Say NO! to Bullying in Cornwall Ontario Over Syd Gardiner Sign Gate – Monday 10 AM in Front of City Hall

Say NO! to Bullying in Cornwall Ontario Over Syd Gardiner Sign Gate – Monday 10 AM in Front of City Hall
Syd Anti Bullying
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CFN – There’s going to be a protest in front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Monday morning at 10AM.   While the focus if I’m understanding the protesters correctly is Councilor Syd Gardiner’s Free Pass from Police over his taking their protest signs, trying to rip them up in the door way of council, the signs being missing for five days before being turned over to police, and then being told that they weren’t damaged and no charges would be laid even though he admitted in an interview that he took the signs and tried to bend them; there’s a larger undercurrent as many in Cornwall are tired of a Kilger Council that seems more bent on eradicating small animals like Beavers, Coyotes, Pigeons, and Geese than in developing business and growing our community.

bent sign 2Don’t they write that serial killers start with small animals before moving onto larger prey?

Bullying is something that is the focus world wide.  One of the protesters eight year children witnessed Mr. Gardiner’s performance.   Is this the lesson we want our children to absorb?  To date Mr. Gardiner, the mayor,nor any member of council has apologized to the protesters or public over the fiasco that Syd Gate has become.

While some are talking about a Cornwall Spring; especially with the City Manager Whistle Blower cases and the mayor spending millions on litigation and settlements; many of which the public will officially never even find out about, and a new city clerk who pushes media to apply for Freedom of Information requests instead of answering simple questions; it will be interesting to see if the community holds their elected city officials and managers accountable.

Of course Cornwall isn’t unique in Ontario where the Municipal Act seems more of a protection tool for corrupt officials than something that it is there to govern City governments?  It’s toothless.  When Sudbury can fire their Ombudsman because they simply don’t want to be accountable and cities like Collingwood, Newmarket and others are facing their own issues surely something needs to be addressed across the province.

In the meanwhile lawyers at big firms, not even from Cornwall, will line their pockets while people go needy just to cover up corrupt politicians like Cornwall Mayor Mayor Bob Kilger and his cabal of councilors that are bleeding taxpayers dry to retain power through hook or crook.

That’s just not right.

Will you be at City Hall on Monday morning?  You can post your comment below.

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