Petition to Cornwall Ontario Council to Save Cornwall General Hospital Facility Monday February 11, 2013

2nd Hospital

CFN –   The coalition that’s working to save Cornwall General Hospital have petitioned Councilor Rivette to bring Council on board.


Councillor Andre Rivette
City of Cornwall



Greetings Councillor Rivette:


At a recent meeting of the Concerned Citizens Coalition the following motion received unanimous consent and it was asked that you bring this motion to Council.


“That the future use of 510 Second Street East, the former Cornwall General Hospital, be used for the common good and social benefit of the community at large, with the focus on issues that affect healthcare services, such as potential long term care and or assess and restorative beds, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, and any other related services that would benefit the citizens of Cornwall and surrounding communities”.


We are asking for a “Local Task Force” to be formed with representation from the Minister of Health, City of Cornwall and other potential stakeholders such as, EOHB, LHIN, MPP McDonell and 3 members of our coalition.


The Minister has stated publicly that “community consultation plays an important role when deciding the future of hospital sites.  If the community has any alternative proposal we would encourage them to bring that to the hospital board.”


Following the direction from the Minister, the task of this group would be to bring forward an alternative proposal, within 60 days of being formed.

Respectfully yours,

Mark A. MacDonald Josh Welsh
Cornwall Cornwall

Well Cornwall.  Monday night is your chance to show some support to help save the hospital.  Attend council and let Mayor Kilger & your council know your wishes.   Show time is 7 PM at City Hall on Pitt Street.

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  1. Wow! Someone has rattled someone’s chain.
    Like I said previously, I quote ” now is the time for all good citizens of Cornwall to come to the aid of a good cause”.
    If you don’t, don’t blame anyone, but yourselves.

  2. Good work on this mark.

    I hope to be there.



  3. As before, will see you there.

  4. Retraction on my own note above ‘I hope to be there.’ Events have changed that I will not be available for the council meet.

    Regards and best of ot.


  5. I may be a bit late but I WILL BE GOING THERE right after work. If it does go to a vote I hope our taxpaying voting citizens will remember who supported the citizens on this and who supported the Board. (clique) when re-election time comes around next year. I think I already know the answer on this.

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