Hope – CCH Letter & 2:30 City Hall Press Conference Results in Cornwall Ontario – March 8, 2013

Periard McDonald letterCFN– Sounds like this letter is giving hope to the Concerned Citizen’s Committee members and supporters that maybe; just maybe, the Cornwall General hospital building can be saved as a community health and care resource.

We’ll be updating this story after we edit video from the 2:30 press conference at City Hall.

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  1. This could be a beginning, a foundation for sustainable and winning partnerships in health, education and job creation .. all within the community of Cornwall.

    This facility will provide health care and comfort for our seniors in their own community, and employment for care givers of every stripe…doctors, nurses, therapists, lab technicians, educational internships.

    And that last one… We can be a destination for students and graduates.

    Instead of exporting our educated, we can attract them. We can set up partnerships with existing educational institutions outside of Cornwall … and foster an environment that encourages our own St. Lawrence College to expand programs that lead to sure and well-paying jobs.

    Cornwall is ideally situated, and a uniquely gifted environment that is a welcome for our three main cultures. It could be a destination of choice for seniors, retirees and for the jobs and entrepreneurs they will inspire.

    We don’t have to waste money on studies… this is a proven model. We don’t have to invent a university, we can build on what already exists. Barrie Ontario and its Victoria Village is a model we can follo, build on and enhance. We can become the example that others follow.

    Cornwall can be a destination for seniors at the end of careers, and a destination for a work force at the beginning of theirs.

    We have a running start. Don’t hold back.

  2. Great post Jim.

  3. JIM MARSHALL a welcome perspective. Positive and to the point. You wove your concepts together in such a way that it fit well with most of my own ideas concerning Cornwalls’ future. Nice not to feel so alone. Perhaps as more people become aware and embrace the potential of Cornwall they will participate and make a difference. Dialogue and yes even turn out in numbers to vote.

    Thank you.

  4. Jim…..Brilliant ideas!!!! Kudos!!

  5. First thing to do is find the people who profited legitimately from the Barrie project and it’s organizers, who are likely still invoved, for input. If it looks good get the developers input and concepts. These people know investors who trust them and they both would be experts at managing the project, finding tenants and the right mix of use in the re-development. That’s all!

  6. I have read one article maybe two of Jim Marshall and he appears to be an intelligent man. I don’t know this gentleman but from what I read he knows what he is talking about.

    Jim is right and you have to make Cornwall a place that will attract business and make it a place where people will want to start up businesses and not remain a “welfare town” where people are going to bed hungry and all the crime going on. Only all of you in Cornwall can make that change and nobody else can do that for you.

    Ontario is cash strapped and that is the truth and the entire country is having a hard time including Alberta that was pulling the country together by the sale of its oil and gas. Well folks the head offices from Calgary are going to move to Vancouver B.C. to be closer to the Pacific Ocean where the oil can be sold to China and other far east destinations since Obama refused our oil. Obama is under a lot of pressure.

    The US is also opening up its North Dakota and Alaska for its own oil and gas. Lindsay Williams wrote books on the Alaska oil when he was up there as a Pastor with the elite of the world. There was one book called “Energy Non Crisis” and this is a good read.

    Canada is going to have a hard time. Just now there are very few jobs and a great deal of people are being unemployed. This oil and gas thing has a great deal to do with this. We will be going into a lower standard of living. I told you to learn the life skills and that is all true. If you shop in the US you are taking away the jobs from your fellow Canadians. Yes the price is very high here but don’t forget the Yanks have to pay a humoungous sum of money for their health insurance so it comes almost the same as what we are paying if you figure out everything on paper.

  7. The former CGH is a very important thing for Cornwall and Cornwall has a very aging population and needs that facility to house them.

    Mr. Marshall is right that it would employ people in Cornwall and I said that before. I was the first person on CFN to come up with that and then André Rivette came out with that after I did. You don’t let a good facility stay idle and you do not need a hockey rink any more than a cat needs two tails. You need the essentials in life and the seniors have to be looked after. Young people are overwhelmed of trying to look after their aging parents and holding down jobs and their families and is putting a huge strain on things. This would create jobs for people. I have been stressing so much and the people in “Tombstone” Cornwall are like Zombies – they live with the “Kraptrashcan” Kardashian garbage on that “idiot box” you call a TV which “programs your pea sized brains” into mush. Get intelligent and turn off that piece of garbage and face reality.

  8. We have been in touch with Ms. Maynard, the GM of Victoria Village Manor in Barrie, who has been with their project as the driving force citizens group pressed for it.

    Now as Gen. Mgr. she would be happy to assist us once council and the Health Unit get on board.

    Of course, all this depends first after council makes their decisions about what follow through they would be able to do on behalf of the citizens in their next council meeting, then the Health Ministry, through the cities request, would be encouraged to support us.

    After that, it would be the CCH’s final decision as to which bid to purchase would be acceptable to them.

    There is hope, however, there are appropriate channels to follow yet.

  9. For clarity, my comment, March 9, 2013 at 4:02 should be restates in paragraph 2 ‘Health Unit” should have been, the Ontario Health Ministry.

    Thank you.

    I would agree, with thanks to Mr. Jim Marshall for his wisdom in his noted comments above.

    His reasoning is EXACTLY why Mr. MacDonald kicked off our Citizens Committee. With out this driving citizens forward, no telling what would become of the former CGH.

    Please attend the next council meeting to show YOUR support.

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