Fitzy & I in Car Wreck – My Wheels are Totaled in 3 Car Smash on 2nd Street East – February 13, 2013

dead mercCFN – No, Mayor Kilger & Elaine MacDonald, and Gilles Latour did not get a hold of me.   13 has always been my lucky number.    Today was highly educational and very lucky for me.   I had to take my puppy, Fitzy, to go get his puppy shots and someone braked hard in front of me.  I had no time to stop as the roads were still slick from this morning’s snow even though I have good snow tires on my car. Another car slammed into me after I hit the car in front.    It is the very first and hopefully only car wreck and sadly my old girl, who was celebrating her 21st year while having less than 100K on the clock, may not make it. Fitzy Jan 16 2013Fitzy is ok.   He was in his carry case and the cold bothered him more than the bumps.   Today was an enlightening day or I was concussed? First off huge Kudos to Cornwall Fire, Paramedics and our fine police.    They were prompt, professional, and took care of all of us involved in the wreck. I was urged to go to the hospital as I’d hit my head and have whiplash, and decided that I wanted to make sure Fitzy and the critters were ok before heading to CCH.   My friend that picked me up said we should go to Winchester, but after interview new Chief of Staff Lorne Scharf last week I decided to stay local.   Btw, good friends can fight and cuss at each other; disagree and call each other names, but are always there for each other as Ian was today! I have to say that I was completely impressed with our hospital today from entrance, to triage, to the freaking amazing nurses, especially Angel who chastised me for trying to rip off the neck brace they put on me while waiting to be seen.  (I have to start dating nurses!) The x-ray technician, the registrar, and of course the doc.   A hospital really is more than machines and bricks.  It’s the people that work there and take care of us. Mostly I want to thank my friends who offered to pick me up and and help even offering to feed the critters or anything I needed.   Cornwall really is an amazing community filled with professional and caring people. And maybe I needed to hit my head?    Now to find out if my insurance broker in Alexandria is any good or not as this will be my first accident claim in my life of over 30 years of driving and over 8 years with MLS. Tomorrow is back to work with plenty of material to work on! Thanks to all of you in the CFN family. j

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  1. So sorry to hear of this but immensely glad everyone (and canine) are alright.
    Sleep well my friend as the angels may have been out today!

  2. I’m glad to hear both you and Fitzy are alright but now you are going to have to find some new wheels.

    Life does throw challenges at you doesn’t it.

  3. Glad everyone was OK. Just out of curiosity, what is the procedure (if any) if a pet is involved in an accident, and its owner is incapacitated?

  4. Mercedes, nice choice!!

    But doesn’t that contradict your buy local. On a grander scale.

    (it’s ok I drive european too_

  5. Author

    I have no idea. Maybe you should research a story on that one Richard 🙂

  6. Scary story Jamie. So glad you and Fitzy are OK, had help, and are safe and warm at home.

  7. Happy to read that you are doing well & your pets are safe.Sorry about your trusty old friend but cars can be replaced

  8. Maybe 13 is still lucky, could have been worse of course. If the car is a write off you should keep the Mercedes hood ornament for a belt buckle, or maybe a necklace and become a rap (wrap LOL) star… up.

  9. With your ‘record’ your strong spine yet aching head, you shall not stop the jounallist heights and depths to bring us the challenges you do.

    All the best Jamie.


  10. Author

    Dave I think the couple of slugs of Patron Tequila I had last night did a better job than pain killers. Sometimes you just tough it out.

  11. Glad everyone is OK. I hope your insurance rates don’t go through the roof.

  12. According to the CBC news a couple of days ago, Voltarin contains an ingredient called Diclophenac (sp?), which a study has found to cause heart attacks in the same way another drug, Vioxx, did a few years ago before it was banned.
    Naproxen, however, was reported to be relatively effective and safe.
    As for choice of alcohol, there is an old saying: If Scotch doesn’t cure you, at least you’ll die happy.

  13. Thanks Richard. Scotch sounds good.

  14. I am glad your OK! Good stories out today!

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