Rivette Storms out of Budget Meeting Over Fire Panel Upgrade – Is Kilger Council Putting Seniors Safety Last at Glen Stor Dun Lodge



CFN – Councilor Andre Rivette is one of the few on Council that puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to seniors in Cornwall Ontario.  First off he is one now!   Second, his work on trying to save Cornwall General in spite of Mayor Kilger saying he’s not married to the facility helped show his dedication to the health and safety for Seniors in our community and especially at Glen Stor Dun Lodge.


Which is why he was upset and stormed out of the budget meeting after the budget committee voted down his motion to take monies out of reserves to take care of the fire control panel needs, a system that stopped being produced 21 years ago!


Good Afternoon 

I’m requesting the following information in regards to the Fire Panel Update/Inspection report date 2013/07/12. 
The report dated Feb. 22,2013 was given to Council this morning. 

I want to once again voice my concerns in regards to not taking action to address what I believe is a health and safety concerns at the Glen Stor Dun Lodge. I’m requesting you provide me with the following; 

Confirmation letter from our insurance carrier that we are in compliance an that they endorse the action taken in regards to this report and we have done our due diligence. 

I would also ask that our fire service provide us with a letter after their inspection of the location and review the concern as indicated in the report by Simplex Grinnell and their recommendations. 

I’m requesting both these additional reports be in writing and that copies of these letters be forwarded to Mayor and Council ASAP 

Your attention to my request would be greatly appreciated 

Councillor Andre Rivette

The motion was moved by Councilor Rivette, seconded by Gerry Samson, another senior, with a recorded vote. Councilors  Denis Carr, Denis Thibault, Bernadette, Elaine MacDonald, Glen Grant, and Dave Murphy voted against.   Absent were Syd and Maurice Dupelle.

So if anything happens at Glen Stor Dun Lodge, a facility the Mayor’s own mother resides in, this year voters know who cares about being fiscally prudent and about Senior care and safety and who doesn’t.

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  1. this is extremely frightening, if not an abomination.

    I’ll bet even the SPCA premises have up-to-date fire protection.

    Surely there is some greater power to help protect the people who live and work at the lodge (?)

    And now the council members who voted “against” are on record with this hanging over their heads. Even if they don’t give a hoot about peoples’ loved ones, they should be smart enough to choose the right politics

  2. You know,you see these old turkeys sitting at the coucil table and think that at any day or months from now they maybe looking for at a place in the sun, at the “Glen” or maybe a relative of theirs is living there and an incident happens, like a fire were to occur and no warning bells do not go off due to aged equiptment , why is it that people like these in the position that they are in, always turn a blind eye to a problem like this?
    I hope it never happens,but, it seems that it is a tragedy waiting to happen and these old turkeys should be sued to the hilt if it happens.
    They have been warned.
    Boy, do we ever, need a new mayor and council. Let’s get some young one in there.

  3. @bigfellow

    Please join us at the council meeting Monday night at 6:45pm. We are calling for all residents to come out to say that we citizens have had enough of this crap!

  4. Yet again, Andre Rivette is dead on right!!! You don’t fool with those things! A fire in a store or a house is bad enough, but when hundreds of seniors would have to be evacuated on lifts and in wheelchairs by skeleton staff…..that is crazy! I really don’t care if Kilger’s mother lives there or not……somebody’s parents do and somebody’s mother, brother, sister etc work there.

    Bob it doesn’t take a high school education to figure out this one, it takes common sense!

    Before paying out any more tax dollars to high price lawyers on our dime, think rational for once!

  5. Full well knowing the potential of a fire should be enough to change the panel at any cost, my God, life means nothing to these selfserving (MODERATED).

    What I’d like to know is how they are convinced nothing will happen (fire). Mr. Mayor, you’re own mother is there and you sir should be ashamed for putting her life in a potential harmful situation.

    Maybe council could ask Menaugh, Fitzpatrick to pay for it.

    Cornwall, wake up, seriously stand up and demand change now, how long can this BS continue. Cornwall is falling apart.

  6. IMO, Andre is correct. The residents at the Lodge, are our most vulnerable citizens. They must feel secure & safe, at all times ! The report clearly shows, that their are issues, with the fire panel . In such cases, you would hope, that Council would error on the side of caution ? Please reconsider & replace the fire panel forthwith !

  7. Will this be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back?

    Does this city need a tragedy to demand a change of leadership???

    Come on Cornwall, wake up & stand up for our seniors!!!!!

  8. Author

    I hope to see people outside of City Hall at 6:45 PM Monday night and inside Council CC2. Our elected officials need to know that they serve the public and not the other way around.

  9. Oh I’ll be there! They are going to know that they will no longer get away with all of their incompetence and games. Putting our elderly at risk of going up in flames is the last straw!!!

