Should All Media Give into Corporate Censorship by Jamie Gilcig – April 4,2013

Jack_Russell_PuppyCFN – There’s more and more buzz about what’s news and how news is covered.  In the US the most trusted news person is not a new person, but Jon Stewart of the Daily Show which isn’t really news.

More and more big money rules the day.   If you spend enough your bad news is buried or not covered.   Media lose ad dollars because of editorial decisions.


Now that was never unique, but we are in an age where the degree and frequency seem to never have been matched.

We at CFN have experienced an odd conundrum.   You, the viewing public love us, or at least view us more than any of our regional competitors.   It’s very odd that a single outlet independent would lead in a market of this size with National players that employ large groups of people; yet we do.

You would think that any business would think like a business when it comes to advertising.  After all it’s expensive and the idea is to reach your clients with your message yet we get responses like this:

I have no interest in cfn, not our demographic at all.   There are 3 primary rules in business…never associate or voice politics, sex or religion.   I am in business.
I know, Politics, sec, and religion are staples of newspapers; almost as weird as when the head of a Women’s Entrepreneur association said that her group could not sponsor any radio show that had the term Vagina in its title when we asked them to participate and sponsor one of our radio shows on which was a show hosted by a woman, and about women in business and politics.   (We had just been the sole media sponsor of the Vagina Monologues in Cornwall and were inspired.)
Fitzy March 29 13
Locally here in Cornwall (our reach is much larger as Cornwall is only 25-30% of our traffic normally) the media with the most advertising has the least news and at least of until late the  extreme softest.
So today’s question to you our dear viewers is should we just stick to cute puppies and kittens?   Big Cheque stories?
While there is an appetite from the public is this the trend, corporate censorship of media?     Do you really only want to look at cute pics and read non-news?
You can post your comments below.    And for those of you reading if you like CFN please love our sponsors as we couldn’t be here without their support!
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  1. You already have drop down boxes for Shopping & Money, Opinion, News etc. and much info can be found there.Why can’t people advertise by section that would best highlight them?

    I can understand some advertisers will not want to be associated with bad or sensational news, but does it bring more viewers to see the ads?

    Society needs fewer entertainment tonight “information type” media, and more people want to avoid conflict, so it must be a difficult balance for CFN.

  2. Author

    Yes Eric. Even your pet subject apparently scares off clients. I have to admit that when I started CFN I never thought things would be so brutal when it comes to Corporate Censorship….

  3. Jamie those animals are so very cute. LOL LOL. Jamie most of the media is corporate owned including magazines, films, etc. If people are independent like yourself they have a bigger challenge of making their paper, etc. to survive. The mainstream “lamestream” media is supported by government and other supporters. Many people are giving up on Mainstream news since they do not tell the people the real truth and there is only a few good things that their newspapers are used for but not for real information. People have been mezmorized for many many years about the mainstream news that hire a bunch of bimbos to tell the sheeple the news and it is all news that is “sanitized” before they get it. If the journalists told the real news they would be thrown off the air and their licences taken away. People who are awake are gradually getting off the mainstream “lamestream” news but it is going to take some time before the sheeple wake up.

    There is a mighty rude awakening coming and I am telling everyone here and everywhere hang on people to your money and don’t spend more than you have to. Hard times are around the corner.

    Jamie is the one who is telling you people the truth about a lot of what is going on in Cornwall and he needs everyone’s support. Give what you can and advertise for Jamie as well.

  4. Those are fantastically weird quotes – don’t advertise your biz in any media that covers politics, sex or religion (?) and the word vagina should be censored (?)

    They’re just excuses for people who can’t think

  5. Bicycle World…Ontario’s Biggest Bike Store.

    I never new that. I understand they do tune-ups too! Wow. AND they even sell bike clothing and accessories.

    Hey, great bicycle ad Jamie. Timely too cause I need a new one.

    I totally forgot about them and use to go out of town.

    Now I can save gas and still get a big discount. Boy oh boy, lucky for me and them that they made their wise decision to advertise with you.

