An Open Letter to Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario – It’s time to go Bob. March 11, 2013

BobKilger-BannerAd-480CFN– Ah Bob if only….. Today is Monday March 11, 2013.   While I know you’re not a techie you do have people around you that read CFN; your city lawyers for a start, Mr. Peters, who did your election banner above while working on City time; Courtney (young people are better with Smart phones and computers) , and maybe even Mr. Latour?

Mayor Bob Kilger in a happier moment.
Mayor Bob Kilger in a happier moment.

Bob it’s time for that trip you make down the 138 so often to be  one way.   The public taxpayers of Cornwall have served you well over the years; but I’m not sure we can afford your services any longer?   It’s time you gave back and stopped the bleeding of dollars on you and your “Good Friends” behalf. Corruption can be good and bad.  Add in a mix of arrogance and ignorance….well; you see where we are now. Election Night KFGYou sir made a choice.   You made a choice to support your “Good Friend” Mr. Fitzpatrick over the welfare of your constituents and you convinced enough of your sycophants councilors (Denis Thibault, Denis Carr, Elaine MacDonald, Syd “Vicious” Gardiner, & of course your prized pet, Bernadette Clement( a lawyer no less!) to stay with you as loyally as you stood by Mr. Fitzpatrick. Your paths are littered with legal settlements and bills; in camera decisions that muzzled the few councilors that opposed you including one that resigned after repeatedly walking out of meetings.  The streak of bullying and abuse are not shallow. Can you imagine sir refusing to fund a fire control panel at the seniors residence that your own mother lives in while spending more than the cost of that panel on legal bills? Where are your priorities?    That’s a rhetorical question.  You don’t have to answer that not that you really could honestly. From what I was told the “Fat Cats” have already told you that you’re done.

Cornwall SPRING 2012The question now is whether you care enough about Cornwall to save a sliver of your name and spare taxpayers the further embarrassment and cost, and step down now, this week, before the protests in front of City Hall, and the next council meeting, or drag this out scandal after scandal.

OJ too had his lawyer rule that he was innocent.   Sadly for OJ it’s judges and the court of public opinion that rule the day although I like your concept where you break the law and simply find a lawyer who’ll take enough money to make things go away. And of course nobody had charged you with anything nor had you declared anything which makes the press release shouting your innocence look even more odd and you look more guilty. If lawyer Fay Brunning’s allegations last week are right; and most lawyers don’t issue such public statement if they are wrong; then not only you, but many of our councilors have impeached themselves and any by law or decision made could very well not stand up in court. Cornwall sadly; because of a vacuum of community leadership with the testicular fortitude to stand up to you and your posse will now be faced with a mess that it’s never really seen before. What I do know is that once you step down, one way or another, and once Cornwall is cleaned up and some Cancer’s removed from City Hall then we can start to heal and start to grow. And we have a pretty good situation to grow from.   The soil is rich with the blood of the innocent.  It’s fertile and green, and primed for the future. But first Bob, you have to go.    There is no other option for our city.



  1. 100% agree and support this letter! Bob Kilger has to go now and it is much better that he make the decision to now, before he is forced out by the people of this community. I for one will be protesting at the next meeting and bringing friends with me that are finally awake and see what is really going on.
    Take all of your lies, corruption, bullying attitude and take that one way road outta here!

    I can see the clouds over this beautiful city just waiting to clear and Cornwall can finally have a chance to be all that it can!

    BYE BYE BOB! You WON’T be missed!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bob of course can afford to spend only a day or two each week in Cornwall because of the sweet deal he has at his Fourth Street address.

    That sweet deal was made possible by selling the city owned Kinsmen Centre (now converted to condos) for the scandalous price of $1.

  3. Author

    could you elaborate Simon without getting us sued?

