Medical Arts Pharmacy Sponsor 55+ Cornwall Seaway Blades Hockey Team – February 14, 2013

Med Arts Josee Puck Drop
Josee Lemay, Earl McBean & Alex Harrington

CFN –  It’s hard for many companies to find great things to sponsor that fit in with their business, but Medical Arts Pharmacy in Cornwall Ontario was fortunate when the opportunity to sponsor the Seaway Blades 55+ Hockey team!  Medical Arts has also been around almost as long as most of the players being one of the oldest businesses in the Cornwall Ontario area.

Partner Harry Haramis explains:

The Blades are off to a fine start in spite of their Toronto Maple Leaf colours!

Players present were, Claude Bourck, Dave MacDonald, Ben Guindon, Alex Harrington & Earl McBean.  They talked about some of their favorite hockey players and the fun their having as a Blade.

Med arts hockey

Like they say at Medical Arts:

Where Aging Well Means Everything!

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  1. Good luck in Huntsville!

  2. Gotta love a good news story about Cornwall. All the best to The Blades!

  3. Best of luck to that group of “has-beens” ! lol Nice to see Medical Arts (Harry) sponsoring the Team & supporting “CFN” !

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