Was the Law Bent in Not Charging Sign Bender Syd Gardiner in Cornwall Ontario?

bent sign 2CFN –  Was justice bent to suit Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Syd Gardiner?  Below in blue are the words from Cornwall police regarding Sign-Gate.

The signs were recovered.

Bent Sign 1Investigation revealed that the signs had been moved into another room as they were in the way in the hallway.

Bent sign 3The signs did not appear to have been damaged.

Bent sign 4The signs are now at the police station. A message was left with the complainant regarding the findings and the signs can be returned.

Syd VisciousThe investigation is completed and no criminal related charge will be laid.

Those were the words from an email sent from the Cornwall Police to CFN regarding the brutal act of an angry old man at the February 25th Council meeting in Cornwall.

To recap as witnessed by this scribbler:

There was a small peaceful protest of about 8-10 people in front of City Hall prior to council.  It was so quiet that media from the Standard-Freeholder, Seaway News, and Corus radio did not cover it or interview the protesters.

The protesters, being peaceful and knowing that you couldn’t bring signs into the chamber placed them against the wall and bench.   They were not in the way and they clearly were not left as “litter.”

Councilor Gardiner,  either suffering early effects of Dementia or simply having rabies, enraged at the signs,  took it upon himself to remove the private property of these citizens and taxpayers.    While the kitchen is to the north of the council door, he moved to the south to stand in the door way and try to rip the signs up growling in the process at the protesters who were sitting with myself waiting for council to start.

The police on site, after dragging me out of council refused to accept a complaint against Councilor Gardiner.  Instead the protesters phoned it in.   This resulted in dispatch connecting with officers on site!

The attending officer refused to allow me to witness, as well as several others.

The signs remained unknown and missing from that Monday night to Friday when they were mysteriously found and brought to police.

Councilor Gardiner showed no remorse.  There was no apology made the next morning nor until this time.

Council showed no remorse nor has made a statement until this time.

Even though the victims of this crime have persisted in pressing the charge Councilor Gardiner has not been charged that we know of although the words above of the police state he has not been criminally charged.  Maybe he’s been non-criminally charged or given a lolly pop?

The signs of course are not of any material value; a few dollars at most, but what is far more valuable is the democratic rights and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that were violated by a cranky old man who didn’t have the strength to rip the signs, but clearly would have if he did.

I have a hunch the city’s council cameras picked this up but the city is staying mum; as are the police.  After all, why did it take five days to find the signs?  Why did it take five days to decide to not charge Mr. Gardiner?    Why did it take ten days to return the signs?  And since when is the term “do not appear to be damaged” used on signs that clearly were bent in half?

Again, the law can prove that elephants can fly sometimes,but people know what’s true and what’s not.    As does Councilor Gardiner.

I’ve been told that the protesters will be back this week; time and location to be determined.   Will Syd be allowed to take their signs again?

What do you think CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. We seem to be living, currently, in a time where we can justify or excuse almost any occurrence or situation. While the police might render an opinion that the signs were not excessively damaged and be factually correct, to the point that charges would be excessive, the findings do not excuse Syds’ witnessed behaviour.

    In principle Syd actions constituted an offence, remember an individual can be found guilty of an assault without ever having touched an individual. We have become a tolerant society, caring to the extreme. Think of how we take great lengths to preserve the rights of the offender but often seem to ignore the plights of the victim(s).

    In conclusion the current legal system has prevailed and justice has been served….in principle.

    Syd can go on and live with the real truth in his mind and justify that he was not guilty of any offense…in principle, however the apparent truth is that Syd Gardiner is not a principled man.

    He has lost this taxpayers respect and vote. That’s my opinion.

  2. You got Fay Brunning’s statement in the Freeholder! I’ll be a subscriber Jamie.

    While the Freeholder keeps carrying dance stories and cops and rockers (what a stupid idea), the print media has not run a story about the death of Lionel Grant, one of the largest local employers in the city. Maybe Claude will tomorrow while he argues in the mayor’s favour again.