  10. Kilger is nuts to the core and I fully agree with André Rivette about storming out and I can tell all of you first hand that it is mighty dangerous if fire alarms, wiring, etc. is not in good order. I live in a high rise building and the owner of my building had to do some wiring this year and the fire alarm kept going off on its own without anyone doing anything to it. The owner had to get things up to date. We all had to take the stairs down many flights and many of us helped older seniors who also had medical problems to go down thinking that it was a real emergency. I want all of you people in Cornwall to get the hospitals up to date as well as the apartments for the elderly – it is mighty dangerous. The owner here in Ottawa at my building is doing improvements but can only do so much at a time. I would like all of you people to stand up with André Rivette and if Mr. Maurice Dupelle is good then stand with him too. I don’t know who this man is Dupelle but I sure do know André very well indeed.

  11. During a fire one cannot use elevators and people would have to be taken down by the stairs even on stretchers or they would be cooked. Elevators do not work when the fire alarms go off and I know that since I live in a high rise building.

    The fire department never came to this address ever before here in Ottawa. We have very good tenants and the building is privately owned and not by a stupid corporation. The owner keeps everything up at par as best as he can. He and his brothers own the place and want to keep it in good shape.

    I tell everyone here stand up with André Rivette and I said that to all of you before and I mean that. I know André and his family very well and grew up near them and went to elementary school with them. These are very good people indeed and you should all be proud to have someone like André.

    It is very dangerous folks if things are not kept up to par. If you all remember I was always against high rise buildings for seniors and always will be. These places are not for seniors nor families. I am telling all of you from experience since I lived in a few of these places and cdan tell you that they are dangerous places to live in especially for certain people.

    If any of you like condos have them built like what Mr. Markell did on Water Street and in the right places and not in the parks.

  12. I have two comments:

    1) Due to the age of the panels and the tenure of Mr. Rivette, I good educated guess would say that these panels have not met code for some time! Why would Andre only make a stink now? When he has been a councillor for so long and has never mentioned any concern before?

    2) We do have a tight budget and shame on those such as Donna Derouchie for letting this matter reach this point! Also, the lodge has a NEW leader in Norm Quenneville who is doing an excellent job and is very well respected by the staff! Should you not trust his judgement since he is found a problem and suggested a solution or should we listen to those that act like my 3 year old daughter when they don’t get their way by throwing tantrums in public?

    I think Andre is posturing for the public and this is just as disgusting as those who do nothing which is the same as condoning improper actions! I respect your opinion Andre and it’s not that I don’t necessarily agree with your motion so much as your actions!

    I understand your frustration Andre but I can never understand why you consistently complain! I now know it’s your nature to be the chronic complainer but sir please refrain from the antics since you are only harming your image and that of our council! You could prove your points and maintain your integrity without acting childishly when angered!

    I have personally have totally lost most of my confidence in this council and mayor a long time ago!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  13. I really do think that Bob Kilger’s (MODERATED) brain and is in a terrible deterioration that he can no longer hold that job. The “clan” called councellors have fried their brains as well what little they had in the beginning. Never would I have voted for any of these brainless clowns around that table not one except for André Rivette and I know this man personally and know the family and their good integrity. Never ever have I seen such a brainless bunch of mush. I even think that the police department needs an overhaul as well. I have bookmarked something about Kilger and BIL and I won’t post it here since I care for Jamie and don’t want any backlash against him but I can tell you that things have to change in Cornwall and now before things get any worse. Kilger has no brains left and if there was a fire he would bring the marshmallows and weiners and toast them over the fire – his brains are shot to hell. I am mad as hell just now and thought that I would post this before I turn in for the night.

  14. Jules come on out to the Council meeting Protest begins at 6:45 Monday(Feb 25th). Strength in numbers will show that we are not taking this anymore!!!!!

  15. Andre’s request to have a further report from our FIRE DEPT most certainly makes sense to me . The Fire panel & other components need replacement & that is not in question what is in
    question is MONEY & WHEN . The Fire Dept report would perhaps
    inform us if & how many False alarms have caused our Fire DEPT
    to respond to Glen Stor Dun Lodge . If this be the case what
    has this cost us ? Regarding costs are they not shared with the
    united counties ? Please Council reconsider your position

  16. I read the above report to the Budget Steering Committee prepared by Norm Quenneville and noted the following;

    The current panel has been tested and is functional.

    That costs to upgrade the system as recommended do not have to occur, necessarily, all in one fiscal period (panel first

    That time is required to properly tender the project and consult where required.

    In the absence of a damning report from the desk of the Fire Chief indicating that the residents of the lodge are presently at above normal risk levels it would appear that preparing for the next budget is an exercise in good judgement and management.

    I am certainly for safety and concern when it comes to matters regarding our senior members of the community. Perhaps Councilor Rivette is privy to information that has not be released to the general public.
    No disrespect to Councilor Rivette but I tend to side with the recommendations put forth by the lodges administrator, Norm Quenneville.

  17. “Sick of Stupidity” I wish to God that I would be with you tomorrow – oh how I wish that but I can’t make it. One thing is that I will be there in spirit and praying as well.

    We all need to do something and yes it is mighty expensive to bring the Glen up to date but if one can afford a 3 pad hockey rink with all the amenities then why not bring the much more important things up to date. People do not need arenas when people’s lives are at stake.

