Say NO! to Bullying in Cornwall Ontario Over Syd Gardiner Sign Gate – Monday 10 AM in Front of City Hall

Syd Anti Bullying
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CFN – There’s going to be a protest in front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Monday morning at 10AM.   While the focus if I’m understanding the protesters correctly is Councilor Syd Gardiner’s Free Pass from Police over his taking their protest signs, trying to rip them up in the door way of council, the signs being missing for five days before being turned over to police, and then being told that they weren’t damaged and no charges would be laid even though he admitted in an interview that he took the signs and tried to bend them; there’s a larger undercurrent as many in Cornwall are tired of a Kilger Council that seems more bent on eradicating small animals like Beavers, Coyotes, Pigeons, and Geese than in developing business and growing our community.

bent sign 2Don’t they write that serial killers start with small animals before moving onto larger prey?

Bullying is something that is the focus world wide.  One of the protesters eight year children witnessed Mr. Gardiner’s performance.   Is this the lesson we want our children to absorb?  To date Mr. Gardiner, the mayor,nor any member of council has apologized to the protesters or public over the fiasco that Syd Gate has become.

While some are talking about a Cornwall Spring; especially with the City Manager Whistle Blower cases and the mayor spending millions on litigation and settlements; many of which the public will officially never even find out about, and a new city clerk who pushes media to apply for Freedom of Information requests instead of answering simple questions; it will be interesting to see if the community holds their elected city officials and managers accountable.

Of course Cornwall isn’t unique in Ontario where the Municipal Act seems more of a protection tool for corrupt officials than something that it is there to govern City governments?  It’s toothless.  When Sudbury can fire their Ombudsman because they simply don’t want to be accountable and cities like Collingwood, Newmarket and others are facing their own issues surely something needs to be addressed across the province.

In the meanwhile lawyers at big firms, not even from Cornwall, will line their pockets while people go needy just to cover up corrupt politicians like Cornwall Mayor Mayor Bob Kilger and his cabal of councilors that are bleeding taxpayers dry to retain power through hook or crook.

That’s just not right.

Will you be at City Hall on Monday morning?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. We have the opportunity to hold our elected officials accountable at election time. The electorate voted these people in and can democratically vote them out at election time if the majority are discontent that is. Why the brouhaha and antagonism?

    Why would parents bring an eight year old child to a council meeting or have them protesting with a group of adults? It seems strange and speaks volumes. How many parents could honestly say they were involved in political issues at eight years old. Better still, how many can say their parents brought them to council meetings at eight years old? Thinking in order for a child to grow and become self reliant, they must be allowed to live their years as a child in order to become a mature grown up.

  2. That is so very true that bullying usually starts when people abuse animals. This guy must have been really mean in his day. Yesterday while in Cornwall we saw geese fly over the river going to land and I said to my husband and daughter they better not land on the bike path or someone there might want to make them into duck dinner. LOL LOL. That clique gets away with too much and they all must go.

  3. A picture of the partially bent sign might take me aback if someone meek and mild mannered was being charged by police unless they were being threatening in there manner at the time of the incident toward THE SIGN HOLDER
    But this incident is not a small matter, this is an elected official, the people with the signs had a right to protest, this sits at the very highest level of a democracy in our country.

    He may be a elected official but his share ownership in the Corporation of Cornwall is equal to the every one else one for every property he owns so the protesters were his equals in fact some may have more shares than he does !

    Because of his position and the even small amount of damage the charges are quite significant when someone looks at the principle involved and that is what the local police failed to take into consideration when they did not take action and since his relative is a member of that very same police force and they also get paid from the very council he sits on there could be a further conflict of interest. I always have respect for our officers in blue as they often criticised for what people do not often see. But in this case I am truly disturbed to say the least they too should have declared conflict of interest because of the high visibility and asked an out side force to investigate. Can another police forced be asked to investigate does not OPP have jurisdiction in all areas of the province ?

    The question that needs to be asked of our police chief now for all citizens to have a guideline on what’s acceptable in Cornwall is how much damage does a person have to do to some one elses property before it become a offence does putting a small x on the wall of the mall using lipstick count as breaking the law vs. using a can of paint to do it or under the law are they equal as an offence the size and substance is not the factor in laying a charge. Will bending political signs or other signs around Cornwall and moving them to another spot where they cannot be found be now tolerated as a precedent? Should this not be left up to our courts that’s job is to look at this also a political act not a simple case of wanton destruction and possible assault?

