Taxes Up 2.88% Mayor Bob Kilger “Our residents are getting good value for their tax dollars with this budget” REPORT CARD

Cornwall SPRING b 2012CFN – Taking a break from his time in Ottawa Mayor Bob Kilger visited Cornwall to announce that his 2.88 tax increase is a good value for taxpayers.

With most of this tax increase going towards litigation, investigations, and settlements many Cornwall residents are scratching themselves wondering where that good value exactly is?

With that we have decided to issue our Yearly Report card for the Mayor, Council, and key managers at City Hall.

Samson PortGerry Samson hasn’t finished a first year as he was the lucky guy to step into Leslie O’Shaughnessy’s seat after Mr. O’Shaughnessy was fed up being lied to and a lack of accountability and transparency at City Hall.

Gerry is the most confusing and entertaining of our city councilors.

As one councilor stated to this scribbler, they weren’t sure if it was good if Gerry agreed or disagreed.   Mr. Samson is known for championing a point and then voting against it, or vice versa, or simply switching topics.    Facts are never essential to Gerry’s positions.  GRADE   D-

leslie jan 2012Leslie O’Shaugnessy:   The good councilor finally was fed up with the hijinks of the Kilger council.

The long time Political vet cracked under the weirdness and recently, after nearly a year, released some of the reasons for his resignation.

While he gets points for integrity, we had to deduct some for resigning and not championing the public and outing more of the circus at council.   GRADE   B-

Dupelle Jan 2012Maurice Dupelle:   The rookie gets marks for having the cojones to actually stand up to Mayor Kilger in open council over the 100 Letter link request.

Mr. Dupelle is one of the most committed councilors on a council that probably should be committed.

Is one of the few councilors with a slim chance of being re-elected next term if the entire council isn’t impeached before.  GRADE B

david murphyDavid Murphy:   Not much of an original thinker.

Great at sound bites.    The earnestness bit is wearing thin though as people expect that those that they vote in to lead  actually lead.    Has not initiated any initiatives and seems to enjoy riding the waves and jumping into safe positions and try and hide from controversy.  Mr. Murphy has shared visions of higher office, but sadly lacks back bone and seems far too much in the pockets of those he serves.   GRADE C-

Thibault WFDenis Thibault:  Has had a rough year, caught lying, thrown under the bus on the Waterfront Condo Consultation.  His unswerving loyalty to Mayor Kilger places him in the drain with the Mayor.   His total immaturity sadly mars his legacy.

Bad poker player that simply has not been able to right his ship after looking bad.  The end of a shadowy career behind the scenes.  GRADE D

CarrBUDGEDenis Carr:  The other half of Double D, Councilor Carr smiles while the city crumbles financially.  His role with Heart of the City impeaches many of his policies.

A great guy to talk to even if he’s trying to kill your business though and hard to not like at a personal level.   Said to be the key councilor to watch when it comes to Mayor Kilger.  When Councilor Carr flees the Kilger ship you know the Mayor’s game is up.   Has run out of swimming pools to close.   Credit though as taxes would probably be up 3.88% instead of 2.88%  if not for his voice.   GRADE C-

elaine syd guyElaine MacDonald:  The conflict of interest Queen of Cornwall.   Councilor MacDonald stumped for funding for Agape in the budget meetings while actually admitting she’s on their board violating the Declaration of Office (2. I have not received and will not receive any payment or reward, or promise thereof, for the exercise of this office in a biased, corrupt or in any other improper manner.)   This petty bully is one of the worst of this council.   She’s like a dog with a bone in her mouth that holds grudges that are beyond the pale, and will put her petty agendas and hatreds far ahead of her position of serving the public.   GRADE F

Syd Anti BullyingSyd Gardiner:   Potty Mouth Syd’s best before date is long overdue.

His attempt to rip up peaceful protester signs in the council chamber doorway and refusal to apologize is nearly as bad as his unswerving fealty to Mayor Kilger.

While the police might have used their discretionary powers to not charge him for “Bending” signs the public clearly has convicted Syd Vicious for his arrogance and ignorance.  GRADE F

Andre Rivette:   Councilor Rivette has had a rough year.  Has consistRivette Mag MAY 30 2012ently championed for taxpayers and the elderly.

