and being a source of information and guidance on how to live a healthy, whole lifestyle.

Spirit Tree Yoga
52 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON
In Cornwall’s Original Mile Square
near First Street
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Owner/Yoga Instructor Lisa Blanchard
Owner/Yoga Instructor Lisa Blanchard

I have been practicing Yoga for over 15 years and received my instructor training in Dallas, Texas. Yoga is my lifestyle; it has taught me how to live life to the fullest! Yoga has taught me to live in the moment, to be thankful for my life, to appreciate this beautiful earth we have been given and to respect my body as my Divine Temple. Through the practice of yoga, my heart fills with love and I want to share it with the world. As the saying goes “Love heals all things”, we all have the capacity to live from the heart. I want to share this powerful life-altering lifestyle with all of you. So come to my studio and experience “YogaLove”! Then go out in the world and share it with your friends and family. You will be glad you did!!

Yoga Class Descriptions

Hot Yoga:
Based on Bikram Yoga’s twenty-six posture exercises, the session will systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as Nature intended. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well being will automatically follow.

IMG_9578spirittreeyoga_CFNThe Hot Yoga, twenty-six asana series is designed to scientifically warm and stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons, in the order in which they should be stretched.

A dynamic yoga class that focuses on using breath to connect to the body, mind and practice. Using an energetic vinyasa flow as foundation, YogaFlow has the ability to build strength, increase endurance, release tension, and create more flexibility in the entire body. Suitable for students who have previous yoga experience.

YogaFIT with small weights:
This is a great class to tone your upper body. Combining classic yoga poses with small hand weights, you receive the benefits of yoga while toning specific muscles in your upper body. We will do the following exercises in every class: bicep and tricep curls, shoulder press, chest press, tricep press, back rows, lateral and frontal raises. Beginners and Advanced yogis are both welcomed to the class.

Yoga for Weight Loss:
This dynamic class focuses on yoga poses that target the large muscle groups (abdominals, quads, glutes and hamstrings) in order to increase metabolism and fat-burning. It is a very active class that will challenge your core and legs, while still providing the calm and peace of yoga. A great class for those serious about losing weight and gaining strength.

Hatha Yoga:
A classic approach to yoga that emphasizes physical detail and focus, while incorporating asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and relaxation. Providing stress reduction, increased flexibility and strength for those moving beyond the beginner stage. The class is student-based, moving at the pace of the class as a whole.

Senior and Gentle Yoga:
This class offers a gentle and healing approach to Hatha yoga. While appropriate for all, this practice can be used in the case of particular ailments to provide techniques for preventing and managing health concerns. The postures are designed to soften and gently stretch muscle tissue and to awaken the body’s natural structural alignment and movement. This class involves postural adjustments in every posture to find your body’s perfect alignment. Great for all levels!

Gentle Kripalu with Lor Pelton:
Kripalu (Krih-PAH-loo) means being compassionate in Sanskrit, the language of the yoga tradition. Kripalu YOga is a contemporary approach to yoga practice designed for mainstream people leading active lives. Anyone can do Kripalu Yoga-it certainly isn’t limited to those with a flexible or trim body. Kripalu Yoga allows you to choose the level of physical intensity right for your body. It recognizes that everybody is different and it activates the life force of the body that yoga calls prana. Kripalu Yoga encourages you to create a lifestyle supportive of your health by listening to your own body.

Karma Yoga (Donation Class):
A Karma Yoga class is a donation-based class. This class is open to anyone who wishes to try Yoga but may not have the means to afford purchasing class passes at this time. Anyone can attend with a “love-offering” pay what you can donation. All funds raised from the Karma Yoga class will be donated to the Maison Baldwin House very month. (recommended $5 minimum)

Mom & Me (Baby Yoga):
Learn baby and mom yoga postures to support postpartum healing and toning in a fun and relaxed way. Other class activities include infant massage, song/mantra singing, and sharing circles. Open for infants 6 weeks old to the creeping stage. Please dress comfortably and bring a blanket and toy for baby

*Please note the classroom is open 15 minutes before and after class for convenience and socializing, and that the actual instructional class starts at 9:30 and ends at 10:15am. (Series Class-$125 for Mom & Me for the 10 week series)

Mom & Me (Kids Yoga):
This class focuses on the yoga for the child. Yoga is explored through play and stories. Children learn to use their breath to center and calm themselves. They are introduced to meditation. Other class activities may include partner yoga, arts and crafts, song/mantra singing, and sharing circles. Open for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years. *Please note the classroom is open 15 minutes before and after class for convenience and socializing, and that the actual instructional class starts at 6pm. This is a 45-minute class. (Series Class-$125 for Mom & Me for the 10 week series)

Prenatal Yoga:
Our Prenatal Yoga class focuses on relaxation, enjoying pregnancy, reducing the discomforts of pregnancy, and preparing for labour. Gentle, modified poses increase energy and stamina, and build strength, flexibility and balance. The emphasis on proper technique and deep breathing improves focus and concentration. Guided relaxations give the mom-to-be the opportunity to relax, reduce stress, and begin to create space in her life for baby.

For our seasonal schedule and class pricing, please visit our website.

Massage & Spa Treatments

In addition to Yoga, Spirit Tree Yoga also offers Massage and Spa Treatments. I have been practicing Massage & Spa Therapy for over 12 years in Dallas, Texas. Most new clients in Cornwall have stated “that was the best massage I have ever received!”. Come experience it for yourself!

Most insurance companies(Great West Life, Desjardins) accept receipts from the Canadian Federation of Orthotherapy. By appointment; please call Lisa at 613-330-4494.

Swedish Massage 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $90:
A time honoured massage, the Swedish Full-body massage is recommended for stress and tension reduction. It relieves muscle stiffness and soreness while increasing circulation and metabolism. Massage your stress away with a Swedish Massage.

Facial Toning Massage 30 minutes $40, 60 minutes $70:
*6-Treatment Package: $360 Appointments are scheduled every two weeks for maximum results!
Do you want  to look younger without the use of painful injections, poison or surgery? If so, then the Face Toning Massage is the answer for you. You will notice a difference from your very first treatment. And with regular on-going treatments, you will continue to look years younger than the rest!(6-Treatment Package)

The Face Toning Massage is simply exquisite!! It begins with hot towels applied to face and chest to relax the facial muscles. A cleanser is then applied, along with aromatherapy essential oils. Then the facial muscles are toned and massaged using specific techniques. Warm hot towels are applied to the face, neck and shoulders and feet to help melt stress away. During the 60-minute treatment, hands and feet are massaged while a mask sets on the face. Finally the face is massaged with a hydrating lotion. You will look radiant and glowing!

Body Wrap $70:
The Body Wrap is the perfect winter treatment for your skin. The treatment starts with a body brushing to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Next, Sea Mud is applied to the body and you are wrapped in a snuggly, warm cocoon. The Sea Mud contains Bentonite which draws out the toxins in the body and anti-oxidants penetrate the skin. Finally, the mud is removed using scented, hot towels and a hydrating lotion is massaged into the skin. You will leave feeling refreshed and loving your silky smooth skin.

Spa Package “The Works!” $150:
This 2.5 hour spa treatment is pure heaven. First, you will experience the 1-hour Body Wrap. Then you will receive a 60-minute Swedish Massage. And to top it all off, you will receive a 30-minute Facial Toning Massage. You will emerge a new you, like a butterfly emerging from it’s coccoon. You will be totally renewed from head to toe!

IMG_9577spirittreeyoga_CFNGift Certificates are available for purchase.

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