    Of course we all know the unemployed teenage mother on welfare who used the lipstick would probably be put in jail while waiting her turn in front of a justice of the peace her child taken from her by children’s aide while a councillors daughter would probably be delivered home and told to report later while a deal was worked out to keep her out of the court system. That’s what I see now from the way this was handled

    In the end its up to people to continue to speak out and hopefully the Ontario government can step in under the municipal act to investigate the whole council who seems to be complacent and there for a party to all the illegal activity that might be going on . Being kicked out at the ballot box is not true justice.

  4. You’re right Stella, exposing children to the Cornwall City Council is cruel and unusual punishment and politicians should be allowed to break the law for their full term.

  5. I took my children into the voting booth, are you saying I warped my children and did them harm? Are you saying, because we discuss world and local issues my children will grow up to be psychopaths? If I don’t teach them the ways of the world, what kind of parent would I be? And who he hell are you Stella, to say where it is appropriate to take ones children? Or what to teach them and when? Really? You tell us what language we should speak, what issues we should involve ourselves with, where we should live, and now you want to give parenting advice? GMAFB!

  6. I doubt he would have bent it if it said Maytag or Hotpoint. I never went to Sears knowing this arse was there. He never would get my vote and I hope the day comes Cornwall votes him the hell out. PERIOD.

  7. @ Stella,

    Give your head a shake lady, many kids are involved in politics & more should be.
    Many people in Canada don’t even know who the PM is, our country is in a sad state of affairs & it’s bc of people like you Stella.
    We have become a “nanny” state, for heaven’s sake, now they want to have scoreless soccer.WTH is that????
    Society needs to get their head out of the sand & face reality. Yes, reality does suck sometimes, that’s reality!!!!!
    Kudo’s for the parents to involve their kids in politics, we do, apparently live in a democracy. Children are our future & they deserve to taught & guided by their elders.

    Oh & YES, I will be going on Monday Jamie. Wouldn’t miss it!!!!

  8. Reg….don’t put words in my mouth. I did not say it was cruel and unusual…….got that? What I did say was it is “strange” and speaks volumes. As any councillor would tell you, a child needs to live his chidhood years as a child.

    Watch a child’s behavior when the child is surrounded by adults only……then get back to me. The proof is in the pudding.

    As for the protest, waste of time. Voices speak louder at elections.

  9. Probably more dangerous to take them to school in the USA than to a council meeting here ! a walk in a mall they probaly hear more profanity !

  10. Yes it sure is a great deal worse sending one’s children to school in the US. If you think that Canada has problems go look at what is happening to the Constitution being torn to shreds in the US and no liberty. We are still a great deal better in Canada than any other country and that is something that no Canadian appreciates except for those who come from countries that are under war, poverty and lots of crime and mighty high unemployment.

    There is no harm in bringing kids to the polls or showing them what rallying is all about. I think in a way it teaches chidren to stand up for your rights.

    I do agree with Stella when she is talking about children should be children and only a child once and yes that is so very true. At 62 years old my years sure flew by fast. LOL LOL.

    We sure do have dufesis at Parliament Hill as well as in Cornwall’s administration but you have to vote them out and show your frustration and anger towards those jerks. Do not keep voting in the same jerks year after year after year and that goes for all levels of government. Once the 4 years are up then all should go.

    I just want to say it one more time you are still in the best country in the world (not the US) but Canada and Australia are the best but especially Canada. You don’t know until you live somewhere else.

  11. Hey cc2….I never said they should not learn about politics or should not learn the history of this country…ca-vas? It is taught in our schools. However participation when it comes to politics is normally an adult thing.

    The quesion was: How many parents could honestly say they were involved in political issues at eight years old.

    Better still, how many can say their parents brought them to council meetings at eight years old?

    Active political involvement of an eight year old is not the norm.

  12. Might not be your norm Stella, but it’s not up to you to tell others how to raise their children.

    And yes, you criticized someone’s parenting skills because they dared to take their child to a council meeting.

    You seem to have a lot of opinions about how other people should live and raise their children. Perhaps you should focus more on your life and chidren before accusing others.

    PS. I know you read it even if you don’t respond to me. And that’s ok, I don’t give your opinions any credence any way. Sometimes someone has to point out the ridiculousness of them.

  13. It should be noted that tearing constitutions apart is becoming endemic in the new world order.

    The UN, under the control now of our Islamist ‘friends’ are th backbone of this problem.