Fighting health issues while trying to stand up for the public.   Gang attacked in closed council over granting CFN an on camera interview over former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick’s actions led to a public swell in support  for the veteran councilor.

He is the only councilor that has stated to date that he isn’t going to run again ironically when the public has said they’d still support him.  GRADE B+

Glen Grant 2012Glen Grant:  One of the most confusing councilors to grade.

Probably the best at following council rules and advocating for constituents yet failing to make key decisions or going all the way.

Still has the potential to help sift through the Kilger scandals if he chooses to.   The question is why he hasn’t yet?


Bernie Boo BooBernadette Clement:  The veneer is running thin as is the Teacher’s Pet act.  Mayor Kilger usually stages things so that Ms Clement speaks last at council on issues even if she really has no position.  Constantly thanking management for reports or people for speaking.   Still gives off the impression that she’s using council as a jump pad to just about any other political position.  After getting stomped by MP Guy Lauzon in the last election is now stumping hard to be the provincial Liberal candidate under new Premier Kathleen Wynne.  Biggest failure was her silence over Beavergate even though she was on the board of the St. Lawrence River Institute.  Her only displayed political tactic is hiding so far.  Of all the councilors, she being a lawyer, the Conflict of Issue scandal when fully exposed will probably end Ms Clement’s political career.    GRADE C-

Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall  Ontario.   In conflict or too much fiber?

Mayor Kilger:     Rife with Conflict of Interest while blowing through thousands if not millions of tax payer dollars protecting his “good friend” Paul Fitzpatrick.  Corrupted; spends more time out of Cornwall than in.  A horrendous attendance record for committees he’s on.   The typical caricature of an ignorant and arrogant bully politician.   His hitting the panic button in council over a seated writer shows his impotency and lack of ability to deal with simple issues without calling in for “muscle”.   For a man who once told this scribbler that the hardest thing for any politician is their loyalty between their political party and their constituents he seems to have forgotten his own answer.   Was actually more effective as mayor while on sick leave.   An actual pool exists to see if he can finish his term.   GRADE :  Impeached.

cao paul fitzpatrickFormer CAO Paul Fitzpatrick:   Fitzy’s antics which were protected so far by Mayor Kilger and his cabal of Councilors has led to the largest embarrassment in city history.

Most political people have always been taught to not defecate where they eat.

Sadly Mr. Fitzpatrick seems to have been playing caddy to Ed Lumley the day that lesson was passed out.  Grade:  Derouchied!

Norm's the guyCAO Norm Levac:  Many people let out a breath when Norm was put in office hoping that he’d at least stabilize things if not clean house.

Sadly as some people thought the Mayor is using the well liked city manager’s good reputation to help hide his scandals putting Norm in a very difficult position that he has crumbled under so far.  There’s hope though as Mr. Levac did admit to the protest signs being in the Mayor’s office.  GRADE C-

Bob "Vienna Sausage" Peters

Mark Boileau & Bob Peters Economic Development:  A drive down Pitt Street or Montreal Road shows that the Communities in Boom and Moneysense reports were not wrong.

Team Cornwall yearly parties pimping two year old projects as current growth may be swallowed by certain media; but the public and outside investors are not fooled as easily.

Mr. Boileau & Peters have failed to attract real business to Cornwall in spite of having extremely low cost developed industrial land.   They also have built a defacto propaganda machine that spits out fairy tales that only a tight clique really buy.  One tourism attraction recently asked why a particular person was featured in Cornwall living twice after their business and some others never get any love?

In particular the ED team seem to run their own little kingdom bestowing accolades and city money on those that are under their thumbs while doing little to nothing to help small business in Cornwall; never mind attract new business.    The greatest ambassadors are happy successful people and the business climate in Cornwall has a long way to go to becoming a true tool of attraction especially when businesses have to wait nearly two years to get their doors open.  GRADE C-

The good news is that there’s room for opportunity in Cornwall.   Bad report cards should always be inspiration to improve.      Certainly a cleaning of the house needs to be done as well as some earnest looking at how things are done at City Hall and perhaps some changing of the guard to move our city forward.