  4. Yes! Please Bob Kilger go the cemetery there is a lot for you there!

  5. Na, Na, Na, Na
    Na, Na, Na, Na
    Hey, Hey Bob Goodbye.

  6. Let’s not forget that Mr. Kilger was the Liberal member of parliment for this area … I am willing to bet that there is little to no chance of the Liberals being elected in this region for quite sometime. Too bad, cause Justin Trudeau will be certain to make the rest of Canada proud and very happy in the next election. Oh well, I guess we still have Guy.

  7. well written Jamie! .. I hope he leaves and the council cut down to 8 I do not see it happening as there are just too many all in the same bed!!

  8. Simon sure gave us some news that I didn’t know about and I haven’t been in that area of town for a long time now and I guess since I came to Ottawa. Bob must be trying out every bed in that joint. LOL LOL. He must be known as “Bouncing Bob”.

    Jamie your paper gets more and more interesting all the time.

    Yes Bob “Bed Mouncing Bare Assed Kilger” has to go now. Bob just follow the train tracks out and the further you go the better and don’t slam the door too hard or it will hit your bare ass.

  9. Jamie (Admin) some years ago the town of Cornwall (I cannot call Tombstone a city) was thinking about selling the former YM YWCA for $1.00. I heard that a very long time ago. It should be somewhere in Cornwall’s Toilet Paper of Record – SF archives from way back. I don’t know how far back but yes this was their intention.

    Just be careful of any empty buildings that Kilroy Bareass doesn’t turn it into another arena. LOL LOL.

  10. I’ve known Bob for over ten years and known him to be an upstanding Canadian dedicated to helping everyone. He is passionate about helping people and trying to make Cornwall a better place to live. He loves what he does and the proof is in the results . While other towns have declined in size and have suffered unemployment issues, Cornwall has thrived under his watch.
    Your vicious unrelenting attacks on Bob, and further crossing the line his family, demonstrate more about your morale character than Bobs.

  11. Author

    Jane if you were sincere you’d post your name. Second, Cornwall has not grown in population or any indicator of success. Whatever we do have certainly is not “because of Bob”.

    Could this secretly be Elaine MacDonald posting? 🙂

  12. Just like I thought Jamie it has to be either Elaine MacDonald or someone like her to post such a thing. I am laughing to beat the band at someone who comes out of the cockroach woodwork to stand up for “bed boucing Bob” – oh it must be one of his girlfriends – somebody has something that she wants desperately from Bob.

    Jamie is number 1 here and as far as Cornwall is concerned the population has not changed since 1956 and the unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been. Everyone who is seeking employment or a better life left Cornwall. The ones that remained behind usually have a business, a handful of nurses, technicians, Cornwall’s Barney Fife PD, people on social assistance and people too old to even know where they are and need care.

  13. The problem about “BOB” is that he is pass his time as mayor but he has created a “BIG HEAD” about himself and cannot shake it or realize his situation.
    Unfortuneatley, this ire the people who might want to eliminate him iether by vote or force.
    The council also has passed it’s prime and more updated future council.

  14. @Jane doe
    Jamie has never implied anything about Kilger’s family, but I have and will reiterate it now. Kilger is a drop-out who only got elected (ever) due to coaching hockey (regardless his philandering with subordinates of allegedly inappropriate age). He is a alledgedly a pawn of the Lumley machine. He’s an alleged serial cheater and he’s done. His son {MODERATED}. The “thinking” part of his Chad’s test was allegedly lost. You don’t have to be smart to carry a ladder, but Dad being mayor allegedly helped. Chad allegedly left hockey because he really liked to be massaged. When you add up the alleged implications you see a pattern. I allege that that pattern has continued and will continue until the alleged accusations are dealt with publicly. He has to be a man sooner or later.

  15. Gee Jamie did you notice that there are two Jane Doe’s writing here on this column. I chocked after laughing so much that I had to go after a glass of water. This is too funny. I don’t know if there are two different Jane Doe’s here or what.

    Will the real Jane Doe please stand up? LOL LOL. Remember that old game show? Or “what’s my line” that was an oldie as well. Jamie your column is so interesting that I missed it so much. This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys and then some.

