Champlain LHIN Gives Thumbs Up to Sale of CGH in Cornwall Ontario – Will You Sign the Petition to Block the Sale Until Proper Public Consultations?

2nd HospitalCFN – While the Cornwall Citizens Coalition lobbied Council last night the Champlain LHIN gave it’s thumb’s up to approve the current offer on the table.

CFN received the following confirmation:

The LHIN has received a business case from the hospital which does outline an offer to purchase the former Cornwall General Hospital. The LHIN has completed its review and is supportive of the business case. The business case has been referred to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for further review and approval.

While the finger pointing can be endless what disturbs this scribbler most is that there was no real public consultation about the future of the facility.

Even council spurts out inaccurate information in discussing the details.  The mayor’s statement about not being married to the Hospital clearly shows a bias that should impeach him from the discussion, and the real decisions as we see from the quote above are not Cornwall decisions, but by bureaucrats and politicians outside our region.

The Champlain LHIN has nobody from Cornwall on its board.  The closest board member being from l’Original, and of course Minster Deb Matthews will be making her decision from Queen’s Park in Toronto.

We are going to add a new petition in the hopes that in a very short period of time the ministry can see that people do not want this hospital being dumped as a community resource until the community has had a voice in the process.

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The Cornwall Citizens Coalition presented to Council Monday March 25th and as you can see from the video below it was an odd mixed message from Council even though voted unanimously to support a report from Management on the subject, but the question remains to be seen if this was simply too little too late.

You can post your comments below and please share the petition if you want to try and save the facility for the community.

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  1. I’d like to see the names of Cornwall City Council members on this petition.

  2. Author

    I’d like to see 250 signatures in 24 hours.

  3. I can’t sign it since I live in Ottawa but I do say that it was a nice gesture of Dr. Tumbler of purchasing the building but if he is the one who purchased it then it would become private and very few people would be able to afford it. One thing is that I was happy to see that it was someone from the community that put a bid on it. I listened to the council meeting and yes it would take a lot of money to knock down the old nurses residence and bring the place up to par. The thing is it doesn’t have to be a castle. I was thinking along the line like the St. Joseph’s Villa and not some fancy place. I was thinking similar to a hospice or a place for seniors to live in who cannot look after themselves – a nursing home. This doesn’t have to be a swanky place fit for royalty or some big celebrity but just a place where people can be looked after.

    I wouldn’t want to see it like one of those low income housing for the bums but for those who really need help.

    Yes I do agree that it takes a lot of money to knock down the old nurses residence. It takes a lot of money just to knock down a house let alone a building.

    The building next door to that can be used for doctors offices. I was never talking about condos in that hospital but used as a hospital. People are getting older and sick and this type of a facility is urgently needed.

  4. I would like to know where the community was all these years as amalgamation was taking place? What did they think would happen to the 2nd street site?? Instead of rallying at zero hour, why wouldn’t they have thought of this years ago when there was lots of time to investigate options.

  5. Fiona said,

    “I would like to know where the community was all these years as amalgamation was taking place?”

    That’s an easy answer, maybe you should be asking the local rags;
    Standard Freeholder, Seaway News,etc….

    They suppress the news, NOT report it!!!

    The hospital staff knew it was coming, but the public certainly did not!

  6. Author

    Jules anyone can sign the petition.

  7. Where was everyone you ask?

    Well who would have thought that a community hospital supported through taxes and donations since its beginning, would be put up not just for sale to private owners, but auctioned off to a high bidder without giving competing purchasers a chance to match.

    Although priced at 2 million, its rumoured that the offer was 2 or 3 times more… And we can only deal with rumours because the hospital board is keeping their deceitful deed a secret.

    This property could so easily be restored at no cost to taxpayers, and serve the community at prices that only a non-profit operation could offer.

    It belongs to us, not a load of politicians and bureaucrats looking to line their coffers.

    Sign the on-line petition, print it out and stand on the corner and ask your neighbours to sign… If not for themselves, then for the unfortunate around us that are on the fringe of health services, and for their elders that are likewise soon to be marginalized.