  3. ^Maybe it’s because his name is not on an arena and his kids didn’t play hockey.

  4. Author

    I don’t know enough about Mr. Grant, but perhaps someone will contribute a story to us.

  5. Must be nice to have relatives & friends in senior city positions but the truth will come out on this as well!!

  6. The fact is Syd was out of control as he had no business even touching those signs . Responsible persons leave property alone that doesn’t belong to them . He has a choice resign SAP or get
    taken out at the next Election .

  7. Hi Jamie. I do agree with most of what you are saying here. However, I found it offensive that you compared his behaviour to someone suffering from dementia. There are many people who live with dementia and are stigmatized by “aggressive” behaviour… which perpetuates myths about the disease. I would really appreciate it if you could post this. Thank you.

  8. Author

    Addy my comment was not a slur to dementia or people with Alzheimer’s. Syd’s behavior has been becoming a bit irrational over the last few years and from someone that sadly has experienced watching friends and loved ones suffer from that condition it feels like he’s showing early signs.

    This sign thing was really odd and you should have seen his face. It might be time for him to seek some medical care and step down.

  9. My goodness, get over it!! So he folded the signs, then what? It is not a criminal offense, had it been, Mr. Gardner would have been charged….period. I think from past experiences and knowing how this group has reacted in the past, council didn’t want the same fiasco as in SS.

    Jamie wrote: Why did it take five days to decide to not charge Mr. Gardiner? Why did it take ten days to return the signs?

    Does the word investigation sound familiar? As for the length of time it took to release the signs……thinking the Police Department has more important matters to take care of.

    As for the upcoming meeting…..rest assured the police will be stationed at city hall before you guys.

  10. He clearly lacks the cognitive ability of a very young child if he failed to realize that objects such as those signs, can be easily brought through a doorway by turning them perpendicular to the threshold.
    Its a good thing the signs were of a material that was bendable or else he would still likely being trying to get them through that doorway like an infant trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    It really is sad that he is an elected official but lacks the mental capacity of a very young child.

  11. The signs were bent and taken away from protesters for 10 days!!!! Syd MUST step down and apologize. Then he should seek help for rage and anger issues. You can’t help the citizens of Cornwall if you can’t even control your own anger issues.

  12. Author

    Stella glad to be discussing a non language issue. First off it’s not for you to tell anyone to get over anything. If you are over an issue that’s wonderful. It’s not for you to squat over someone else just because they are not.

    Stella you obviously did not read. The signs were not available for the police to investigate for 5 days. The issue isn’t the signs; but what they represent which is that we live in a Democratic society and for an elected official to hide and damage signs without any consequences is wrong and illegal.

    The biggest flag is why he has been left off the hook and it should not matter who the protesters are and whether you agree or like them or not.

  13. Jamie……Like I wrote before: It is not a criminal offense, had it been, Mr. Gardner would have been charged….period.

    We should at least give credit where credit is due….to our police force. They have charged councillors before for misdemeanors. Our police force is the backbone of this city. They must lead by example in order to uphold their integrity and respect. In this case, I feel they did.

  14. Author

    Stella it was a criminal offence. Mischief under $5K. The police do have the discretion to charge or not charge and of course the crown makes a decision as well.

  15. Terrible example here.

    The good news is that he has been found guilty by the court of public opinion.

    Smoke screen justice is what I see,

    We’ll get em’ out one way or tuther.

    These guy’s are gonner’s.

  16. stellabystarlight March 8, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    “I think from past experiences and knowing how this group has reacted in the past, council didn’t want the same fiasco as in SS.”

    First of all Stella don’t THINK its not very becoming of you and you and why should you start now.

    So you know the group personally to make that judgement look at the line above and remember THINKING is not your your stinger points.

