Taxes Up 2.88% Mayor Bob Kilger “Our residents are getting good value for their tax dollars with this budget” REPORT CARD

Taxes Up 2.88% Mayor Bob Kilger “Our residents are getting good value for their tax dollars with this budget”  REPORT CARD

Cornwall SPRING b 2012CFN – Taking a break from his time in Ottawa Mayor Bob Kilger visited Cornwall to announce that his 2.88 tax increase is a good value for taxpayers.

With most of this tax increase going towards litigation, investigations, and settlements many Cornwall residents are scratching themselves wondering where that good value exactly is?

With that we have decided to issue our Yearly Report card for the Mayor, Council, and key managers at City Hall.

Samson PortGerry Samson hasn’t finished a first year as he was the lucky guy to step into Leslie O’Shaughnessy’s seat after Mr. O’Shaughnessy was fed up being lied to and a lack of accountability and transparency at City Hall.

Gerry is the most confusing and entertaining of our city councilors.

As one councilor stated to this scribbler, they weren’t sure if it was good if Gerry agreed or disagreed.   Mr. Samson is known for championing a point and then voting against it, or vice versa, or simply switching topics.    Facts are never essential to Gerry’s positions.  GRADE   D-

leslie jan 2012Leslie O’Shaugnessy:   The good councilor finally was fed up with the hijinks of the Kilger council.

The long time Political vet cracked under the weirdness and recently, after nearly a year, released some of the reasons for his resignation.

While he gets points for integrity, we had to deduct some for resigning and not championing the public and outing more of the circus at council.   GRADE   B-

Dupelle Jan 2012Maurice Dupelle:   The rookie gets marks for having the cojones to actually stand up to Mayor Kilger in open council over the 100 Letter link request.

Mr. Dupelle is one of the most committed councilors on a council that probably should be committed.

Is one of the few councilors with a slim chance of being re-elected next term if the entire council isn’t impeached before.  GRADE B

david murphyDavid Murphy:   Not much of an original thinker.

Great at sound bites.    The earnestness bit is wearing thin though as people expect that those that they vote in to lead  actually lead.    Has not initiated any initiatives and seems to enjoy riding the waves and jumping into safe positions and try and hide from controversy.  Mr. Murphy has shared visions of higher office, but sadly lacks back bone and seems far too much in the pockets of those he serves.   GRADE C-

Thibault WFDenis Thibault:  Has had a rough year, caught lying, thrown under the bus on the Waterfront Condo Consultation.  His unswerving loyalty to Mayor Kilger places him in the drain with the Mayor.   His total immaturity sadly mars his legacy.

Bad poker player that simply has not been able to right his ship after looking bad.  The end of a shadowy career behind the scenes.  GRADE D

CarrBUDGEDenis Carr:  The other half of Double D, Councilor Carr smiles while the city crumbles financially.  His role with Heart of the City impeaches many of his policies.

A great guy to talk to even if he’s trying to kill your business though and hard to not like at a personal level.   Said to be the key councilor to watch when it comes to Mayor Kilger.  When Councilor Carr flees the Kilger ship you know the Mayor’s game is up.   Has run out of swimming pools to close.   Credit though as taxes would probably be up 3.88% instead of 2.88%  if not for his voice.   GRADE C-

elaine syd guyElaine MacDonald:  The conflict of interest Queen of Cornwall.   Councilor MacDonald stumped for funding for Agape in the budget meetings while actually admitting she’s on their board violating the Declaration of Office (2. I have not received and will not receive any payment or reward, or promise thereof, for the exercise of this office in a biased, corrupt or in any other improper manner.)   This petty bully is one of the worst of this council.   She’s like a dog with a bone in her mouth that holds grudges that are beyond the pale, and will put her petty agendas and hatreds far ahead of her position of serving the public.   GRADE F

Syd Anti BullyingSyd Gardiner:   Potty Mouth Syd’s best before date is long overdue.

His attempt to rip up peaceful protester signs in the council chamber doorway and refusal to apologize is nearly as bad as his unswerving fealty to Mayor Kilger.

While the police might have used their discretionary powers to not charge him for “Bending” signs the public clearly has convicted Syd Vicious for his arrogance and ignorance.  GRADE F

Andre Rivette:   Councilor Rivette has had a rough year.  Has consistRivette Mag MAY 30 2012ently championed for taxpayers and the elderly.