  8. @Simon

    “This property could so easily be restored at no cost to taxpayers, and serve the community at prices that only a non-profit operation could offer.”

    How much do you think it will cost to retrofit the CGH into a seniors residence? This is the question that has never been broached or answered by the coalition. This is something that is needed to be known before I can support this idea. I like the idea but I need to see a full plan in place – not a pipe dream.

    Say the cost of retrofit is 20 Million. Annual costs in the 1 to 2 Million range. If the building is to offer 200 rooms/beds (just a guess) then the cost of each room/bed for retrofit is $100k. Who pays for this? The residents? How can this be affordable. How can this not come back on the taxpayers?

    Think $20 million to retrofit is too high? Look at what was spent on the college Renovation and then scale it to the CGH – $20 Million may be way too low.

    Let’s get the costing model and expense/income projections in place.

  9. According to the information provided by Jim Marshall the Victoria Village in Barrie had a cost of $26.9 million, and that was over a decade ago.

    Cornwall Citizens Coalition plan to leverage portions of the building to raise capital might be problematic when the price tag for the entire facility is only $2.0 million.

  10. @ Smith So it cost Barrie 26 million to fix. It is now worth over 32 million and it only cost them a buck. I think that makes it a pretty good investment. The sad story is Cornwall wants Non profit which means no personal gain for the greedy clique so the interest here is only feel good smiles from those that need to make it happen. Just see the smiles on the faces of council last Monday to see what I mean. If the good doctor does get the General I hope that the money received goes only to LTC and not to Acute care for the Hospital Board to waste .

  11. @ Simon As of noon today ZERO councillors have signed this petition but then again none of them read CFN.I guess we have to wait for the city lawyers that are being paid at taxpayers expense to monitor Jamie and CFN to tell them at city hall that there is a petition out there. Please everyone reading this post on Facebook Share, tell all your friends, Call your city council and make everyone aware that the people here own the General and no back door dealing done by bureaucrats should rob us of this community jewel.

  12. To the Simons, the Bills, and the Smiths out there,

    Your questions and concerns are exactly on target.

    Those dollar figures are pretty close, and I’m encouraged to see real critical thought. So let me explain a bit.

    The Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie was much larger, some parts were 8 stories. They also had to tear down unusable buildings. In our case it’s less than half the size and I think half the dollars. We also have the possibility to redeem all the existing buildings. We may be able to work in phases as well, since the clinic building is in fair shape, that can generate income while studying and building.

    We will be exploring provincial and federal sources of money, but we will not ask for Cornwall tax based funding.

    As for the finished product, it will be a mix of probably less than 100 long term care beds, these beds will not require a licence purchase, as we intend to encourage local licenced operators with existing licences to join the project.

    The remainder of the hospital will have life lease units, other affordable assisted living, and other money generating tenancies.

    (Victoria Village in Barrie has a split of roughly 128 Long term Care beds and 57 life lease units, with several diverse tenants, and commercial public areas)

    Let me tell you about life leases… these are pre-sold much like condominiums; that’s how some of the money is generated up front. The continuing expenses will be part covered by condo-like fees for the building’s community oriented features… meeting area, banquet area, recreational facilities. When the units are resold, there is a 5% – 10% fee to the project (and there is not much wear and tear from 80 year olds). Some of the extra facilities will encourage paid public access as well.

    Obvious tenants could be a pharmacy, tuk shop, laundry, tailor…

    This project is meant to generate money up front, and ongoing.

    And I should mention that the property is worth far more than the giveaway $2 million dollar price that some realtor(s) and hospital board member(s) conspired to come up with. And while I hope we can avoid severing and selling parts of the property, that option is there.

    I am still gathering information, so keep your questions coming. And sign that petition. Call and right your councillors. Hound them at Queen’s Park.

    But let’s STOP this giveaway in its tracks. Its our hospital.

  13. Author

    Gary I can assure that most of council reads CFN even if some of them need help with the bigger words. One today was laughing at the Bernie Boo Boo photo with me on the phone. I agree though. Any of them like Elaine MacDonald, that wouldn’t sign this petition because they have some petty hate of me should resign immediately.

