Should All Media Give into Corporate Censorship by Jamie Gilcig – April 4,2013

Should All Media Give into Corporate Censorship by Jamie Gilcig – April 4,2013

Jack_Russell_PuppyCFN – There’s more and more buzz about what’s news and how news is covered.  In the US the most trusted news person is not a new person, but Jon Stewart of the Daily Show which isn’t really news.

More and more big money rules the day.   If you spend enough your bad news is buried or not covered.   Media lose ad dollars because of editorial decisions.


Now that was never unique, but we are in an age where the degree and frequency seem to never have been matched.

We at CFN have experienced an odd conundrum.   You, the viewing public love us, or at least view us more than any of our regional competitors.   It’s very odd that a single outlet independent would lead in a market of this size with National players that employ large groups of people; yet we do.

You would think that any business would think like a business when it comes to advertising.  After all it’s expensive and the idea is to reach your clients with your message yet we get responses like this:

I have no interest in cfn, not our demographic at all.   There are 3 primary rules in business…never associate or voice politics, sex or religion.   I am in business.
I know, Politics, sec, and religion are staples of newspapers; almost as weird as when the head of a Women’s Entrepreneur association said that her group could not sponsor any radio show that had the term Vagina in its title when we asked them to participate and sponsor one of our radio shows on which was a show hosted by a woman, and about women in business and politics.   (We had just been the sole media sponsor of the Vagina Monologues in Cornwall and were inspired.)
Fitzy March 29 13
Locally here in Cornwall (our reach is much larger as Cornwall is only 25-30% of our traffic normally) the media with the most advertising has the least news and at least of until late the  extreme softest.
So today’s question to you our dear viewers is should we just stick to cute puppies and kittens?   Big Cheque stories?
While there is an appetite from the public is this the trend, corporate censorship of media?     Do you really only want to look at cute pics and read non-news?
You can post your comments below.    And for those of you reading if you like CFN please love our sponsors as we couldn’t be here without their support!
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