Love Love Food’s Tony Lacroix Loves BJ’S! Caught at Canadian Border in Cornwall Ontario with HUGE LOAD!

cheeseCFN –  Tony Lacroix, foodista at Love Love Food  apparently wasn’t aware of how much dairy you can bring from the US to Canada as he was detained at the CBSA crossing in Cornwall Ontario.   Judging by the length of his receipt from BJ’s it must’ve been quite the party he was throwing or he was stocking up the store shelves!

The embarrassed store owner had to either go back to the US to return the dairy delights or dispose of them.

Wonder what the border agents will be munching on during the night shift.  I jest!

To visit Tony and Love Love Food drop by 10 Fourth St. East Unit B, right behind Shorteez Hair Salon!

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  1. More serious than the amount of American cheese he was trying to bring in is the large possibility of it being contaminated with bovine growth hormone (rBGH).
    Bovine growth hormone is injected in dairy cattle to increase their milk production. The growth hormone enters the cow’s milk for dairy consumption or carries into the making of cheese.
    Canada is said to have strict regulations against bovine growth hormone. rBGH is said to notably increase risk of breast and colon cancer.
    Careless food consumption can happen on many levels though. I’m getting over 4 days of food poisoning after eating take out pizza from a place east of the college.

  2. All our local businesses want us to support the local economy, right??????????????????????????????? I would presume that our local busnesses would be leading by example.


    Seriously, this website is the worst thing that has happened to the internet since the holocaust. Please go away.

  4. Author

    Welcome to CFN JJJS

  5. That’s funny Jamie. How else would we know? The police and media in Niagara covered up a serious pizza cheese smuggling operation. When it broke, policemen, CBSA employees, and several Greek restaurateurs were charged. It was called Project Pepperoni. Legal fact. You might be onto something. Might he have ties to the Kinsmen Pizza Party?
    ^JJJS above might have the world record for lowering the bar of internet discourse. Three comments to Godwin’s Law (the lowest form of debate)? Three? That means you’re doing your job admin.

  6. the heading of this is such a tease but good way to pull some audience to the article

  7. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt….. isn’t that a Girl Guide/Boy Scout song that was chanted around a camp fire while roasting wienies?

  8. What retail outlet is BJ’s??

  9. Author

    It’s like a baby Costco. They do have great deals on higher end cheeses.

  10. BJ’s rocks!!!!

    We have membership & LOVE shopping there!!!

    I believe the limit is $20 of dairy per head….

    The deals are so good @ BJ’s local business’s apparently can still make a profit, amazing!!!

    Too funny & great article Jamie!

  11. OMFG, a Cornwallite shopping in Massena. Really???? Judging by the lineups on the bridge, I would suggest that he’s not the only one.

  12. Perhaps Jamie was also one of us Cornwallites crossing the border TO SHOP???????
    I personally crossed over on Friday night and picked up a few things at BJ’s & Hannaford also, is this also news worthy?

  13. Author

    I shop all over. I actually had just come from renewing my BJ’s card. See, I like BJ’s too!

  14. So then why draw focus on another individual doing the same thing? Or is it because you take joy from seeing somebody else in a situation simply because they were not up to date on CBSA policies regarding the dairy quotas?

  15. Author

    Jane Jane Jane…

  16. Jamie Jamie Jamie…….

  17. @ Jane

    Who pi**ed on your cornflakes????

    Lighten up lady!!!!

  18. Author

    Jane Tony basically got a $300 ad and a ton of free publicity. If he was a smart marketer and saw how much traffic we drove to his website the past two days he’d grab an ad with us.

  19. Hey Jane?

    Are you the very same Jane Doe attacking coverage of the language right’s stories?

  20. @concerned citizen, nobody pi$$ed in my cornflakes but Jamie likes to draw attention to others and never bothers to take a look at himself in the mirror. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black.
    @ Cory Cameron…sorry not the same Jane Doe.
    @ Jamie….I’m pretty sure you might have a better chance of attracting new advertisers if you spread more honey rather than crap.

  21. Author

    Don’t feed the trolls Cory 🙂 Jane your post is our mirror or at least your distorted carnival mirror.

  22. Somebody bring Jamie a little cheese to go with all his whining, please……

  23. Author

    Yes, some Dublin Cheese from BJ’s 😉

  24. Wasn’t Tony managing the Downtown Market which was impressing on the local population to support/buy from our local producers?? Perhaps this was the reasoning for the story Jamie?

  25. Oh and by the way….now that I know what BJ’s is….GREAT headline!

  26. Author

    Hey Tony’s a great guy. We had some fun with the headline and yes, I care a lot about our Downtown Farmer’s Market and the mess that Tony & Keitha made of it. It does seem to be a bit….. for Tony to be the guy marketing it buying high end cheese when we have such amazing local cheese and cheese shops like the cheese section at Farm Boy and the Cheese store just outside of Lancaster. Sadly he’s not the only one as I know a few other caterers that love BJ’s also.

  27. Is this chap a local retailer ? I honestly don’t know of him ! But, my point that I’d like to make, is that their are indeed limits, on the amounts of dairy products, that an individual may import .
    However, if the products are for commercial purposes, as it appears, to be the case here, everthing changes. It requires federal permits & has to be federally inspected by a division of Health Canada. On top of that, the shipment (cheese) must be cleared using commercial documents, which in most cases requires a Customs Broker.

  28. Jamie, perhaps you should be careful with your personal slurs towards others in the guise of humour. I found your headline to be crude and may I say beneath your role as a public figure. Not impressed!

  29. Newsworth, perhaps you should ask BJ`s to change their name if it offends you. Now that Tony knows about the limit for importing cheese when shopping out of the country he probably won`t make that mistake again….So what`s your problem?

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