    When it comes to this community we have to always put it first. We have one shot at saving this facility for the community. If we don’t take it we can’t complain later. I’d rather be wrong that say I told you so any day of the week.

  14. I do not wish my statements to be seen as objections or nay-saying, I absolutely agree with the work being done by the coalition. I simply wish that we deal with the actual details of this undertaking and not deal in just the ideas.

    I suppose to study that is soon to be underway will reveal the actual figures. I hate this unsourced 70+ million that has been thrown around by the politicians.

    I do not see how the cost to citizens will be 0. Is this a deal breaker for our community?
    If there is a need for this facility, then we should saddle up and provide it. Mark MacDonald stated on Monday night that there is a ten year wait for wheelchair accessible community housing in Cornwall…
    I find this to be disgusting and shameful. Lets pay the price and provide for those less fortunate.

  15. Author

    wow Smith. I see come “common ground” congrats!

  16. Thank you Admin (Jamie) I will do just that. The former General Hospital was renovated in the 70’s era (parts of it at least) and this hospital should not go to waste at all. Never ever let a good building go to waste folks – if one renovates the place it can be of great use to the community. This hospital has history as well just like the former Hotel Dieu. There are much older buildings standing here in Ottawa that used to be regular hospitals and now are for the elderly and hospices.

    One thing that my husband and I were talking about today is that someone mentioned on the forum about people from Québec who may gradually go to live in Cornwall and other places in the near future because of the fear of independence. My husband said yes that is a big possibility. We were talking to a few people that we know of who lived in Montréal for a while and came to Ottawa. These people didn’t mind the language but they hated the politics and couldn’t take it anymore. These hospitals are vital and Cornwall will have to grow with the time but I hope it doesn’t become like Ottawa. My husband and I were saying that with the time we may have to leave – it is growing too much and we would rather something more quiet. I will sign the petition for you Jamie and folks and thanks.

  17. My understanding is that doctors already own or at least started the McConnell Clinic just below the CCH.

    My ‘wonder’ is if the purposes set forth for the CGH project ‘doctors’ have now put forward, accepted by the LHIN and forwarded for further review to the Ministry of Health will be a duplication of the McConnell site or will replace the \McConnell site?

    A broader approach could allow each doctor who signs on to the new site to have office, exam suite and waiting rooms much larger than currently available. Also, would they be able to set up their own x-ray, cat-scan programs for immediate review as well but ‘on-site’.

    This to me may work quite well, but if it becomes a private facility as well as government (OHIP) sponsored unit would it then be a two tear set up?

    Also, as Mr. MacDonald,s proposal recommends, what becomes of a lot of the ideas his group have shown concern for…senior services, handi-capped access, living quarters for ‘residences as well as Long Term Care’.

    Will private stores, tuck shop, food services for daily meals, etc. be available as well.

    At this stage no one really knows what would be won, gained or lost by either proposal.

    Are our concerns much a due about nothing? Will all our questions be satisfied in the end?

    Some very wise people may know, while the rest of us are left in wonder. Can we wait, should we wait to find out?

    Lot’s of questions yet.

  18. It would be nice if the building would be used for the bettering of Cornwall, we need something to bring us together a place that the new generation could say ” I helped save it, i was there when the bureaucrats tried to make some cash…” I’ve had loved ones that have received care at the CGH, i don’t want some for profit establishment tarnishing the memories i have of the people who came together to help the ones i care for… we’re so segregated and distant from each other, its our city, its our hospital and it will be our future… PLEASE sign and support the common people

  19. Mr. Jim Marshall

    I have been thinking plenty about the General Hospital’s old nurses residence. I think that it is that one that has some mold in it. You can tell me to go and fly a kite somewhere but I know that is costs a lot of money to knock down and here in Ottawa they have the old Elizabeth Bruyère Hospital in the market area of Ottawa and that is a very old structure indeed.

    What I am thinking is can that old structure be refurbished for a lot less than tearing it down? $500K or more to knock that building down and can it be refurbished for a great deal less money?