    So what group those concerned citizens ,would you stand up and protest if there was something other then to protect your paycheck.?thought not but it does take tenacity and confidence doesn’t it?

    Just anther viewpoint from someone who has admitted to never ever look things up.

  17. Stella, seriously? The Police force is the backbone of this city? they showed no balls, of course they could have charged this arsehole. Wait, if this obnoxious weed runs in the next election, we will see what happens to his bent signs, remember the backbone of this city did not charge him, that makes it a two way street in my book.

  18. As usual the apple person at the Freeloader is as he puts it “ill informed and usually unrealiable”. His handlers at city hall told him that only one sign was slightly bent but the pictures above show a different side of the story.

    It is curious however that the often wrong SF is not allowing comments anymore for this gossip or many other stories. Is this just another form of the old ignorance is bliss policy. If they aren’t told the truth then they don’t have to print it?

  19. Author

    I’m not even going to op ed that one. It’s sad to see even a mental midget like Claude sink to Literary Fellatio the day after the Free Holder tried to play catch up after running a headline about the Mayor being innocent because his lawyer said so.

    Could you imagine? I’m sure OJ Simpson’s lawyers also suggested that Juice was innocent too. Maybe the Mayor and Claude have something though? We could just skip the whole justice process. Dump the judges, juries, court houses. You commit a crime and find a lawyer who’ll cut you a deal and tell the world your innocent!

    Not sure what it is with Mr. McIntosh and the Free Holder not wanting to mention myself and CFN by name yet talk about moi? I mention him and the Free Holder all the time. Maybe that’s why they are sniffing CFN’s exhaust instead of leading? New media vs Old Media. I think Mr. McIntosh is really making new media look good, and of course the Free Holder is standing by him which says volumes about their own leadership.

    This week CFN has had two inquiries about selling and I’ve had one about my own availability. Could the Free Holder and Mr. McIntosh say the same?

    If Claude wants to have a debate or columnist war I’m game, but I think we need to follow the basic rules of journalism and not make up Porkies. Also, how long can he get scoops from the police without an awful lot of folks starting to ask whether he’s getting his info from his son who is an officer?
    While I put up the fb video at Panda I did not mention the police. Where did he get his info? And before gossip spread the reason I didn’t mention our law enforcement was to not embarrass them which is exactly what would happen if the details of that incident went public.

    Sorta like Claude writing about Denis Carr’s DUI because he thought I would; which I didn’t.

  20. Jamie besides Claude getting his info from his son he can get it through Kilger’s brother-in-law who holds the job as a sergeant in the Barney Fife PD. Like I said in previous blogs here in CFN “Tombstone” Cornwall is all “inbred” where someone is related to someone with some sort of influence peddling. That is one of the very worst if not the worst thing in Cornwall is all this inbreeding and influence pedling and the town is in a rut. There are so many positions that are going to have to be done away with like who is related to whom in order to bring changes. Bring in a new PD from somewhere else who can clean things up. The clean up has to be done before one can go ahead and make things better. Cornwall “Tombstone” will never change for better as long as all this stink lingers on.

  21. The freeloader does not allow comments because its all they have left. Think about it, all they have is an ability to block comments, they have no leadership, certainly never a story worth reading about, and what stories they have are days behind and then there is Claude, what is he really? another basless ass like the rest of them. The freeloader keeps him because who else do they have? At the end of the day they are what they are, a newspaper who fell far behind the pack and unable to keep up. Claude is the type of guy who likes to dish it, truth or not but what a real coward for not having balls to take it in return.

  22. Can Coffee Break get any worse…doubt it

    This week the bill oreilly clone writes about a City Hall Bully
    With glee-mentions drinking with the bully in a bar…where it seems all his retracted stories begin life.

