Bare Ass Bob Kilger Council Defers Integrity Over 100 Letter Campaign Motion – February 12, 2013

Bare Ass BobCFN – Could you imagine a city in North America refusing to post an entry link to a three month campaign by the largest media outlet in their city about why their city is awesome on their own Facebook page and websites?

A frustrated Maurice Dupelle & Andre Rivette watched Mayor Kilger and his shrinking group of council support defer such a motion at council.

kilger slumpMayor Kilger cited Security issues.

Councilor Gardiner, on the war path, complaining about being called the 15th most corrupt politician was again spouting fiction.    First off I think Syd finished 11th on the poll and it sounds like he was complaining more about not finishing higher.  This is the same Syd Gardiner that also defamed CFN by publicly in Council stating that we only endorsed Municipal candidates that purchased ads on CFN while attacking those that did not; something clearly untrue as our coverage is all still available to be perused.   Btw Syd, we took that poll down after a week, but the Free Holder, who you apparently don’t find offensive still have all of the contents up on their web version as of this morning.   LINK

The utter audacity of abuse of the truth by many on council was stunning.   We asked the city via new CAO Norm Levac who folded like a feather house to the corrupt and dishonest Mayor Kilger, to place a link to our campaign on the city’s web presences only to be asked for a meeting with Norm and Mark Boileau of Economic Development; a meeting that lasted nearly three hours.

CFN was asked to write up a proposal surprisingly which we  did while asking as a gesture of good faith that they place the links.   Three weeks went by sabotaging our official opening before Mr. Levac came back citing the city’s December 2011 boycott of CFN essentially stating we were offensive and inflammatory.

Of course the same day that Norm sent us his missive the Standard Free Holder printed a letter of retraction for their columnist calling two prominent Cornwallites, including the employer of Councilor Clement, JERKS, over statements made at the Waterfront  Public consultation.    Nary a single word was ever leveled at the Freeholder about being offensive or inflammatory.

Nor was statement by council made when the same Free Holder writer did an inaccurate hatchet job on Councilor Rivette that resulted in a second apology.   When asked if he was the leak to his good friend Claude McIntosh in council the mayor fled his chamber.   How can those acts not be offensive and the SF garner thousands of dollars of advertising vs CFN or other media?

Councilor Grant asked what the benefit of allowing the City to post the CFN campaign on their web presences.   Are you shaking your head too?

Councilor Carr mentioned A Fresh Start.  There is no fresh start needed.   His definition, which seems to sound like extortion, where he stated clearly that CFN should back edit stories removing content such as the political cartoon above before the city would do business with.    That’s bullying.  That’s trying to intimidate the media to button under City Hall.    That goes against the principles of journalism and while some other well paid media outlets in the city of Cornwall may have cow towed to this sort of behaviour that impeaches their ability to report or function as journalists.   As a matter of fact the busy typing of keys at the media table all but stopped during this portion of council, as though it wasn’t happening.   Nor will you read about this or many other subjects that the city may consider “offensive” on their pages which could be why CFN is so much more read by the public.     Would the good councilor suggest that the Free Holder go back and remove all the comment he finds offensive too?  Nope.

Councilor Elaine MacDonald sunk to her new personal low suggesting that CFN is not a newspaper!  She sure thought it was when she called us near midnight one night to support her and her cohorts occupying of MP Guy Lauzon’s office, ( LINK )which we did in spite of her hostility towards CFN.    Earlier in the night this buffoonish hypocrite, who did not show up to a single meeting of the Citizen’s Coalition to save the Cornwall General hospital praised the group.

Because of Councilor’s Dupelle catching Council off guard the bad guys moved for a deferral.  With a four four tie Mayor Kilger voted to allow the deferral fully knowing that the campaign has started with a fresh official roll out date of March 1st.  The mayor kept going back to the Advertising policy of the city again clearly showing his personal disdain towards CFN and ignoring the 41,000 + Unique visitors in January to CFN and the betterment of his own city.  Not surprising for a politician that sleeps most nights in Ottawa with Mayor Jim Watson’s executive assistant.