    There is the medical clinic next door and I don’t know if that is occupied just now or not but that building is in good condition as far as I know since it is a new structure.

    You are very right when you said that it is worth a great deal more than $2 million dollars without a doubt but what I am considering is the cost of refurbishing and repairs and it really belongs to the city of Cornwall as it stands.

    You do have some very good ideas that you presented and yes that might help generate money as well.

    I don’t like to see a structure knocked down unless it is absolutely necessary. I am trying to think up of money saving since I am quite frugal here in my own household.

    I think it takes a structural engineer to go through the building. Barrie Ontario is a bigger community than Cornwall so of course the building has more floors.

    I think as time goes on Cornwall may grow somewhat and we need the buildings and houses to accommodate what may be going there with the time.

  20. There is something else that I want everyone to take into consideration. Barrie Ontario is part of the GTA – Greater Toronto Area and real estate in TO and area costs a great deal more money than what it costs in Cornwall. The same thing for those who are the workers they get more money than those of Cornwall to do the job. You cannot compare apples to oranges.

    Mr. Marshall said that some of the building in Barrie has 8 floors. Of course it is going to cost more to repair the hospital in Barrie than the General in Cornwall so you have to take all that into consideration. If the General were in Ottawa it sure would cost a great deal more than $2 million dollars that is for sure. People have to consider what community it is in.

  21. Here in Ottawa the hospitals have all amalgamated and everything is working out the way it should. The Riverside Campus has been turned into an outpatient hospital and the other hospitals are operating in a normal sense.

    There is the old Elizabeth Bruyère Hospital that is for the old people who can no longer look after themselves and more like a hospice even for people who are dying who are either young or old. It used to be the old General Hospital and run by the nuns. This hospital is very old and is standing up very well. The old nurses residence at the General Hospital in Cornwall is a very old structure as well and instead of tearing it down maybe it can be repaired depending on the cost. If a building is in good condition then we don’t take it apart unless it has no hope. About the mold that can be repaired as long as it isn’t too serious of a problem. You have to make sure that there are no leaks in the roof, and the same with the foundation. If something is wrong with the foundation then that is the biggest problem of all and the most expensive. We need a structural engineer in to give his opinion.

  22. jules March 27, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Note; CCH Admin. gave authority to our area SWAT teams to go ahead and use that building for training exercises.

    Every inside door/frame has been smashed in to teach these great guys how to do rescue work.

    A little mold in lower basement perhaps.

    Hey, they have to learn somewhere……..especially if they are steal doors, but most were wooden.

    Go figure…..EVERY FLOOR.

    Demo is the best answer.

  23. Even if each structure has to be gutted first, it is still cheaper to do that, than to demolish and build again.

    Trust me. I saw the old Royal Victoria Hospital before and after. I know what the project entails.

    It was gutted completely and still was a financial success. But more importantly it is a community success. It serves people, not greed.

    Visit the site below… read about the project and watch the slide show of the current facility in Barrie.

    Read my earlier post as well, most questions are answered there.

  24. Admin – Common ground? I knew you would come around to reason. : P

    Mr. Marshall,
    I understand that there is a lot of unknowns until the study is completed. I am concerned though that this figure of $0 dollars, repeated again and again, is going to lead to a large problem if it is found out not to be feasible at zero cost. Every community in the province would like to get $2 million from the ministry of Health, will they cut Cornwall a cheque? If there is a need then the community should provide for it, but lets not sabotage the cause by assuring everyone there will be zero cost in the eventuality that this is not the case.

  25. Diddlyscwat that is terrible to do that to a very fine institution. Here in Ottawa I see the cops train in the parks sometimes and we are always afraid that if they are using real bullets then we would be in a lot of trouble for sure. LOL LOL.

    I was going to tell Mr. Marshall and others that I live in an apartment building (8 floors) and one day in the spring it rained. There were no windows open at the time and the rain seeped in somehow and was all over the floor – soaken wet to quite a large area. I wondered what happened and I got in touch with the super. Other people had th same problem. The rain soaked the brick of the building and it got in. The owner had to get a contractor in to seal the brick and since then there has been no problem.