Council has been alleged to have spent more time in camera than in open council and many times seems more concerned with killing animals and hiding than leading and growing.    Surely there are more important issues for them to be debating than Beavers, Pigeons, Geese, and Dogs?

Over all grade for Cornwall Council and Management:   C-

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. 2.88% tax increase. Damn city council lost its balls and caved to the tune of 560k to outside agencies… why are we giving away money to outside agencies if we can’t finance the basics? Here is an interesting analogy… the heart pumps blood to itself first. before the rest of the body. Meditate on that you f[censored] politicians.

  2. I had to comment again… this really pisses me off…
    I think council has a responsibility to see that its own operations are financed properly before they go and give out money to groups… damn man… really? C’mon council… tell this groups to have a f’ing bake sale or something.

  3. Author

    Cornwall Seaway Valley Tourism is clique ridden. $181K
    SD&G Historical Society: $111K really?

    Cornwall Regional Art Gallery: They caved under pressure from Councilor MacDonald and coughed up $54K and guess what, she’s now the city rep on their board!

    Aultsville Theatre: $97K They are renting the college’s auditorium! And doing this while they could buy and preserve the Port Theatre for about 1.5 year’s rent!

    Centre Charles Emile Claude and Centre Culturel de Cornwall $31K for linguistic support.

    Why are city tax dollars being spent this way? Are they matching funds at least? I can get that the public wants something and the city kicks in, but should taxpayers be the sole funders of these extensions of city influence on the voters dime?

    Councilors Clement and MacDonald moved to add $16K to this pool of money which was defeated with former Aulstville board member Syd Gardiner adding his vote of support.

  4. Jamie,

    Suggest a 10 person slate for council and maybe a mayor.

    Try it.

    Pretty slim pickin’s eh?

  5. A couple of those do get funding from Trillium Foundation (Ontario Taxpayers) as well.

    Aultsville Theatre 7/1/2011 $72,200 over two years to hire a coordinator who will help to build the organization’s capacity particularly in the areas of fundraising, marketing, and communications. Revenues from fundraising, sponsorships and ticket sales will increase, and communications with the community will improve.

    Centre culturel du conseil de vie française de Cornwall
    $53,600 over one year to strengthen the organization’s capacity to deliver programs and services to the Francophone community of Cornwall through fundraising, increased visibility, program development, volunteer engagement and long-term sustainability planning. Grant funds will cover one staff coordinator position.

  6. Author

    Those grants are short term and targeted. What happens after they’re over?

  7. I really cannot understand how anyone can object to .3% of the total budget being used for outside agencies that improve the quality of life in the city.

    I really hate to imagine the city that Jason and Jamie are envisioning…

    If you object to funding these groups, I am interested to hear your thoughts on the Glen Stor Dun Lodge, the public library and our parks and recreation services. Please let us know.

    Also lets hear your thoughts on the expenses to be incurred on the Cornwall General Hospital project by the Concerned Citizens Coalition. It cannot be zero dollars to the taxpayers. Lets hear it,

  8. Author

    Smith I have no problems with an envelope of funds for outside agencies provided the agencies are running clean and smoothly. Personally I’d support matching funds; IE an agency gain public financial support which the city would match.

    That creates a form of public accountability. I’d also suggest that council budget between half and one percentage point to add to the Progress Fund so that we end up with more monies over the years for public projects. I’d also get public input to these projects rather than drinks around the table and back door deals with cliquesters which is how we ended up with a facility at the bottom of a toxic dump.

    I have no problem funding GSDL because the people there funded it. A society is only as strong as its weakest links.

    As for the Library I think it needs to get with the times and stop protecting Librarian jobs and looking at what the public really wants. We can really utilize that building better.

    As for Cornwall General I think we need a proper public consultation with proper numbers being discussed. I have a hunch that the people who pay the bills would choose wisely on that one.

    To sum up your question; burning money to gain influence as feeble as it may be is wrong. Wasting money is wrong. What we are giving out to many of these agencies could be better utilized.

    And as to that other question from Simon; while I may not have a list of ten people right now I do know that if good people step up CFN will do it’s part to support them.

