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Darn February being three days shorter than January!  It’s been an  INTENSELY LOCAL month here at CFN headquarters!   We are in the midst of a full blown attack from a very corrupt Cornwall Ontario Mayor Kilger and his team from city officials, council, and those interconnected at various city agencies.

It brings up the question that all media are facing digitally.  Pay Walls, subscriber services, media are trying to find ways to keep the lights on.   We know that you read CFN as our numbers are truly wonderful thanks to our viewers, but sadly we live in a world where ad dollars, across the board, are becoming tied to content.   It’s not just here in Cornwall, although it may become a case study for the correlation between the two.       Rock the boat; actually practice journalism, and your company can be…wiped out.

Here in Cornwall we’re experiencing bullying and harassment of some of our clients.   As many regular viewers will notice between our Chamber awards and the mayor having me removed from City Council by seven police officers because he didn’t like my t shirt of him on a milk carton, we have lost a lot of our long term ad support.  It’s not new for us here at CFN as we have been bullied since our first year at an institutional level.

CFN will stand brave, but it’s hard to invest resources into growth and coverage when your resources are being choked off…


Our Top 25 Cities for February!

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) London

6) Cooksville

7) Mississauga

8.) Windsor

9) Don Mills

10) Hialeah FLORIDA ( hi snowbirds!)

11) Kingston

12) Brockville

13) Morrisburg

14) Vancouver

15) Calgary

16) Hawkesbury

17) Hamilton

18) Winnipeg

19) Casselman

20) Edmonton

21) Sudbury

22) Kitchener

23) Carp

24) Hull

25) New York, NY

Only 51% of visitors to CFN in 2012 were first timers!   We have a huge loyal following!

Nearly 20% of you are using mobile devices and tablets.

Over 30% of you visit CFN 25 or more times per month!

Alexa Canadian Rankings of Eastern Ontario Media Online

1) CFN  95% Canadian traffic!  A bounce rate of only 20.8%!  #6 in city of Cornwall!

2)  (Brockville)

3)   Bounce Rate 34.3%

4)  (Corus radio)  #72 in Cornwall Bounce 31.5%

5)   68% Canadian traffic Bounce 61.3%


7)  (Brockville)

 We will be putting out a call for submissions as we need some talented writers to help make this as special as we know you expect it to be.   Seaway Today will be free and distributed at establishments as we roll out.   Subscription service will also be available.   Call 613 361 1755 for advertiser info so you don’t miss out on being in our first issue!

We at CFN  could not do it without you.    And if you love CFN as much as it looks like you do, and want to help please keep viewing.

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And if you can please support our sponsors who in spite of some very nasty people are great business people that deserve to choose where they advertise without getting attacked by a little group of thugs!

Please thank and support them because without their help there would be no CFN!



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  1. I “was” going to buy my engagement and wedding ring at Pommiers, Gordons Jewellers it is instead..

  2. When we lived in Cornwall we went to Pommier Julers to fix a watch and the elderly man there (the father of the present owner) could not fix it. He would have had to send it out of town. We didn’t trust doing that so we took it back.

    I would not shop at Pommier Julers at all and especially after what I read here on CFN – they will not get my business. Anyways they are all part of the clique and I hate cliques and have seen enough of this in school back in my day and hated every minute of it. They would never get my business at all.

    We clean our watches down in Cornwall at Sears and we make the trip to do that from Ottawa to give a bit of business to Cornwall and we shop at the same time down there as well. We also go and have fast food in Cornwall to tie us over for the day.

    Jamie your paper is the best and it talks about real issues instead of some clique’s kid in the paper or some dog walking in a park or some geese dropping its doo doo and raising a real stink among the people in Cornwall. There is a lot more real stink than duck droppings and people better wake up to what is really going on and you dare not let others boss you around like that clique. Get on your own two feet and have guts and pride in yourselves and have self confidence.

  3. Jamie…..your an hypocrite as well……you sensor comments that were within very reasonable moderation and you chose NOT to post. Do you really believe that your posts or pics are within reasonable moderation???
    Some of your bloggers have been downright malicious not to metion name dropping anyone that they despise.

  4. Jamie a big thank you for telling it like it is!!! I do not read the SF blog as a half truth is still a whole lie Bravo keep up the freedom of speech..nobody owns you!!!

  5. Your continued existence is evidence that political correctness is not sustainable. Hope, that perhaps one day, we will return to levels of common sense above the current danger zone level.

    Thanks for the Neo Vintage Furniture Inc. Ads. Now my wife wants to check their store out.

  6. Author

    That’s be awesome. If more of our sponsors see people respond to their advertising on CFN it will only encourage them. Not all businesses cave into the clique thank goodness!

  7. Actually the Neo Vintage store is located in friendly South Stormont. They should join the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce to avoid the pressure and attempt of control from the nasty Cornwall chapter.

  8. Thank you for posting about that Neo Vintage Furniture Store and anything non “Tombstone” related and can shop in peace in some nice stores outside of the “clique”. I really liked to see that restaurant in Morrisburg something to do with MacIntosh and would like to stop in there someday if it still exists. I will no longer shop in Cornwall and my husband and I spoke about that this morning. Cornwall lost another customer from Ottawa.

  9. Hey, my wife and I visited and very much like the Neo Vintage Store, and found it so professionally decorated that we asked if it was part of a chain. The very pleasant owner thanked us for the compliments and explained it was their own. I also checked out the professional looking website and entered their contest. I wish them the very best and welcome them to South Stormont.

    PS: I also shared there website with others and “Liked” their Facebook page.

    Oh and “Congrats” on the great work CFN!

  10. Chris Fry that is what I call “entrepreneurs” people who come up with a good idea and make it work. I just posted a lengthy blog to Mr. David Oldman and spoke about my brother in law in Sydney Australia how he started out in his business.

    I congratulate the people in South Stormont on their business and that is what is know as “entrepreneurs” and more people have to get involved in making their own businesses in order to thrive and for their communities to thrive.

    Manufacturing can be done as well. It takes good ideas and good ways to compete.

  11. Jamie don’t mind me I am overwhelmed with a little excitement here for you and has nothing to do with the jerks of city hall but it is something that you are going to like.

    I just came off your paper CFN and I am blown away by something I found on Yahoo just now from the US. I can hardly type and keep on going over and over my strokes. Now calm down Jules. Ok I will come out with this.

    On Yahoo I have to take a deep breath there is a man named Ryan Gosling (an actor in Hollywood) who is advertising yes I am not kidding I wish I were but not yes Cornwall Ontario. Here it is and get back to see if I was reading and listening to the real thing.

    A Young (Adorable) Ryan Gosling Gives A Tour of Is Canadian Hometown

    Now how easy would it have been if only the jerks at City Hall could have made something good about Cornwall. I am flying high on someone doing his best to promote the town. Check it out along with everyone here. I am off topic I know and flying high on this one.

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