    Everything can be fixed and yes a great deal cheaper than knocking the place down and rebuilding.

    The old CGH can be restored and fixed for the elderly. Clinics can be made there as well and some of Mr. Marshall’s ideas are good as well.

    There was a very good hospital here in Ottawa called The Grace General Hospital that was run by the Salvation Army. Well that was such a nice place and my children were born there. The staff was ideal and they went and tore down that wonderful institution. That was a very stupid thing to do. No wonder our taxes are so mighty high – so many people with no brains at all who take down things that are good.

  26. Mr. Jim Marshall

    I just looked at the Victoria Village that you posted and I say WOW WOW WOW!!!! This place is absolutely beautiful but not for the ordinary average people.

    Gee can I trade places – someone can have my dump and I will move into the old General Hospital. LOL LOL.

    The bit of mold in the basement can be fixed by aerating the basement and taking the rain and any water away from the foundation.

    I had to laugh a lot a few months ago. There are townhouses below near me and a new man for shovelling the snow came over to shovel and he was not aware about placing the snow further away from the townhouses into a big empty space on the side of our building. Well the man blocked the area where we normally go through and people were complaining. I said to my daughter that the people at the front of a townhouse was going to have leaks in their basement. I said the same thing to our super and his wife and they don’t like the new owners nor do the neighbors in the other houses. One day I saw the super’s wife and she told me what happened just like I said would happen and you should see the house surrounded by a plastic fence. LOL LOL. I knew it, I knew it. That will be very expensive to fix now and before there were tenants in that house so it was neglected over time.

  27. Mr. Jim Marshall

    I still can’t get over how beautiful the Victoria Village looks like. I would like to see something similar – something nice for Cornwall. This is absolutely beautiful indeed.

    Anybody want to trade???? LOL LOL. Honestly this is luxury for sure. Absolutely beautiful.

  28. Sunshine lollipops and rainbows… la, la, la…

    Roughly $1,000 per “working” day

    Cornwall Community Hospital
    Chief Executive Officer
    Benefits $2,178.01
    Salary $237,235.84

  29. Simon are you serious???? $1,000./day? Who would you be expecting the Queen of England, Warren Buffet, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers or what? LOL LOL. ROLF! Seriously this is beautiful what Victoria village did but I was thinking in the line of something for the very day people. My rent is high enough don’t kill me. We pay more than that per month.

    The old General can be fixed up really nice for the elderly and I would be very happy to see it done.

  30. If the Old General Hospital is turned over to a non-profit group for development, the idea is to have a bit of everything, a mixed community.

    The pictures you saw were some of the common areas for use of the life-lease, long-term care, and semi public facilities.

    The pictures found at the archtect’s web site don’t show the actual living quarters and accommodation.

    The private and resident care areas are actually more typical of the surroundings of the average independent senior, or those in assisted living arrangements, and those requiring long term care.

    The Cornwall project is meant to address ALL senior needs and incomes.

  31. Jules, $1,000 a day is what JEANETTE DESPATIE the Chief Executive Officer of the Cornwall Community Hospital makes.
    You’d think she could make better decisions than selling a hospital out from under us.

  32. Holy Jumping Joseph Simon $1,000./day that is completely rediculous and highway robbery. Gee if I had the qualifications I would do it for less than half. That is total insanity. Who comes up with these salaries – they would have to be just as nuts as Jeannette Despatie. This woman is close to the grave and is getting that much money.

  33. Simon this woman is brainless. The hospital should not be sold at all but renovated from top to bottom. As for taxes I wouldn’t mind paying taxes towards something that is useful and not something that we do not need. I am all for fixing up the old CGH and it sure can be done very easily. The old CGH does not have 8 floors to fix so the renovations should be a great deal less costly. This will be great for Cornwall.