  9. Ok…

    Public Library: It’s time to move forward. Brick and mortar Libraries are dated. It would be cheaper long term to give every man, woman and child in Cornwall a KOBO or Kindle ( which would give them access to 1 million titles for free) and simply provide a small office to teach those how to use it. My future city would not have a big clunky building with dusty book shelves. It would be a smaller public venue, with wifi, comfy chairs, docks to sync your tablet and to borrow books.

    Glen Stor Dun Lodge: The city needs to get out of the business old people business and focus on the basics.

    parks and recreation: I would much rather see our city build a gym then fund sick care… but again, the city should only be focusing on the basic infrastructure and allow private enterprise, co-ops, and non-profits to build and provide the rest.

  10. Jason you are one of the young people of today who don’t give a hoot about your elders and believe me you and all those who think that way are going to pay a mighty hefty price for that. I bet that you don’t give a hoot about your parents and grandparents and believe me the hardships of life are coming mighty soon and you will be screeming your lungs out to find that you have nothing left. It is the elderly who have gone through the Great Depression of the 30’s era, who have gone through WWII, Korean War of 1950 to 55 and you are not grateful for anything that these people have done for you. Shame on you and all who feel like you.

    As for the library I support the library, I support the Glen Stor Dun and places like that, I support good health care. As for the gym that isn’t needed at all. Get out in the good fresh air and walk and do your own exercises outdoors or buy yourself a gym system if you are living in a house.

    Don’t forget Jason that one day very soon I guarantee it you will be very old and alone and mark my word. Take down notes of what I said or print it and keep it and when you are old look it up and remember what you do to your elders your children and grandchildren will do to you. Believe me I have seen this to happen over and over again to many people. What you sow you shall reap.

  11. Author

    It’s odd how much we can talk about language, or US tv shows, but not about health care and our tax burdens. It says something mighty sad about our society.

  12. Admin –
    Are you suggesting that the outside agencies who received money are not running clean and smoothly?

    I understand your concerns about burning money to gain influence, but it just seems like speculation and not fact.
    I am not sure how the SD&G Historical Society is involved in what you are saying is taking place.

    Interesting ideas…

    You believe that the city should only provide the basic infrastructure and allow private enterprise to provide the rest, yet you suggest that the city build a publicly funded gym?
    There is at least six privately owned gyms in Cornwall, why do you think they should have to compete with one supported with publicly money?

  13. I would like to see Jason live in the US and some other countries where you pay thousands of dollars a year on health insurance and you don’t get any better care than what we do here in Canada. In fact if you do not have the big money you die at the door. I was listening to an alternative show earlier and they said that in the US the Obama care is cutting on the elderly for health care. You have to give over your house and your car and anything you have to keep afloat.

    Times are mighty hard and there was something in the yahoo news about a baby up for sale here in Canada and I didn’t get to read it. During the Great Depression of the 30’s and before that as well I remember my parents telling me such stories. I remember a Greek lady telling me what was going on in Greece and that was in better times.

    This society today is not good anymore not in my eyes. Our friend Robert was shovelling his driveway with a shovel while his 3 grown up daughters were inside the house and didn’t go out to help him. Well God is great folks and something is going to happen to this generation. His wife was the same way and her sisters 2 of them have buried their husbands at a very early age.

    A mighty spoiled and ungrateful society that we live in today. I fear for what is ahead. We had the greatest society running things who were the Greatest Generation which were the 30’s generation who knew how to pinch pennies into dollars and to live the real simple and ordinary lifestyle. We had the best programs on TV that anyone would want to see. It has been almost 10 years that I sat down and looked at a TV. Doesn’t that tell you something. It is trash to the core and I don’t even watch the news on there. I am sick of pimps and bimbos telling fake news. I am sick of the whole thing. This generation is the boldest bunch of people and ungrateful. Robert’s daughters are very badly raised – mighty spoiled and ungrateful and since he is dead we will not go there at all and they are right near us where we live. Robert is gone and he has the worst family including his wife’s sons by her first marriage.

  14. @ Jules… why does the whole have to take care of the few? My grandmother, worked hard her whole life, budgeted well and invested the rest… today, when as a family we were no longer to care for her, she had enough in savings to provide a great quality of life for herself at St. Joseph’s Villa.