    All countries are being hassled to ensure each culture, in particular those with harsh laws about controlling their women by beatings, bullying from the time they are born, after being mutilated by removing their ‘citreous’ whilst still a baby and by males NOT being circumcised under cultural norms…..these follow with Sharia laws (bully laws) to control their women.

    Wouldn’t want to give women their freedom. After all they may want to write in some ‘on-line’ news media. Worse yet they might not like/love the ‘old man’ they, as a 10 year old have been betrothed to, or even the dominant boy.

    None of this should be news to you but newsworthy it sure is.

    Is it any wonder the North Americans and most western countries are falling in line with acceptance of gay marriages. It works as a frightful defense mechanism so these people will never become Islamic where they will be killed.

    Strong words I know and possibly some what off the wall, however, all is probably right.

    Note that in England now as well as the continental Europe that far right parties are gaining in strength to counter the onslaught of multi-culturalism who are demanding changes in age old laws to suit their religions and cultures counter to equal rights and freedoms for all……yes they want Sharia and other cultural controls that the British and Europeans had long ago refused to have in their constitution so that all peoples would be treated the same under secular rules.

    Oh, boy, I can go on and on……no thks to people like this Gardiner type….bullies, one and all.

  14. @ Stella,

    Sorry to tell you HONEY, but your not the NORM!!!!

    Maybe we should just keep our kids in a sheltered little fake bubble, oh wait that’s what you would do.

    I guess the Idle No More movement kept all their kids at home too….

    Your probably opposed to taking kids to a funeral home for a viewing too…

    Actually Stella, I really don’t give a flying F*** what u think.
    I do care about how you constantly criticize everyone on this website, who made you GOD????

    Got that, ca vas, oh yah & ****smile****

  15. @ Stella

    If kids were introduced to politics at an earlier age then we wouldn’t have the bullies in office like we do now! Such a low voter turn out. It is each person’s responsibility to know what is happening and NOT to let corrupt, law breaking politicians get away with wasteful spending on the citizen’s dime! Just like iwhat is happening in this city right at this moment. So go back in to your closet Stella. This child learned a heck of a lot at council meeting and I fully support this parent 100%.

  16. Stella Stella Stella,here you go again frothing at the mouth about things you know nothing about,This 8 year old boy is more mature than most & wants by choice to go to council meetings to observe & learn,unfortunetly what did he see…but a bullying councilor & mayor who both showed terrible behaviour as Syd destroyed one sign & bent the others for all to see, the mayor in his irresponsible ways pushed the panic button because he could not see Jamie,s T-shirt & merely thought that it was the offensive one,he hates the fact that CFN has exposed his conflict of interest charges & lawyers hired to hide this fact by trying to shut down CFN,but people have rallied around CFN with financial support.Cornwall can no longer AFFORD this mayor or his cronies!!!

  17. Mariah, Diddlyscwat, Mr. MacDonald and everyone I want you to read and listen to something that I found today on youtube about a young actor who is well known in Hollywood who is from Cornwall and praising it. I was so excited after seeing this that I sent it to Jamie’s spot where Kilger is on the milk carton.

    Here it is:

    A Young (and Adorable) Ryan Gossling Gives a Tour of His Canadian Hometown

    I became very exicted. I don’t know any of these actors since my preference are the oldies and I no longer watch TV or go to the movies but I found someone who loves his hometown who lives in Hollyweird. I thought that you would all like to see this. At least one person of high profile comes out and says something good. The mayor is a real embarrassment and has to go and reminds me so much of Boss Hogg as long as he gets something that can feather his own pockets and sends jobs elsewhere. This young man has nothing to feather his pockets to say something good about his hometown since he is mighty well paid for what he does in movies and whatever else. I just want all to see this. Thank you.

  18. People, did you forget what the debate was about? Who is going down to City Hall tomorrow to protest against the Bullying? Stop squawking amongst yourselves! A house divided will not stand strong for long. Put aside your opinions for now, unite and fight! I’ll be there tomnorrow!!

  19. Newsworthy…yes your right we all need to stand together to end bullying at city hall,I’ll be there as well this morning at 10am

  20. Bill Kingston of makes a mockery and white washes the bullying by Gardner and doesn’t mention it was done on anti-bullying day in all the Cornwall schools in the city nor that an 8 year old child was there to see it.

    He says it happened inside and that the signs were found in a hall way…………Bill, I think you Sir are a liar and evading the truth. Get your facts straight. You must go to the same bars as Mr. Macintosh…..for your fairy tale s-t-o-r-I-e-s.

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