  34. To the concerned citizen who commented on my message 26 March: If the community wasn’t aware that the former CGH & HDH were completely amalgamating they must not have newspapers. This project has been going on for many years now, and the plan has always been to have all services on one site. Progress of the new addition has been publicized on a regular basis. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to see this would mean that the Second Street site would soon be empty & redundant as far as the CCH was concerned. They couldn’t be expected to continue to maintain a second building. I’m not saying that the Second Street site can’t be used for another purpose. I am saying the writing was on the wall – both figuratively & literally – for many years & it would have been a lot more productive to have been looking at this a long time ago.

  35. Some years ago both the former Hotel Dieu Hospital and the Cornwall General Hospital both had money poured into them for renovations. The Hotel Dieu Site was the best for keeping as a regular hospital for the people BUT the Cornwall General is a very good building indeed and it should be kept but for the elderly who can no longer care for themselves. I am completely for this system all the way and I wouldn’t mind at all to support this cause. I am totally against that “tax mahal of an albatross” the Benson Centre and that was something mighty illegal. I am on board all the way when it comes to the hospitals. I believe in good health care for everyone and not just a certain few with fat pockets.

    Mr. Marshall the pictures that you showed are beautiful indeed and I am amazed. We need to preserve the General for the seniors. Thank you and Mark and all the other good gentlemen who are working so diligently on this project.

  36. An offer has been submitted on time (not zero hour), by a non-profit group that will put it to its best use, and the offer should be considered — The hospital board’s actions indicate that there’s more dollars than sense at play here.

    And there’s no rush. The building is going to be occupied for another year… that’s one of the conditions that the hospital put on the sale.

    It doesn’t take a lot of thought to see how callous the board is acting, to sell the site out from under the community that built and supported it through taxes and donations from the beginning.

    Hindsight is 20/20… let’s now move forward and right this wrong.

  37. Author

    Simon that’s why we put out our petition. It’s very sad to see how petty our local NDP leadership is. At least our MPP has his own petitions in his office, but where are Elaine MacDonald and Brian Lynch’s names on any of the petitions on any of our petitions. Sometimes you have to put your personal bs aside and work together as a community.

    Any of these politicians that don’t sign the petitions or do anything to help save the hospital will have to own their actions. While maybe all the public doesn’t read, more do than some of these “old timers” think.

    Great things happen when people work together. The alternative is what we’re seeing in this community and with this hospital sale.

  38. We just received some very terrible news and that is our friend that we went to see last week has died today at noon hour. He had cancer since 97 and has been batling this horrible disease ever since.

    People out there who do not care for the community and its people don’t deserve anything good. People who don’t care will pay a terrible price for it and payment comes in many harsh ways.

    I have to contact my son just now who is out and he is going to take this very hard.

    If you care for the people of your community you will get up and fight like hell and I noticed that there are not enough names on this petition. Where in the hell is everyone out there that I would love to know? My God people stop thinking just about yourselves and fight or else you will not have a community left. Stop leaving all the responsibilities on Jamie alone not one person can do that alone it takes the whole community to care and do something now.

    Jamie you are a mighty good man indeed and the people need to wake up or it will be too late for everyone. Everyone’s time is coming and believe me many will not be able to keep on the way they are hard times are coming and God doesn’t forget.

  39. Author

    Condolences on your loss Jules. IT’s never easy.

  40. While browsing the internet, I came across a newspaper article (the Barrie Advance) about the mayor of Barrie Ontario during the Victoria Village Project.

    And if you compare the leadership in Cornwall to that of Barrie, it’s little wonder our town is becoming irrelevant to the rest of Ontario.

    Among the list of ventures in which former Barrie mayor Janice Laking takes pride; the development of the old Royal Victoria Hospital site into what is now Victoria Village tops the list.

    “The restoration of the old hospital … would have gone down many times over if I hadn’t been very tenacious about it,” she said.

    “I just made two [promises] that I kept all the time. I said that I would work hard and would spend the city’s money the same way I spent my own – very carefully. And I did both those things,”

    That mayor lived in the city she was in charge of, unlike our mayor Kilger who is shacked up in Ottawa so often that he never even heard of the hospital project in Barrie although it had been in the news for three weeks — Journal de Cornwall, Standard-Freeholder, and CFN.