Perhaps Mayor Kilger’s pettiness could be related to the official complaint against lack of Economic Development’s Bob Peter’s over Mr. Peter’s working on Mayor Kilger’s Election campaign via office hours for the City, and for paying for election expenses via Gilles Latour’s chequing account instead of the Kilger campaign accounts.

Now that’s offensive.

Offensive is a mayor and council that gave former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick a 14% raise knowing about the allegations about his relationship with former Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Donna Derouchie; something the Judith Allen investigation has cost the city thousands of dollars in resources while never reaching the public.

Offensive is a mayor who hides “Fitzy’s” actions and the council that propped up the cover up of multiple scandals.

Offensive is paying out $300K to Robert Menagh releasing him without cause.

Offensive is the  Diane Shay case which still hasn’t been resolved.

Offensive is the city refusing to state how much money they’ve spent on settlements on other cases while raising taxes in Cornwall, a city with more than the average amount of people on fixed incomes.

Offensive was moving Beaver traps next to a lodge wiping out a beaver family in a nature park after we requested a 90 day moratorium on trapping.  Something since instituted after a group from BC paid to have devices installed in Guindon Park.  All this while one of the councilors silently sat on the River Institute’s board!

Let them eat beaverCouncilor Bernadette Clement stated that she was very sad about the divisiveness as she stated she’d support the deferral.   For a woman with larger political aspirations, running for MP and now canoodling with Premier Wynne before what’s expected to be a Spring election, she phoned this scribbler over the weekend.    For her to suggest a deferral on such a basic question about helping promote this city for three months shows that her allegiance is not to the people of Cornwall or anyone that would vote for her, but to people like Mayor Kilger.

No, there is no need for a Fresh Start.  There is a need for integrity; something that this council as a whole seems to not have much of.    The ills of our city surely lie comfortably at their feet.     Which is why it should be very interesting to see how many of these folks will be reelected and even if some of them finish their terms.

The video above shows a complete and utter disconnection with reality.  It shows the lengths that some very thin skinned elected officials will sink to in trying to destroy a local company that has succeeded on so many levels.  It shows the lengths that some will sink to to protect their cronies and buddies on the public dime, and it shows that this council is not fit to govern and manage a budget of over $140 million dollars as our new tax increase shows.

Whenever anyone in entrusted with public dollars their decisions have to solely be about what’s best for the tax payers; not their own petty dreams of aristocracy and abuse.

What a sad day for the City of Cornwall to have witnessed such behaviour.    This city deserves better.

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  1. Right on again Jamie!

  2. Overture, curtains, lights…..

    Well folks by my reinstating of this song again and again.

    You know by now,


    Cha Cha Cha!

  3. Integrity is lacking by council members,we deserve better,we deserve the best.We can still turn this town around …..maybe by next election. Mr Grant is the one that disappoints me the most as I though if anyone were to get it,it would have been him,but he turned his back on our citizens & brown nosed up with “BAD ASS BOB”

  4. Councilor Rivette years ago won my support when he rose all alone in an effort to support a move to promote Cornwall in an extremely positive INTERNATIONALLY TELEVISED event. Brian Sylvestor was the mayor of the day. As for Councilor Maurice Dupelle who came very close to not throwing his hat back into the ring, thank you Maurice for making the decision to run for a seat on council . Now if we can only find and elect other like minded, independent thinking, progressive, open minded and community oriented councilors we might just move forward and stop this ridiculous sideways slide! Not withstanding that there were other councilors present thinking on their own !

  5. With all the talk about a fresh new start it seems that council recognizes and admits that the new CAO and Clerk inherited a mess left by their predecessors.

    Councilor MacDonald seems to think it is dangerous to support local media when they are trying to promote a positive image for Cornwall.

