Thank you City Council for Glen Stor Dun Lodge Decision in Cornwall Ontario. By Mary Anne Pankhurst

CFN – It does seem blisteringly absent.

The very day after Council reversed its decision and voted eight to two in favour of supporting Glen Stor Dun’s recommendation – that the geriatric fire system be retired for a young healthy one – the Freeholder ran the rather flaccid front page headline:  “City reaches budget” instead of something more five-bell, such as: “Seniors’ safety ignites support.”

In fact, the whole above-the-fold story in the Saturday edition of the Freeholder, takes close to 2,000 words even to reach Andre Rivette’s quote:




“It’s a health and safety issue,”


Which seems a mere spark in the overarching framework of Mr. Rivette’s passion; that anything less than full and immediate support for the Lodge could easily be framed as being morally and politically reprehensible.


And who wouldn’t agree?  Particularly now when the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, the Minister of Health and the Minister Responsible for Seniors (among others) are all driving the engine of fire safety with new legislation and $20 million for prevention upgrades at seniors’ residences.

The words of Ted Wieclawek, Ontario’s Fire Marshal, are particularly telling:


“ Everyone has the right to feel safe from fire where they live, regardless of age, ability or special needs. I applaud the Technical Advisory Committee for its hard work and thoughtful recommendations that have resulted in this next step of the government’s fire safety plan for action.”


Community members applaud City Council’s support for the Lodge and the 130+ people who live and work there.


Now, not only will our senior’s have the protection they deserve, but our community will be in line with the priority this issue is being given province-wide.  Everyone wins!

Thank you City Council.

Milena Cardinal


  1. Is this why the City of Cornwall is looking for a new Fire Chief? Just watch Kilger & Gang appoint someone they know!

  2. Thank You Mr. Rivette for your dedication and persistance with the clowns you have to work with… shows that when you put pressure on counsell using Media …they change their minds awfully fast………As if our Seniors don’t deserve the best of care…after all they’ve given the best of their year to their ” Town”…..Let the Mayor create Hockey tournaments to make more money for His Benson Centre across from Toxic Big Ben…I thank you Mr. Rivette for confronting issues right on the head and bringing up the important ones……

  3. No kidding Stan….Maybe they can Hire Keith Jodoin if they can bring him back from vegetation……heheheheeheh

  4. Credit where credit is do Mary Anne, points well made.

    Let us all remember the two city councilors so inclined not to support seniors in Cornwall.

    Although I doubt that either one is likely to run again anyways.

  5. David,

    We can only hope, we can only hope ? However, on the other hand, it would be so sweet to see them flushed from office ? N’est ce pas ?

  6. Cornwall is looking for a new Fire Chief?

    They will probably use the verys ame situation as Cornwall and are housing and hire internal.

    The very same people failing the system now that are promoted from with in

  7. Chad will probably get the Bareass Bob?

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