Brian Goodfellow Red Ribbon Support the Troops Activist Awarded Queens Diamond Jubiliee by NDP MP Peter Stoffer

2013_021110yardBack0024CFN – Don’t you hate when petty politics mar good work done by a community member?    Thankfully Brian Goodfellow of the Red Ribbon Support the Troop campaign was awarded for his community work for our soldiers with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.


On February 11th,  on Parliament Hill,  RED Ribbon Forces member Brian Goodfellow was the proud recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal because of his continuing work supporting our troops and their families.

This was made possible because of the efforts of Kevin Rivette, Mayor Brian McGillis South Stormont, MP Peter Stoffer, Mike Blais Pres. Canadian Veteran Advocacy, Founder RED Ribbon Forces Eleanor Bookman, and last but not least their approximately  6000 Members!!

Peter Stoffer
Peter Stoffer

The big question for this scribbler is why our MP Guy Lauzon couldn’t fit Mr. Goodfellow in with his list of over 30 patronage awards that he gave out recently?   Why did Mr. Goodfellow have to be awarded from a fine MP from out East, NDP Peter Stoffer instead of our local Harper Conservative?

CFN congratulates Mr. Goodfellow for his amazing community work, MP Stoffer for showing the courage to right a wrong and truly support our troops, and all those that advocated for their community in rewarding Mr. Goodfellow.

Supporting our veterans should be more than photo ops.  It should be 365 days of the year as Mr. Goodfellow and his organization have demonstrated over the years!

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  1. Congrats to Brian as a veteran myself I personally would like to thank you for your committment and great service to help all those who have served our country.BZ

  2. Be advised that the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal was awarded through the Canadian Veterans Advocacy allotment of eighty medals in recognition of his outstanding efforts on behalf of the Red Ribbon Forces.

    The Canadian Veterans Advocacy is apolitical and during the course of the QDJM medal dispersement, we have invited members from ALL parties to present medals from our allotment on our behalf. This summer, for example, VAC parliamentary Secretary Eve Adams traveled to Niagara Falls to present over thirty medals at a special medal presentation.

    On this occasion, Mr Peter Stoffer consented to a CVA request to present Brian Goodfellow’s and two other exceptional Canadians their medals on behalf of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy while our Advocacy team was in Ottawa fighting to improve the quality of life for all veterans.

    We are very grateful to Peter Stoffer for his support and
    efforts to make this a truly memorial event with gallery seats for Question Period and a personal tour of the House of Commons.

    That being said, I do NOT believe it is appropriate to use Mr Goodfellow’s medal, or any other CVA QDJM nomination, as a prop to engage in political posturing, particularly with such misleading premise that Mr Stoffer was responsible for the nomination, as a foil to question a local MP’s decision in the community newspaper.

    This story should be about Brian and Eleanor Goodfellow, the accomplishments of the Red Ribbon Force and the honour to which this nation has acknowledged his service.

    One Veteran – One Standard

    Michael L Blais CD
    President/founder Canadian Veterans Advocacy

  3. Well done!

  4. Congrats to the Goodfellows!

    The media not verifying the facts straight before printing the story? Say it isn’t so! *insert sarcasm*

  5. Proud of you , Doug.

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