    Believe me folks when the alarm kept ringing in my high rise building because it needed to be repaired and the fire department kept coming and this building as always been purchased by wealthy people but never a company. This building needed to be repaired with the wiring and our landlord did just that. It is mighty scary for people to live in such a place and can you imagine elderly people who cannot get around. MY GOD HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE LITERALLY SCARED OUT OF THEIR WITS WHEN THE ALARM GOES OFF!

    I wish that I was in Cornwall tomorrow because I am like a cat with a firecracker going off on its tail the way I feel. This is utterly insane. The province should come in to help but wait until you all hear this. Yesterday I read on the net that Canada as a whole wants to have 4 day school days instead of 5 trying to save money and our country is in deep trouble folks and in more ways than one. I knew this all along and trying to tell all of you in Cornwall to stop the nonsense happening with the hockey rink and all. Come to Ottawa and see the pot holes on every street and a real shame. The city of Ottawa is in deficit of billions of dollars. Little Cornwall cannot handle such a thing. It costs billions of dollars just to remove the snow here in Ottawa and my son was telling me that is all they do day and night and they cannot keep up with the demand.

    I am not talking nonsense like what some people thought – I am trying to get people awakened to what is real. The bigger a city becomes the more problems exist. Cornwall needs new blood in as mayor and council and not people with one foot in the grave and stealing the money.

    Mike Bedard is a follower of Kilger and I said it before Mike that I don’t like a follower. You may be a nice man which I think that you are but you would not be that great of a mayor to immitate Kilger or any other who does not know how to lead except into a pit. You have to be your own person.

    I have a quote here Mike and others that I have found and I am going to post it here as well.

    Teach Otherss to Yearn For What You Have

    “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

    Antoine St. Exupery

    My former supervisor used to say you have to know how to delegate work and how to get along with others. Kilger cannot get along with others unless they join his clique. This has to stop now. Mike if you can’t close the door on the clique then don’t run for mayor.

  18. “Mike Bedard” you may think that André is just doing something political to walk out of the council but I can tell you that he isn’t doing this just for politics but he has a personal agenda in this as well and he wants a place for his elderly mother as well. Nobody wants to place their loved ones in a place that can be hazardous. Anybody who lives in a high rise building with alarms going off can tell you how dangerous that is and when there are elderly and handicapped people in them it becomes a treacherous place to live. It is dangerous enough in a private home that is not up to date but living in a place with hundreds of other people is a great deal worse. People panic when the alarm goes off and many can get badly hurt if not killed trying to get out of a building.

    When I worked for the federal government in the high rise buildings we used to have fire drills so I knew how to behave in such matters but many do not know about any of this stuff.

    André knows a great deal what is happening at the council and he cannot tell the public about what is going on and I said that before on this forum. André is a very good man Mike and that is the truth. André never left Cornwall and cares very deeply for his community. André is reacting to common sense and it takes good common sense to run a city and in a good way. If you really open your eyes Mike to what is really going on you would be shocked. I don’t blame André one bit on how he responded. He feels cornered in that council and he is working not just for his pocket but for the people and people should be proud to have a councellor who cares. Look at the others around that table – they are there for their own pockets. I can see them for what they all are “by their fruits yee shall know them” and I sure can see them for what they are.

  19. Hi Jules,

    Thank you for the advice. My opnion of Andre is that he has noble intentions but tends to overreact to ensure people don’t forget about him come election time!

    I am in no way considering running for mayor and if I was such a follower than why would I call for resignation almost a year ago?

    Please read my article below:


    However Jules I believe you too must “Open Your Eyes!” and call a spade a spade and look at the true intentions of each individuals actions including yourself!

  20. The city really needs to get out of the long-term care business…

  21. Mike Bedard I did read the article and yes you called out Kilger to step down. Mike when people are sick especially with serious illnesses like cancer, heart and other such things they can no longer think clearly. Years ago Kilger was a good person but somehow the man went astray with his corrupted “clique” friends and he could no longer focus on his work.

    Kilger acted like a child or a snitch behind André’s back including the council and you would think that council would be intelligent enough not to get involved or stand up and tell the mayor that he is doing wrong. That is such a childish way about talking about others behind their backs.

    I can tell you Mike that André is a good man and I would not say that if I didn’t know that for a fact. I don’t blame André one bit about walking out on council and yes it wasn’t professional which I agree with you on that but if you as Mike Bedard experienced what André Rivette and Leslie O’Shaughnessey experienced I think that maybe it is possible that you might react the same maybe worse and maybe not depending on your own character but you would be mighty hurt indeed.

    About myself Mike I judge myself all the time and so does my family. My family as well as myself know me to be a little wacky at times. I say a little wacky or something like that and I remember my former supervisor saying “a little?” and everyone would laugh. Those were the good days when I think back of some of my wacky times here in Ottawa. I miss my co-workers very much and will never ever forget them. I get along well with others who are good people.

    Mike big changes are mighty needed and it has to go from the top down. The same people cannot keep getting themselves back in again and that by-law made by Kilger about putting in people in council that the citizens of Cornwall didn’t elect should be scrapped altogether.

  22. Mike Bedard can’t “rise” to the challenge. Send him to Alba.

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