  6. Independent media must be promoted.Canada has very few of them. Most mainstream media which is controlled by a few corporations has their political affiliations to consider and thus often the message is not necessary in the interest of the citizens.

    How many stories are omitted or doctored to fit the need and interest of their affiliations.

    People have little understanding that the media controls the message .

    Pastagate in Montreal was initially only local ,then social media became involved and many different countries took interest in the issue and their media became involved.
    Only after international media took interest did Canadian mainstream media take interest.
    Truly sad that it took international media to point out the discriminatory manner of the Quebec government and shame Canadian mainstream media to take notice(actually display the news).

    CFN plays a part in social media ,and social media has become a tool to keep the people informed and often leads the way for news stories.

  7. What we have as far as “real” news and “real” news agencies now a days is something that i AM NOT SURE could even be called “news.”
    In Canada, the media WILL NOT TOUCH Eric’s “pet subject” in a REAL substantive way. In the U.S. the media will not touch the biggest crime that has touched (probably this world) in the past century. That being 911.
    The news agencies now a days, unlike the past, are now part of the money churn which means they HAVE to sensationalize even the news to make it a money maker. SAD SAD SAD….

  8. Brutal truth jaime, if you lay off bob kilger, the language issue and Quebec, you don’t have much of a newspaper. Give a more varied issue of topics, cooking, sports, world affairs, what is going on in Cornwall in schools (sports, clubs, trips), just a few examples. Now you may have done those subjects in the past or may do them now, I just don’t see it. Love your site and I hope you keep doing it because even though on language issues we don’t agree much, I still think it is important for me to read about both sides of a specific topic that I feel passionate about.

  9. If you do that I believe the advertisers will come. Regardless of what you believe on language issues, if you associate with trouble makers such as h galganov. I would’nt want my add to be next to ¨how to eliminate the francophone culture in eastern ontario.

  10. Author

    Richard we have over 6500 live stories on CFN right now. It’s funny what people read and don’t read, but we cover a lot of ground and have a lot more content than Bob Kilger and you guys. 🙂

  11. Richard tremblay
    April 3, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    “If you do that I believe the advertisers will come. Regardless of what you believe on language issues, if you associate with trouble makers such as h galganov.”

    What do you mean you associate with trouble makers ?
    Howard G ,Jamie I believe does’t necessarily associate with him.

    Now if you didn’t associate with separatist’s you would be so narrow minded!

  12. Author

    I don’t judge people as friends based on their politics. I have Conservative friends, and even Separatist friends. Integrity counts more with me than someone’s slant. If I like someone I like them and if I don’t I don’t.

    I can disagree with someone without trying to kill their business and try to do harm to them.

    Maybe that’s why all three of our local party machines have such a hard on for CFN 😉

  13. Does the CFN censor people here?

  14. If you print the truth…..they will come!

  15. “More and more big money rules the day. If you spend enough your bad news is buried or not covered at all”

    I, for one, do not agree with that “statement, unuanced”.
    EX. For sure, the american government did use it’s friends in main media to sell, among others, the wars in Irak and the propaganda trickled down to the world through other major media all over the free world… No doubt about it.
    And there is also,no doubt, about the fact that some of the most horrific pictures are sometimes hidden from our eyes because some viewers would rather see cute kittens than dead bodies.

    But the fact remains that I would rather get my “canadian news”, first from the CBC & Radio Canada, than from private media.
    As for my opinions of CFN and my reasons to post on it…
    I will keep to myself, for now, as I believe my IDEAS and OPINIONS would, probably, just be deleted.

  16. Pierre
    April 4, 2013 at 9:36 am

    “But the fact remains that I would rather get my “canadian news”, first from the CBC & Radio Canada, than from private media.”

    Do you honestly believe that Canadian mainstream news is immune to those same factors that blight other news agencies from other countries?

    I and others have witnessed the cbc “control” the message ,and there would be less of media misinformation if there where more independent media outlets to hold all media accountable.