    Councilor Grant seems confused about the process and value of linking a story on the city web site. Councilor Samson is confused about proper process within council. Councilor Carr wants CFN to rewrite history.

    We may have trouble getting people to write positive messages about Cornwall considering the old boy antics at City Hall.

  6. Sorry I didn’t give you kudo’s and congratulations on your journalistic masterpiece in my last post. I guest that’s what you have to do to get past the moderator.

    It’s too bad these things can’t be impartial, showing both sides.

    Best Regards,


  7. All I can say is OH MY GAWD…what moxy!

    Cheers CFN!!!

    But a little prudence may be in order for you as well. I bet you have lawyer’s phones ringing today…I truly wish you all the best.

    You are only stating what everyone already knows but I hope liable doesn’t bite you in the butt.

    As for voting them back in, you can rest assured nothing will change. Just remember what happened to Mark Mc Donald, he planned to fight the good fight but those he was fighting for never even showed up to vote for him.

    That is why Kilger is so brash, he knows out of 46,000 most just don’t give a rats a$$.

    Maybe you should try having someone write about a solution, a different path. Now what I see is a news site only re hashing what is spoken at coffee shops. There to nobody presents alternatives……I think that would speak volumes for you!!!

  8. Bare ass you say! Bare brains in your case. Get a life

  9. Beaver. I get it.

  10. @ Ms. Brown

    Prudence? Libel? Any editorial in any newspaper reporting facts and opinion is hardly considered libellous (unless maybe the writer calls people JERKS as the Freeholder editorialist did). And as far a prudence goes, it might be prudent for City officials to ponder the meaning of the word…not CFN.

    As far as political cartoons go, they’ve been a feature of news for hundreds of years.

    Camelot, this is not.

  11. i do not believie CFN is just stating what all the citzens already no.Could you imagine if CFN did what our long time Standard Freeholder does.We the citzens have a right to no, the real truth about how are city is run everthing from the good to the bad to the corrupt.Does anyone believe CFN is making all this stuff up.If anyone is to blame the blame is to fall on our mayor and city councill not CFN.If the city doesn,t want bad publicity then they should stop creating it.

  12. Jamie I read your review of last evening with sorrow in my heart, a heavy head in my hand and almost a desire to write another letter of instead of called “Why Cornwall’s Beauty is Only Skin Deep”.

    One would undoubtedly believe that we are more than a Paton Place, yet your journalistic talents show marketably otherwise.

    One then also wonders what other interests looking to expand to Cornwall now or have been wondering about second thoughts or maybe think in terms of discovered Quebec models, who is receptive to negotiations, favorable to my terms?

    Your history of discovery and writing of them has been what is pissing council off…of that we can all be sire. In my view, no amount of forward, positive smoozing on your part will help with your most recent overtures.

    Your10’s of thousands of readers or more to the point, your writer submissions have mostly backed up your reports. In the end they will determine our next municipal governance.

  13. Author

    Thanks Dave. I can’t tell you how hard I’ve tried to reason with this group. Frankly I was amazed and grateful for last night and I can’t tell you the courage it took for Councilor Dupelle & Rivette and the exposure of councilors Gardiner, MacDonald and the Mayor were worth any pain, embarrassment, and suffering.

    The calls and messages today were stunning as well and there may be quite the announcement coming before Friday.

    Thank you again to everyone for the out pouring of support CFN has received. Like I’ve always said, CFN isn’t me. It’s our viewers and one day some more progressive politicians will understand that and stop insulting our viewership.

  14. Because this is only an “online paper”… perhaps we should start an “online petition” to get this incredible community initiative where it belongs: on the City of Cornwall website. I’m sure many people would “virutally sign”. Anybody else in agreement? Any bets we would get people from all over the country agreeing with the absolute absurdity of this situation.

  15. Author

    I like that idea Nicole. 🙂

  16. The real oddity about this article is in the headline

    How can anyone use integrity and Bob Kilger in the same statement?

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