Life Waits for No One – Celebrating Life After Cancer by Andrea Paine March 15, 2013

beachCFN – The beach has always held a special place in my heart. When I walk on the sand and listen to the waves hit the shore, there’s a veil of peace that covers me. It brings me joy and happiness…like I’m walking on clouds. I’m sure it’s probably like that for a fair number of people. Others may find their joy and peace at the top of a mountain, by a lake, or in a forest. When you find that special place, you know it. You’ve found your inner child….your inspiration….your true emotions.

I’ve been at the beach for two weeks now. I’m visiting my parents, whom I haven’t seen since Canadian Thanksgiving, last October. They didn’t come back to Canada for Christmas, so it’s been a long time. Since my cancer diagnosis, times like this have taken a much greater importance. The “taken for granted” factor of my earlier, pre-cancer years has been replaced with a deep appreciation of where I have come from, and the people who are important in my life. My parents will not be around forever, but none of us will. There are people that leave this world early, and all too suddenly. Others fight an illness over a number of years. Some leave this world peacefully in their sleep.

And so here I am at the beach, being at one with my inner child and at peace. I am also creating memories with my family members that are so dear to me. The longer I get into cancer survivourship, the more I look for occasions like this. That new dress, or that newest gadget will always be there for one to buy. The experience of a holiday, a cruise, an out of town visit, or just plain making time to see the ones that are the most important to you will not. These are the occasions that you’ll remember when you’re old; the memories that will cause your heart to flutter as you replay that time in your mind, or share a laugh with your friends while telling them your story about it.

This is the true meaning of happiness, but one many people tend to ignore. As our life passes before us, and as our busy schedules dictate where our time and energy is spent, we overlook the child before us that only wants you to read them a book, or an elderly friend or neighbour who would be thrilled with a visit and a few minutes of your time.

Life waits for no one. People come and people go. It’s up to you to choose whether you create memories with them or not. The satisfaction of creating these special times far outweighs the temporary thrill of a shopping spree, or the laughs one shares with a sunny day friend.

And even the beach will see the rain from time to time. Those that remain there, similar to the rainy day friends, see it for what it’s truly worth. For even in the rain, there is peace and warmth. I was walking on the beach with my eldest daughter, Stephanie, a few days ago. She remarked that even when the harsh waves slap up on the shore, there is balence. They eventually retreat, and the land knows they will be back with a vengence, or maybe a little calmer next time. They are in harmony and peacefully co-exist.

I will remember that conversation as we walked along the beach that day, as I will remember the conversations during the many walks I took with my parents. You see, the problems of the world can be resolved while walking along the water. The most ingenious ideas are born there as well. Look around at the beach some day. There are not many sad people there.

And while I must leave soon, I will do so with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face….and a whole lot of memories that will fill my scrapbook of life, to be taken out when I need some warmth, or to plain just keep that smile on my face.

That scrapbook is getting much fuller now….with the rich memories that count.

A gifted writer, Andrea Paine has been writing speeches for cabinet Ministers and members of the National Assembly and of Parliament throughout her years in politics. More recently, she turned her talents to writing an inspirational blog found at, and is a published author,  with a chapter in a book by British journalist, Chris Geiger.  Andrea has also been involved in public speaking, having been on the speaker’s circuit on behalf of the St-Mary’s Hospital breast cancer foundation in 2011, as well as a presenter, in 2012 and 2013, for the Federated Press Annual Conference on “Working with Ministers and Parliament” in Ottawa.


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