    It is not the responsibility of government to ensure you are cared for in your old age. That thinking is what got us in this mess in the first place. What did you eat today? Did you exercise today? Does your grocery basket have more boxes and cans or fresh fruits and veggies? You have a choice… choose wisely.

    I do not depend on any government to support me into old age. I take responsibility for my own care: first by exercising daily, eating healthy and saving/investing my money wisely; which includes ensuring I have enough insurance coverage in case of unforeseen illness that could render me unable to work or care for myself.

    When did we as a society forget that we need to take 100% responsibility for ourselves and our family?

  15. Jamie….if I may, I would like to share a few thoughts on your comment about health and taxes and the lack of interest.

    First of all, health and taxes, are controlled by Gov. No matter where people live we all face the same dilemma, it’s not just a local problem. We could protest, scream, complain all we want the bottom line is, basically, it is beyond our control……it is what it is.

    It really doesn’t matter who is calling the shots, in the end we come to find out, Gov. is all the same no matter who is in charge. And no matter who is in charge, their decisions will be crticized by many. You of all people should know, we can’t please everybody.

    That being said, what is the point of beating things to death when one has no real control of the situation. In time, our collective voices will be heard and things may change……in the mean time we must play with cards we were dealt, until elections.

    You may be thinking about the language issue after my comments about beating things to death. That debate is another story altogether…….until they drop it, we must stand up the accusations and bashing and defend our culture. I know, this article is not about language, I am just responding to your comment.

    Personally…..I wish they would do what they have to do anf get it over with….

  16. Jason……wow!!! You should be proud!!!

    Actually, you are right. It’s become a world of entitlement which is scary.

  17. Jason lives in a world that lacks orphans, the disadvantaged and the mentally unwell… or believes that private enterprise will provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.

    Open your eyes to realty. Do you not agree with Jamie when he says in the article “A society is only as strong as its weakest links?”

    Your grandmother is a resident at a christian continuing care centre, she must be repulsed by your views. Do you also wear the T?

  18. Jason maybe your grandmother was one of the very lucky few who had a good job in her lifetime and was able to save her money for her old age. That isn’t so true for the majority of people – that is for the minority.

    In the US which is a capatalist country or maybe was since they have become more socialist lately and will continue to do so the people are losing their jobs, cities are going bankrupt, people living in tents and trailors and many cannot afford the rents which are sky high. There are no jobs. Today my husband and I stopped at a Mid East store since we needed supplies of food that we normally eat and a few doors from that store used to be a printing shop. Well Jason today I looked as I went in and it is gone and there is a “For Lease sign” on the window. Many places are closing up and the Canadian government lies to the people telling them that the economy is hunky dorry when all the time it is falling apart.

    In the US they are asking a university degree to cook burgers and serve the public since there are no more jobs left. The students are now debt slaves and cannot get out of debt. In your grandmother’s day there were no loans to go to school – you had to be wealthy or worked your way the best you could.

    Oh yes we eat very well indeed and everything is from scratch no cans except for tomato paste and things like that. We walk every day and enjoy the beautiful nature and I hate indoor gyms where people become sick by being in with others. The most healthy is to be outdoors. When we go to Cornwall and outside is our preference the parks are very beautiful and people should take advantage of them which a lot don’t – people are too lazy. The people of Cornwall live nearby to so many facilities that you don’t have such easy access in big cities – so get out there people of Cornwall and surrounding towns – go and enjoy life in the nature you are lucky to have it nearby. Exercise is free and healthy and you don’t need to be couped up in some mighty expensive gym – go and cross country ski and those type of snowshoes that you use on your boots – I almost called them horseshoes. I had to correct myself there – senior moments as usual what else is knew with me. LOL LOL.

  19. Jason there is nothing like sitting down with a good book from the library and reading it without a computer screen which makes me sick. I look at certain things on the machine but I cannot sit here all day and stare at the computer – it wears me down to nothing. We all feel like that in my household and I know that many feel that way as well.

    Jason when you get up in years you will remember what I said. When you are 35 years old the years will pass you by very quickly. I first said that to my husband’s nephew when he was here with us. One day he called me on the phone and said that what I told him was the truth. You won’t know until that happens. I could hardly believe that it is already the 4th of April to show you how fast time goes by.