  16. or someone who knows this Jane Doe or at least who she is and perhaps inside city hall.. I am not the one who posted 3 posts ago..

  17. @ Jane, or did Bob himself post that garbage?

  18. Hilarious jane doe. You have got to be kidding….wait no, someone must be holding a gun to your head forcing you to write those lies!!!!!
    People are continuously leaving Cornwall in leaps and bounds. The only reason the population hasn’t changed is because we are becoming overpopulated by those fleeing from Kebec.
    Kilter might have had good intentions WAY back, but is now a pitiful excuse of a politician. He only has his self serving motives in mind. He is NOT accountable to the public and wastes tons of taxpayer dollars trying to cover up his corrupt actions.
    Better choose another super hero to kiss ass!

  19. Jules,
    How about you keep the personal attacks to yourself. It’s really sickening to read your comments. You can have an opinion professionally about Mr. Kilger but you seem to take great pleasure attacking him on a personal level. We all live in glass houses Jules so you should be careful. You don’t seem like a very nice person to me. You take great delight in insulting other’s. What is your obsession with bashing Cornwall? Do you really need to pat yourself on the back every day for leaving (at the expense of the rest of us?). You really don’t seem to be of sound mind based on the several comments I have read of yours. I’m concerned for you. Seek help.

  20. @ HoldFast

    I don’t know Jules, but do you not think Kilger’s actions have not affected other’s lives personally? WTH? How many alleged businesses and lives have been destroyed by him or run out of town due to the clique? What they are trying to do to Cornwall Free News is a prime example!
    If Kilger can’t have the smarts to step down for all of the crap that he continues to pull that is unfair and illegal, then perhaps he deserves whatever he gets and whatever comes out in the wash.

  21. @ one against city bullies,
    Kilger’s personal life or that of his children should not be slandered any more than the rest of us would appreciate our personal lives being used against us. I am not speaking about Kilger’s professional actions affecting others personally. I am speaking about people like Jules, Wow and others who do not stick to the topic and start to bash Kilger and his family personally rather than professionally. It is not acceptable. I don’t know Mr. Kilger by the way but it disgusts me when I read the personal stuff written by other’s. it really speaks more about the people writing those comments than it does about Kilger and his children.

  22. ADMIN – Re: JANE DOE

    Possibly Elaine MacDonald Admin, but continue to keep an open mind as you do, for it might have been BOB ALMIGHTY HIMSELF !

  23. You are absolutely right “HoldFast.”
    I think JAMIE and JULES are married to each other and WOW is their child!!!

  24. Author

    I think people are reacting emotionally without thinking instead of going over the details and facts. I get that. I get that there are tribal loyalties. I get that people are afraid. I remember chatting with this woman that was molested by her uncle. It took a lot of courage for her to step forward. The fall out is that if the family “believed” her by their own standards the results would be punitive to the Uncle who they adored.

    Facing the truth would hurt as much as embracing the lie. Sometimes there is no easy answer. Sometimes you simply can’t fix a mess. But if you face it honestly and stop shooting the messengers you can move forward,heal, and grow.

    This community covered up with the hypocrisy that “Project Truth” was and the innocent victims that suffered. It’s suffered other scandals and it’s now suffering to the tunes of millions at the cost of services and growth hiding the scandals that Mayor Bob Kilger has been a part of and are being covered up by a cabal of councilors and city managers.

    It will take leadership and bravery to step up and indeed state that the Emperor is naked, frightened, and lashing out punitively in fear and retribution. The lengths that he will sink to, to attempt to save his own skin, will likely cost the city metric tons of money.

    Someone connected to a major enterprise in Cornwall subscribed to CFN recently undo the proviso that they never be mentioned publicly because they are in fear of reprisals. An entity I wanted to do “A Day in the Life” feature that would promote them and our fine city refused out of fear of reprisal. It’s time for Cornwall to stop living in fear.

