Bare Ass Bob Kilger Ducks Conflict of Interest Council Meeting In Cornwall Ontario – POLL

Kilger phoneCFN – Like a scene from the movie Chinatown Cornwall City Council and their legal team led by David Sherriff Scott  convened in a

David Sherriff Scott
David Sherriff Scott

closed door meeting this afternoon.

Cornwall mayor Bob Kilger was mysteriously absent from the meeting and a dais with speaker phone set up.   Perhaps Courtney May needed a foot rub back in Ottawa?

Councilor Bernadette Clement, probably wanting to save her own political skin was absent as council slithered in and prepared to deal with two issues of whistle blowing.

The mayor was expected to have to declare Conflict of Interest in either one or both cases and the ramifications of that could extend further.

With the media and public being ushered out of today’s meeting we will never know what goes on behind those closed doors.

I asked Councilor Glen G Grant why he was chairing the meeting which was originally scheduled for Saturday, but bumped to today which could be why only CFN and Le Journal de Cornwall’s Greg Kielec were the only media in attendance.

 Council In Cam Feb 16th  A

As you can see the mayor was scheduled to chair the meeting on Saturday.

As you can see from the video below Councilor Grant, Clerk Finn, and all of council accepted the process as made.   Mr. Scott brought some helpers too.

lawyers phone

The Clerk made a point that any motions made in camera would only be released at the next council meeting.

If the Mayor in fact is in conflict it puts the entire charade of today in question and the circus antics of council to seemingly circumvent the spirit of the municipal act.

This again is the same council that has been found guilty on one case of whistle blowing abuse and chastised by investigator Stephen Fournier.

Stunning were comments made to this scribbler after the meeting.   If you click to the 3:22 mark of the video you can even hear Mr. Scott mocking Greg Kielec’s questioning.    And Cornwall residents and businesses wonder why their taxes go up?

Do you think Mayor Kilger should come clean?   If he’s found in conflict of interest in either of these cases should he be bounced as Mayor and what should happen to the councilors that have been covering his hind quarters?      What will it take to bring Ontario’s Ombudsman in to investigate this scandal?

You can select more than one option in the poll below.

You can post your comments below.

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  1. Who’s calling the plays?

    How does playing hooky save Bernadette’s political skin?

    Do the councillors look scared, hungry or hopeless?

    Where are all the other reporters?

    Why can’t Glen Grant speak when asked a question?

  2. A trio of Scheisters more crooked I have never seen. The extra two were there only to intimidate you and Greg. I bet it didn’t work. Those guys should join the Lift-Off crew.
    Hey Jamie any rumours on how bad the bands will be this year?
    Note: Apologies to the woman who took offence to my naming peoples kids in another thread. But when you are so self-important that you make sure your kids are in the paper bi-weekly you deserve it. Son.

  3. David Sherriff-Scott, was lawyer for the Alexandria-Cornwall Roman Catholic Diocese – following that clan’s otherwise defenceless role in events that sparked Cornwall’s sexual abuse inquiry.

    So… if there’s a Cornwall City Hall clan (that are the “buggers” they’re made out to be), it would only make sense to hire someone that knows his sh*t.

  4. There is only one reason that they have contacted their trusty lawyer again so soon……Oh my poor wallet!!!

  5. What was that under the crooked bridge ?

  6. Ok I am confused and maybe I mis read or over looked something.

    Can somebody what the conflict of interest is all about?

    Thank you in advance

  7. anyone ?

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