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a good job and have money for retirement. Those days are gone now and getting worse. Very soon you will see an economic depression here in Canada and it is world wide. Even England is finished financially. A woman that I used to talk to on the net is from the US and lived in England and Germany and she is so mighty frugal and she wondered how the Europeans survive. Her husband is an engineer with the military but he is a civilian and they had to live on the military bases since it is way too expensive to live anywhere else. I have spoken to people stationed in Japan and world wide and they all said the same things.

    Jason we are going into something of an economic depression that has never been seen before – much different to the 30’s era. This is something that is involving the entire world and not good at all. The entire world’s economy is coming down and those with jobs are losing them. I have spoken to many people lately and they are all saying the same thing. Prices are skyrocketing all the time and less in packages compared to before. We are lucky since we never eat out and we cook everything from scratch at home. Nothing is purchased at all except for clothing. We live extremely frugal and that is the way to go. We have to send money for my sister in laws cancer and diabetic drugs for her survival. She skipped her checkup at the doctor this year so as not to have us pay for that as well. She is 76 years old and she is not afraid to die since she lived her life and has been in hell with all the wars and troubles. The way we live very few people can live this way but we manage very well. My adult children are not spoiled and they see how hard life is to get by. We are very fortunate to have raised them that way.

  20. Man…Doesn’t take long for people to go off track. Although it’s important issues you all speak about, we should all stay close to the story. I believe Jamie’s question above should be answered first. Come on Cornwall let’s grade the corrupt people that think they can run a corporation. Other then Rivette and Dupelle my grade to the rest is F.I.T. (F—–G IMPEACH THEM)
    Have a great day!!!

  21. Stella, people of this Province and country will not stop speaking out about language until the Federal and Provincial Governments gets the message from the Majority to stop spending our money on the policy of official Bilingualism.

    We are heading in an economic crisis and the Feds plan to spend another 1.1.Billion dollars in the french push.

    Mean while our Municipal Infrastucture, health Care and Homes for our Seniors are in need of many dollars. Most Politicians will not speak up because of their own self interests and pockets.

    It’s just the beginning Stella. The people will one day wake up. Thanks CFN

  22. You can’t afford to give to outside before taking care of inside. Kilger’s bunch have done nothing but waste money on high priced lawyers and golden handshakes. The people of Cornwall can’t afford to sit back and pretend things are ok while their throats are being slit with higher tax rates to continue wasteful spending within.

  23. Shades of Republican Mutt Romney and his 47 per cent comment that cost him being elected Pres of USA As Stella not to BRIGHT
    makes another over the top comment
    “Actually, you are right. It’s become a world of entitlement which is scary.”
    stella…your ranking….minus 2 for burying your head in the sand and ignoring all the injustice in your town.
    sin cer ly

  24. @ Jules

    “Jason we are going into something of an economic depression that has never been seen before – much different to the 30′s era. This is something that is involving the entire world and not good at all. The entire world’s economy is coming down and those with jobs are losing them. ”

    Oh Jules… if you listen to media and the news, I guess one could come to the conclusion that the world is doomed, but with a little more awareness, you would see that even in a depression people make money… you just have to learn the game and how it works 🙂

  25. @ Jules

    Very often you talk from your heart but your statements lack substance or facts.
    You state that health care in the United States of America costs thousands of dollars per year. Do you have any idea of how much it costs per person here in Canada? Based on your comments I believe you would be in for a shock if you did. Do you have any idea how many billions of dollars each year are paid out by our provincial governments to American health facilities for services received by Canadians? Do you actually understand how poorly run our once good health care system is? Now factor in the demand that will be placed on our system in 2020 as boomers age and bring reality into focus. You might consider moving south.

    As for pointing out that your friend Robert was a fool that bred more fools, that was right on the mark. The following generation gets its role models from the past and is saddled by the continuing debt being carried forward. If you understood your own remarks you would understand Jason’s frustration.