    The Mayor might be able to use Super lawyers at public expense to circumvent the law; but the public knows deep in their hearts what Mayor Bob Kilger is.

    The big question is what they are willing to do about it.

  25. @Jane Doe #2

    Sure, some jobs have come to town but that is likely due to tax break incentives. So I suppose
    you are somewhat right about Cornwall “thriving” … Maybe.

    Smaller business’ and tax payers certainly pay *Cough* tax increase. I can honestly say that I know a business that opened a small warehouse here because it made sense to centralize a small shipping center between Ottawa, NY, Montreal, and Mississauga. This company has a few warehouses across Canada; but they did not even make a full year in Cornwall before closing it because of the terrifying, sad, and cash grabbing system we call the permit office, building inspectors, etc. In my work I deal with both home owners and contractors who all say the same sad things about the cash grab system we have here, not to mention the general lack of direction and consistency, so aside from those large warehouse centers we haven’t had that much growth.

  26. @HOLDFAST – While I agree for the most part with your comments regarding personal life attacks, a politician as you are obviously aware enters public service life knowing in advance that their life will be on display and an open target. Having said that, inflammatory remarks/accusations made by individuals that do not reveal themselves have no validity whatsoever, period.

  27. I would like to pay tribute to the man who guided the Cornwall YM/YWCA on Fifth St. in the 60’s, before it became the Kinsmen Center. A wonderful community leader named John Walker presided as Pres. of the Board Of Directors of the “Y” back then.
    Mr Walker passed this last week. I will always remember him as a warm and benevolent man who really cared about Cornwall’s youth and made a huge contribution to the community.
    I would also like to pay tribute to: Jocelyn Fraser, Brad Clements, the wonderful office staff, George Pilgrim (the janitor) and all the special people who worked and volunteered at this magical (to me) place . Regards, Michael Clifton

  28. I can tell all the nitwit sheeple here that Jamie and I are not married at all whatsoever and that I do not know Jamie on a personal level and he doesn’t know me at all. I see Jamie as a very good professional person and wants to make Cornwall a better place. I personally cannot see how Jamie is going to accomplish all that since some other people tried and failed because of the mighty corrupt system that runs Cornwall.

    Cornwall has not changed a bit in all my 62 years but has gone backward not in appearance of the beautiful St. Lawrence but economically it is in the rut as well as the bullying has got a great deal worse than ever before. Only the stink of industries have gone but the stink that was left behind by the industries – that polluted dump in the middle of town as well as the stink of the “so called elite” and I can see the type of sheeple who are defending “Kilroy – bareass Kilger” here and who they may be.

    Perry Dunlop is an excellent man who was shunned by his own colleages at the BARNEY FIFE PD – KEYSTONE COPS and he did a good thing by moving far away from here. I know Perry’s wife’s brothers from my high school days and they are good people indeed. I sat right near them in a couple of classes.

    Some people from the province of Québec are fleeing the province because of language issues and not just language but wanting independence and that scares them the most. That is why you mighty have a big of a population because everyone else has fled the coupe. Anyone with an education or any kind of a life that is normal and healthy for themselves and their families would literally leave Cornwall in a snap.

    Jamie is a good man and wants a life in Cornwall. Of all places I don’t know why but that is his choice. I fled way back in the 70’s era and only went back because my mom had health reasons and I was there for her until the end and I came back and never want to go back again to live. I only go back to walk in the park and see a certain member of my family and come straight back without staying more than a few hours. I can’t take it to stay any longer than that.

    As for me flipping out or needing help I have become a great deal normal living here in Ottawa and would embrace anywhere but Cornwall. I have never been healthier since I left both physically and mentally and I am very happy. I have so many laugh lines laughing about what goes on in Cornwall. If you think that I am to blame because you haven’t left that sesspool of a place then you are wrong. You blame others who have had the good intelligence of leaving such a place and never to return.