Fighting health issues while trying to stand up for the public.   Gang attacked in closed council over granting CFN an on camera interview over former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick’s actions led to a public swell in support  for the veteran councilor.

He is the only councilor that has stated to date that he isn’t going to run again ironically when the public has said they’d still support him.  GRADE B+

Glen Grant 2012Glen Grant:  One of the most confusing councilors to grade.

Probably the best at following council rules and advocating for constituents yet failing to make key decisions or going all the way.

Still has the potential to help sift through the Kilger scandals if he chooses to.   The question is why he hasn’t yet?


Bernie Boo BooBernadette Clement:  The veneer is running thin as is the Teacher’s Pet act.  Mayor Kilger usually stages things so that Ms Clement speaks last at council on issues even if she really has no position.  Constantly thanking management for reports or people for speaking.   Still gives off the impression that she’s using council as a jump pad to just about any other political position.  After getting stomped by MP Guy Lauzon in the last election is now stumping hard to be the provincial Liberal candidate under new Premier Kathleen Wynne.  Biggest failure was her silence over Beavergate even though she was on the board of the St. Lawrence River Institute.  Her only displayed political tactic is hiding so far.  Of all the councilors, she being a lawyer, the Conflict of Issue scandal when fully exposed will probably end Ms Clement’s political career.    GRADE C-

Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall  Ontario.   In conflict or too much fiber?

Mayor Kilger:     Rife with Conflict of Interest while blowing through thousands if not millions of tax payer dollars protecting his “good friend” Paul Fitzpatrick.  Corrupted; spends more time out of Cornwall than in.  A horrendous attendance record for committees he’s on.   The typical caricature of an ignorant and arrogant bully politician.   His hitting the panic button in council over a seated writer shows his impotency and lack of ability to deal with simple issues without calling in for “muscle”.   For a man who once told this scribbler that the hardest thing for any politician is their loyalty between their political party and their constituents he seems to have forgotten his own answer.   Was actually more effective as mayor while on sick leave.   An actual pool exists to see if he can finish his term.   GRADE :  Impeached.

cao paul fitzpatrickFormer CAO Paul Fitzpatrick:   Fitzy’s antics which were protected so far by Mayor Kilger and his cabal of Councilors has led to the largest embarrassment in city history.

Most political people have always been taught to not defecate where they eat.

Sadly Mr. Fitzpatrick seems to have been playing caddy to Ed Lumley the day that lesson was passed out.  Grade:  Derouchied!

Norm's the guyCAO Norm Levac:  Many people let out a breath when Norm was put in office hoping that he’d at least stabilize things if not clean house.

Sadly as some people thought the Mayor is using the well liked city manager’s good reputation to help hide his scandals putting Norm in a very difficult position that he has crumbled under so far.  There’s hope though as Mr. Levac did admit to the protest signs being in the Mayor’s office.  GRADE C-

Bob "Vienna Sausage" Peters

Mark Boileau & Bob Peters Economic Development:  A drive down Pitt Street or Montreal Road shows that the Communities in Boom and Moneysense reports were not wrong.

Team Cornwall yearly parties pimping two year old projects as current growth may be swallowed by certain media; but the public and outside investors are not fooled as easily.

Mr. Boileau & Peters have failed to attract real business to Cornwall in spite of having extremely low cost developed industrial land.   They also have built a defacto propaganda machine that spits out fairy tales that only a tight clique really buy.  One tourism attraction recently asked why a particular person was featured in Cornwall living twice after their business and some others never get any love?

In particular the ED team seem to run their own little kingdom bestowing accolades and city money on those that are under their thumbs while doing little to nothing to help small business in Cornwall; never mind attract new business.    The greatest ambassadors are happy successful people and the business climate in Cornwall has a long way to go to becoming a true tool of attraction especially when businesses have to wait nearly two years to get their doors open.  GRADE C-

The good news is that there’s room for opportunity in Cornwall.   Bad report cards should always be inspiration to improve.      Certainly a cleaning of the house needs to be done as well as some earnest looking at how things are done at City Hall and perhaps some changing of the guard to move our city forward.

Council has been alleged to have spent more time in camera than in open council and many times seems more concerned with killing animals and hiding than leading and growing.    Surely there are more important issues for them to be debating than Beavers, Pigeons, Geese, and Dogs?

Over all grade for Cornwall Council and Management:   C-

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

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