    It remains that Canada has very few media and they are owned by only a few corporations.
    An example of this is Quebecor which owns hundreds of newspapers /printings across the country .

    Another is the CBC which has near controlling share of the media in Canada with 40 % of the media outlets be it Radio /TV/Print .

    Thompson corp owns hundreds of media outlets as well.

    We as citizens to get a better grasp must view/read from various sources as the truth lye’s between.

  17. Pierre our Canadian media is corporate owned just like in the US and around the world. Everything is controlled and sanitized before you get it. There are dead bodies by the boat loads coming back from Irak and other countries and if the “SHEEPLE” knew the truth they would literally take down the governments who are over in those countries on false information and get rid of them all. That includes our own Canadian government that is guilty as the rest. Everyone has blood on their hands. God is great and is coming sooner than people think. There is WWIII on the way and if they use nuclear bombs which they will especially thermal nuclear – none of us will be around for long to talk to one another since we will all be dead and dying of cancers since it goes into the earth’s atmosphere and also produces a nuclear winter where nothing survives. You all better get down on your knees and pray that this doesn’t happen. In the Bible it even says that in Israel the people will be burying the dead for at least 7 months. Would you all like to see the realities of war in pictures – the idiot box you call a TV shows fiction and will not show you the real thing because not one person would ever join the military – I would rather be dead than to kill my fellow man wherever they live, what religion they practice, what language they speak, etc. I will not go over there and steal their resources for the banksters and the big corporations or for anyone. Wars are caused by those people. People better wake up before it is too late.

  18. @ Jules
    I agree with you 100% that civilization, as we’ve known it, is living on borrowed time… And I am not a believer.

    I would like to say, though, that it is not because all our main media are corporate owned.
    The ugly facts of all the wars get through to us… We know!
    But, war has been a fact of human life since man has dominated nature…
    Since nothing else can kill us, we must kill ourselves.

    Spirituality, I mean, true spirituality, nothing to do with religion, but with wisdom, would be our only hope.

    So, we have no hope.
    As Stella likes to say. ***Smile!***

  19. What needs to be done then Jamie is a direct and sincere decision on your behalf….

    Do you,

    A) Keep to fluff stories whereby viewers can continue to live in their bubbles; thinking that everything is fine and dandy whenever in reality they’re increasingly losing the freedom on a daily basis to make decisions for themselves. This decision would probably earn you greater advertising dollars though if you kept to fluff stories that artificially kept Cornwall in the limelight.


    B) Keep on reporting on stories that are really impactful to the community and to which people need to hear. People need to be made aware of what is occuring right in front of them and in their backyards. Beavergate, Freedom of Expression, ‘El Presidente Bob Kilger’, the list goes on and on of what you’ve brought to light on what is going on in and around Cornwall. And, unfortunately, by keeping on the moral highground, you’ve suffered financially.

    Another interesting thing here. And I’m highlighting this not in the cause of turning this into another language or Freedom of Expression battle. But has anyone noticed that Stella, Richard and others have continously supported these politics that the majority of listers/bloggers have spoken out against?

    Does this not point to the possibilty that the same people supporting these unfair policies and corrupt politicians are most likely the same people perpetrating these immoral and illegal activities in the first place?

    Just a thought.

  20. I have not read anything about Stella supporting separatism but only bilingualism just like I have always supported. Separatism has nothing to do with being able to speak French. You go out west to Alberta and B.C. and believe me they hate those of us here in Ontario and easterly. They too are fed up and want to separate. I want the people of Cornwall and all of Canada to wake up or you will lose the country.

    I don’t know if any of you are aware of the North American Union and no this isn’t some wild conspiracy like what the governments want you to know. Look up which is American and they don’t tell you much but there is plenty hidden. We will not have a sovereign Canada for long nor a sovereign US nor a sovereign Mexico or any other country. The elites are planning on making a North American Union like the European Union and not only that but all laws, money, military, etc. will change. It will be a “global governance, global currency, global military, etc. etc. etc.” and you are all arguing about French. My God folks wake up to what is real and we are losing everything and you all can’t see what is going on.

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