    Yep –Let’s all applaud Angelo who assaulted a far smaller man
    This while calling others PINHEADS
    His column is going down like the Titanic..all the lights are on..but nobodys HOME
    and pls..no comments..that section is now OFF LIMITS

  23. Jamie
    You once suggested the coffee break writer(don’t want to mention him by name) wrote speech for Mayor KILroy
    Is this correct??
    Seems major conflicts everywhere..from commenting on police while a family member is employee…to writing for Kilroywas Here..while doing “Gossip” column weekly

  24. There was a story posted in Cornwall’s toilet paper of record and it is at least a year old maybe more. Syd Gardiner saw some people race down a street where he lives in Riverdale and literally ran after them to their door. I came out with saying “Syd you don’t know who you are dealing with and they can harm you” or something like that. This man is crazy indeed to go and attempt to take the law in his own hands. He doesn’t know if he is dealing with a criminal or what. Nobody is going to pay attention to Syd. Get the former General Hospital ready to place Syd in there soon enough because this man has lost it.

  25. Jamie there is a humoungous difference between you and Claude MacIntosh. You publish what is the truth and you don’t want to hurt anyone as much as you can. You can enjoy a good laugh about it all at your end without coming out in print.

    Jamie you are a true journalist and this paper is so good to come to. I can read what is going on in Tombstone aka Cornwall and at the same time have a good chuckle. LOL LOL. This takes the boredom out of journalism.

  26. The best thing that the people can do when they go out with signs is take your digital cameras along and that way you can take the pictures which speaks for a thousand words. Jamie was busy with the Cornwall Barney Fife PD and couldn’t get there in time to film that since he had his own problems with Kilroy and company. Gee I sure am laughing Jamie your columns are great and the blogs are sometimes funny. Tonight just happens to be one of them. I would suggest to everyone to bring along their digital cameras then you catch them in the act and they cannot deny what they did.

  27. I did not like Claude’s comments! However, I will begin and end woth one of my favourite quotes that seems to remain timeless and true!

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    ― Mark Twain

  28. Author

    Well at least he didn’t sink to picking in me for my weight….again…

  29. Claude’s column in the Freeholder is one of the MANY reasons that I no longer subscribe. This trash does hit new lows!!!!!! Total garbage indeed!

  30. Hopefully come next election, all the crap and millions lost will not be forgotten and people put their vote where their mouth is.

  31. 1,5$$,$$$,$$$.00 in fee’s for illicit cover-ups.

    A million and a half bucks? REALLY. No freakin wonder CORNWALL,S ‘dodging it’, ‘TOMBSTONE City’s” taxes are up by almost 3.00%.

    Wholly molly, my good grief. That’s possibly a low ball figure since this ‘team’ began in 2006 when first elected, or damn, maybe the infection started in 2002 with some of them. OMG.

    Boy, we have some work to do before the next election…….hey, an epiphany….those that leave us with the bill must take it with them……God, what an idea….relief at last……and for how many more years are we going to have to manage this burden…..and is that not also ON TOP OF the phony Project Truth costs?

    Don’t tell me that last comment surprised anyone…..and how much was that you asked? Well, if you can’t afford 1.5 million $, you sure as hell can’t afford that one either folks.

  32. Jamie anybody who puts you down whether for your weight or whatever have nothing good to look at themselves for.

    My daughter used to be as skinny as a broomstick until she got sick and we didn’t know what was wrong with her. She was diagnosed here in Ottawa with hyperthyroid and then she became hypothyroid because they took too much off her thyroid at the Civic Hospital. She is fat and short. If we did not come to Ottawa to find out what she had God knows what would have happened. None of us are born perfect – we all have something or other.

    Jamie you tell the truth as best as you can and that is something that Cornwall’s toilet paper of record does not do – they are under control. This is because it is under a corporation and I know all about why.

  33. Well first of all ..I think that Stella must be dear Claude’s LOVER …
    Poor you …lol
    I am NOT betting man …but I will bet anyone reading this that if I bent a CITY SIGN AND IT WAS WITNESSED …I would certainly be charged …

    am I missing something here …why am I treated differently than some loser on council ????

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