    But with $32,000 dollars in expenses, junkets to Ottawa are probably very affordable.

  41. Thank you very much Jamie. We are all crying here together. This man was the most dearest friend that anybody would ever want to have and he would bend over backwards to help.

    One day my husband and I went across to get some groceries and Robert and his wife were there as well. Our car wouldn’t start and my husband forgot all about garages and tow trucks to call. Robert saw that we couldn’t get our car started and he literally stood out in the very cold to try and get it started. I came home on foot and put things away in a hurry and went back and he was still there helping my husband and not well dressed for the weather. He got hold of a garage and tow truck and had it towed to get fixed. He was very sick with cancer and it was cancer of the lymph glands and went all throughout his system.

    There are so many stories about this man and was so religious – a very good Christian. This is going to devestate many who knew him. This man would put himself out to help others and it didn’t matter what the cost. He would even help people out financially. His mother left extreme poverty in Lebanon and Africa where his father was employed and his mother was a widow and left the Middle East with her three sons to have a better life. Now she is a patient of Alzheimers disease in a place for the elderly who can no longer care for themselves.

    Now you see part of my fight to keep the old General Hospital for the elderly people of the community in Cornwall.

    I want everyone out there to fight and fight for what you believe in. If you leave everything up to a politician then things get corrupted. You have to keep your eyes on all politicians because they are only human. Some politicians are greedier than others and Bare Ass just happens to be one of them. Get out there and fight. Get rid of Bare Ass and his gang of thugs both in the political field and personal field – get rid of them all.

    Thank you Jamie I am very emotional just now and crying. None of us can stop. If you knew this man personally of all what he did you would be amazed. He told my husband that he wasn’t afraid to die because he lived a full life. Many people here in Canada do not know the hardships of life and you never know when we lose what we have. Life is so mighty short and we have to exploit every minute of it.

    Take care Jamie and best of wishes to you from all of us in our household from Ottawa.

    There are so many things

  42. Simon I just came on CFN and saw what you wrote. For way too long Cornwall has been neglected and was pushed aside and laughed at. I blame the citizens of the town for not doing something since the beginning and letting the neglect to continue as it has. Mayors were paid to look the other way as well as councellors and they became mighty corrupt.

    I have to say that the very worst corrupt is Bare Ass and he has done a terrible injustice to Cornwall. Can you imagine Bare Ass who never gave a hoot about his own mother in a nursing home so can you imagine what he thinks about his constituents. Bare Ass has to go by any means to get rid of this terrible embarrassment. He has done terrible things to his family and has kids popping out everywhere the ages of his grandchildren which is rediculous. Something is very wrong with his brain and I know that people who go through open heart and cancer surgeries do lose their intelligence. We have friends where this has happened to them including Robert our dearest friend who just passed away yesterday.

    We need good health care facilities and I don’t care about the cost of having our seniors looked after. Robert was 3 years younger than myself and his wife is 10 years older than he and has been married before and had 2 sons before they had their 3 daughters. This man is going to be terribly missed and will kill his mother if she has any recollection of anything.

    I just saw where hockey star Gordie Howe has dementia and is 85 years old. This man has the big money to afford something nice for himself but the little people have no alternatives. I want to see the old General Hospital turned into a very good facility for people in need of help in their final years.

    The best thing that the citizens of Cornwall can do is get off their duffs and do something now and never be afraid of that Bare Assed idiot sitting on his throne at City Hall. He has to be thrown out along with the trash and the rest sitting along the table – put them all out with the trash. That is where they belong. Cornwall has to get cleaned up and the people have to smarten up or else nothing will improve at all.

  43. I bet there are a lot of seniors who would sign it if they knew about the petition but a lot of seniors don’t have the funds to have a computer or don’t have access to one.

  44. Spread the word around folks. This is badly needed for seniors. Seniors can use someone else’s computer and get themselves their own e-mail address free or use the one at the library. Tell the seniors to get out there and help because we are fighting for them and that this is a mighty good cause. Get out there people.

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