Corus Radio Cornwall News Director Bill Kingston Prefers To Ask Questions Rather Than Answer Them

Kingston KorneredCFN –  Bill Kingston of Corus Radio is more used to asking the questions than answering them.  Mr. Kingston took exception to two protesters asking him questions while I had the camera on the News Director himself.

The protesters seemed upset that they weren’t getting a fair shake from Bill.   Cheryl “Eagle Eye” Brink of the Standard Free Holder gave the group of about 25 protesters a wide birth as she entered City Hall as well.

The protesters were outside city hall voicing their dismay at Councilor Syd Gardiner not being charged for taking and damaging their signs which were kept in the mayor’s office for five days before being turned over to police.

They also were complaining about a lack of transparency at city hall; allegations of Conflict of Interest by Mayor Kilger and why City Councilors don’t have to pay for parking in front of City Hall while they do!

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  1. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  2. Author

    What is Stella?

  3. It is important that media report, not just what happens, but also the periphery to give us a better understanding. The body language and leaving sunglasses on shows zero respect for others by the way.

  4. Jamie…..I don’t think you really want to know.

  5. Author

    No, hit me 🙂

  6. Bill Kingston following the last protest was Quick to comment on the protesters (sharks) ,yet had not put to question why those protesters were there in the first place.

    It remains rather peculiar why news agency’s such as chorus and Standard Freeholder would avoid a large group of people in front of City Hall .(But lets not bite the hand that feeds you)

    To think that when government employee’s protest outside their employer in the interest of monetary issues many media are to be had .
    Yet when Citizens stand outside City Hall in protest not in monetary gain, but to Demand they respect” Democracy and promote accountability ” some Media avoid them!

    People advocate /protest for a purpose and most times its in the interest of those individuals and the same can be said here ,as this has the interest of the their community in mind.

    Stand proud people as you are advocating for the better of YOUR community .

  7. Jamie, at times I would like to hit you **smile**

    First of all Bill is not an elected official…he owes no one an explanation. Like you, he has a job to do and as a media person, has a right to his opinion.

    Bill is outdoors taking a break before a council meeting, and these two whoever they are, feel it is their right to apporach him in a challenging and confrontational way. Ridiculous is what it is.

    Had I been approached like Bill was, I would have left them standing there and walked away.

    Bill owes no one an explanation………except his employer.

  8. Author

    Well Stella you are entitled to your opinion. 🙂

  9. There’s nothing wrong with asking a reporter questions. I’ll bet these women gave him one of the most memorable moments of his career.

    Is a reporter’s job to answer to his/her boss? Sure.

    But to be forbidden by that boss to report? Well, that’s what happens in Syria, China (and apparently Cornwall) and other countries that bully, muzzle, jail, torture, and murder reporters.

  10. I find it funny that the people complaining about bullying, are actually bullies themselves. Having cameras in your face or even being filmed without permission, is borderline harassment. I wouldn’t have supplied anyone with any type of answer. You might have some valid points, but no one wants to give your cause the time of day, as you are going about it the wrong way. The protestors are the same at every protest, make up your mind, what cause you support.

  11. Bill Kingston is an embarrassment to journalism.

    We wonder why Cornwallites are apathetic, well it’s kinds hard to become engaged when the “local rags” don’t report the news.

    This is just another form of Cornwall oppression!

    In 2013 the oppressors will only get away with this for so long, thanks to social media & great reporters like Jamie Gilcig & Greg Kielec.

    Your attitude Stella is from the dark ages, this is the 21st Century!
    Welcome to it, this charade will only last so long!!!!!

  12. Entitled
    March 26, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    “I find it funny that the people complaining about bullying, are actually bullies themselves. Having cameras in your face or even being filmed without permission, is borderline harassment.”

    Are we not all on camera without permission every day with closed circuit camera’s,authorities say we are on video several hundred times a day -So does that mean we are harassed several hundred times a day -just asking.

  13. Author

    There really is no privacy on public property. Part of being in the media is being exposed ourselves. I get stopped while shopping, at parties, while doing my worst Rob Ford impersonation. It happens.

    I was kind of shocked seeing Bill’s response on camera. As much as we all joke around in the media I thought he was smarter and more professional….Looks like he’s no John Bolton 😉

  14. @ Entitled: so based on your reasoning, when Chief Spence of Attawapiskat went on her hunger strike, reporters should just avoid giving her the “time of day” because she was going about it “the wrong way”? (to use your words)

    And in terms of making one’s mind up about what cause to support, that’s a bit silly. Think about it. You yourself may have several causes that you support, local or otherwise.

  15. Bill showed very poor profession behaviour,I,d expect that crap from stella ***smile*** but not a reporter,although he is no John Bolten You would think he would behave better & not try to hide behind sunglasses at near dusk

  16. I commend everyone’s passion for what they believe in. I agree that we are on camera all over the place, but those people aren’t using our pictures and posting them while posting captions or articles about us. That is where I believe the line is crossed. To me it appears that sometimes local people are at every protest for various protest reasons, they may live the protest, not necessarily the cause itself.
    Political fights can be fought without belittling and demeaning people. If you do it right you will get more people and walk away with a lot more respect.

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