  29. Shameful and disgusting!!!

  30. HoldFast
    March 12, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Totally. The messages we get must stick to the issues we abhor, THE BALLAST’S OF THIS SHIP ARE LEANING and we are drowning in our own blood instead of the ‘blood of the Christ’. Keep the message true. Cut the innuendo. Stop the winded slaps, the sloppy slag.

    Trust of the person is the essence in vetting of the cardinals and the Canadian Senate, as well as the Cornwall council and mayor, as when one runs for political office.

    Honor among thieves is the target, not personal families unless they are a direct recipient of the skulduggery as one writer has said beforehand.

    ‘HOLDFAST Oldman’ is pointed and right just as admin.
    March 12, 2013 at 8:51 am.

    Let’s fight the good fight BUT common sense about it is a must.

  31. @Jules. Jules {MODERATED}
    The comment about you and Jamie being married to each other was a joke.

  32. love the Freeholder’s front page piece today. talk about lingo. internal complaint rather than internal investigation. personnel issue instead of allegations of wrongdoing. a lawyer instead of the lawyer’s name (maybe she’s related to “the man”?) and to address that matter instead of to comply with the law. no reporter’s by line just “staff.”

  33. “One Against City Bulliers” I don’t have to live in Cornwall to know about what kind of a person that Kilger is and I know very well from some others about some of the things that are taking place. Kilger and his clique feel that they OWN Cornwall and it is all up to all of you to put an end to this culprit and get rid of him. There are those who are on the defensive of him because they are under his thumb.

    I used to see a lot of things happen when I lived in Cornwall and believe me they were bad but I can say that nothing was more disgusting than what is going on today. I HONESTLY TELL YOU THE TRUTH. The more you keep putting in these corrupt ones year after year after year nothing good will happen at all but will only get worse and worse and worse and I guarantee that to all of you. You will all ask me who else will run and we put in but those same corrupt ones. Well there has to be good people who are regular ordinary people who will want to run.

    I will tell you something else. People like Kilger will bully the good who want to make Cornwall a better place and want to run as mayor and councel. This was done to Ross Perot in the US when he wanted to run as president. Mr. Perot and his family were threatened if he did not back down. Mr. Perot was right when he said about the “sucking sound you hear of the jobs going overseas wasn’t he” and so much more. It is like a game of “dog eat dog” and politics is a very old profession except the first one is better and it is a mighty dirty one as well just like the first.

    You cannot depend on one person to make the changes – it has to come from everyone. I said that before as well. Kilger thinks that he can bully anybody who wants to make a change and this is the kind that you are facing. A BOSS HOGG mentality and it is all in your hands on what you do with it.

    It is only you the average citizen who can clean up the dirt of Cornwall and chase them out on the rails. You chased out the wrong man and his family. You are all guilty of that one.

  34. David wrote: a politician as you are obviously aware enters public service life knowing in advance that their life will be on display and an open target.

    OH really? sorry david…..not when it comes to their personal life. One’s personal life should have nothing to do with one’s political life. They should be two different entities. One’s personal life is nobody’s business. Does a politician have no right to privacy as far as his life is concerned?

    Open target….perhaps, but only when it concerns political issues.
    Until one is selected as judge or jury, no one has the right to condemn.

    Holdfast……Two thumbs up for your courage and fairness!!!

  35. Jamie you hit the nail on the head about what you said. I read it again without my giggles that I had a while ago and told myself to be a little more serious which is hard to do at times.

    There are some very good businesses in town who are very afraid of people like Kilger and of my old age of 62 years old I have never seen more corruption than what I do today and believe me at my senior age I have seen a lot.

    People are sheeple where they do not know their rights and they follow the head sheep over the cliff. If Cornwall keeps going the way it is going now I GUARANTEE TO ALL OF YOU THAT CORNWALL WILL BE BANKRUPT. Cornwall cannot afford Kilger or any other Kilger around anymore. It is going to have to take the ordinary people, business people who do not have a personal agenda at becoming a mayor and council and to do this job our of the goodness of their heart and for the community. Everything is in your hands what the outcome will be. That “tax mahal” is a real albatross around ones neck and is sucking the life out of Cornwall and I warned you all before about that and nobody listened – they all thought that I was joking or something but I wasn’t. I don’t need a degree in finance to know what things are going to cost. We are strangled here in Ottawa in taxes and you sure wouldn’t want the expenses of the people here who are paying humoungous bucks to try and keep afloat. Well I can tell you all just keep on keeping Kilger and company and I guarantee you all that Cornwall will soon face bankruptcy and then what – you will have no choice but to go out on the streets in the winter and shovel the snow and take your own garbage personally to the dump and I mean that.

  36. Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.

    – Bruce Springsteen

  37. Those of you who believe Bob’s personal life should remain out of politics are correct. However if you wish to judge a persons character you need totake all things into consideration.

    Should this ever make it to a judicial system somehow you can bet they would use it as his ability to show disdain or contempt to others.

    Could he be doing the same in his position as mayor? As manager of a local restaurant?

    Bob is a nice guy truly but he is a old boy now…and as you can see the very same people he crossed as MP are now taking him to task as mayor….

  38. Kilger may have been a nice person in past years but not any more. Since Kilger left as an MP he has changed and not for the better. He has put his personal agenda ahead of his professional one towards the people. He got in with a clique and this is his downfall. Like some other mayors he truly lost himself and what really counted in the community.

    I do know that there was some good in Kilger in past years but the past is gone. Hayley you said that his personal life is his own and that is true but in politics, and even celebrities and anyone in the public eye has their laundry exposed to the community and to the world.

    Yes there was some good in Kilger in past years but that was the past and what counts is what is he doing now. Since Kilger became sick he cannot function the way he used to since his mind has been injured as well as his physical self and it is time that he call it quits and retire. People in the community no longer see him as a leader but one who got involved with a horrible bunch of people and who has depleted the money of Cornwall something awful and will not recover. People need jobs and the jobs only go to certain people who bend down to him and to his clique. Even businesses cannot operate unless they belong to them.

    We went through all of this stuff and when you look at Cornwall itself without knowing all what went on and still going on it looks like a nice place to live. Once you get to know what is really going on then you take a hike out of there as fast as you can. We left in two big snow storms and that is how badly we wanted out. Even the owner of the building and his former super couldn’t believe their eyes how we moved. When you want to do something you put your mind to doing just that and we did it. We are happy for having done this and we can never see ourselves ever going back to Cornwall. Too many things have happened and we have to go forward and not back. I have both good and bad memories of Cornwall and try so hard to hold on to the good but the bad ones outnumber the good unfortunately and it won’t leave my mind at all no matter how much I try. So many people were hurt badly and I wasn’t one of them but I knew some who this happened to and it hurts a lot thinking about it.

  39. Jules,
    Celebrities, Presidents, Prime Ministers and other high up politicians do have their dirty laundry laid out for the public. The reason being is that this dirt sells newspapers and magazines. Photographers get paid thousands of dollars for the right picture. Usually an unflattering picture. We as human beings tend to want to see successful people fall thus the high sales of these publications. Mr. Kilger is not a high ranking politician. He is the mayor of a small town. He is not getting paid the big bucks that celebrities and high ranking politicians are getting paid to put up with the intrusion on their private lives. Mr.Kilger is also not signing new laws that will affect an entire country and therefore his moral compass and values should be taken into account. Stop trying to justify your bad behaviour. Please stop telling us how happy you are that you moved away from Cornwall. Please stop patting yourself on the back and please stop telling us that the sky is falling in Cornwall. Please live your life in Ottawa and find something to occupy your time that doesn’t involve insulting the people of Cornwall. I support Jamie by the way. I am not a sheeple as you would say. I just don’t support the garbage you write.

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