    You talk of requiring a university degree in the US to cook burgers as if this should be considered somehow odd. Did you know that the situation in Canada was worse in respect to education? In Canada you cannot fail a secondary student. Therefore the graduating secondary diploma is valueless except has a measure to obtain admission to a University where you will be judged on your own efforts. Employers therefore will have a preference to seek evidence of achievement not to found in a secondary diploma. The small investment in higher education is quickly recaptured in higher earnings by people that apply themselves and are mindful of career path choices. I cannot bother commenting on the people who feel entitled to their entitlements.

    Your comment on the US regarding capitalism and socialism also doesn’t merit comment besides what does any of what you say have to do with Cornwall’s taxes going up 2.88%?

    Great verbal diarrhea Jules. But I think you mean well.


  26. Jason speaking about investing you saw what happened in Cyprus well that is only the beginning and even our own finance minister is thinking along the same lines. Not only that I heard that the 401K’s are in trouble of being bilked along with other investments. Don’t tell me about investment it is all a scam – something like what “one of Cornwall’s favorite sons” did to many people but classified as legal when the government steals from the people and Willie is sitting behind bars in a prison in San Francisco.

    Jason you haven’t lived and this depression is going to be much worse than the one of the 1930’s. I would like you to read the book called “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck and there was a movie where Henry Fonda played the role of Tom Jode. I cried when I read that book and thought about the hell that my own parents went through in those days and raising two girls much older than myself. No young people like yourself have not been through hardship. In those days there was no help – very little of it and many people starved to death even on farms and had their properties confiscated. You and all the young people have to taste real hardship in order to appreciate other people’s help.

    People are all connected to one another just like Jamie described as a chain and when that chain is weakened then help has to come around and pick people up.

    The ones who made money during the Great Depression were the likes of JFK’s father who did bootlegging and other things and also became an ambassador to the US. A lot of these people delt in drugs, prostitution, etc. Others delt in bank robbery. All these people were called the barons of whether oil, drugs, and booze. There is another name or two as well and it just doesn’t click in me just now.

  27. Author

    Welcome back David.

  28. ADMIN really ? I think you were just trying to be kind. I scored them a solid “D” as an overall grade and I thought I was generous. Really 2.88% is not good in the current economic climate by any stretch of the imagination. It is not responsible and delivers no show of commitment or consideration to an already overburdened taxpayer. This could have been, should have been a statement of restraint and focus for the future of Cornwall, it was not. Council took the path of least resistance, the easy route if you will, and has in my opinion let their supporters down. Thank you for democracy. We still have the vote !

  29. @ADMIN

    Thank you. Good to be back !

  30. @JULES

    The Grapes of Wrath an absolute slam dunk classic that everyone would benefit from reading.

    Sadly, at the rate that taxes are increasing here in good Cornwall I will likely have to burn my copy to keep warm next winter.

    Perhaps Bob will release his autobiography and I could harness the potential methane radiating from each page.

    If Bob resigned shortly he could perhaps release it in time for

    Would this be proof that there is a god ?

  31. Author

    Well David, buying votes isn’t easy. There are a lot of firemen, policemen, and city staff that got lovely raises this year.

  32. Insinuations, suspicions and suppositions are good to feed the imagination but not good enough to judge and condemn people… Don’t you think, Admin?

  33. @ADMIN

    Did you factor in the retention pay that they are ENTITLED to ?

    What about the taxpayers contributions to the legal community via our elected representatives ?

    Did I miss you mentioning the handouts of our tax dollars to the AGAPE centre et al ?

    You are right about the raises this year but I would refute your claim that buying votes isn’t easy. Present council and leadership seems to have had little difficulty and seemingly no second thoughts of increasing our burden. What moxy !

  34. Author

    I’m starting to wonder if “Pierre” and “Peter” aren’t the same person with some personal issues…

  35. @ADMIN

    Do you mean like a Jekyll and Hyde thing ?

  36. Author

    you never know David…it’s time to prune some of the trolls as they just don’t seem to get it…

  37. @ David Oldham
    I can agree that Peter and I are as different as Jekyll and Hyde in character.
    So, why do you think, Admin would say that it’s time to “prune some of the trolls” (meaning me, I suppose).
    Could it be that he can’t accept his ideas being questioned/ challanged or, is it simply that he doesn’t like mine.
    Remember that he said that nobody ever got “pruned” for expressing an idea… never ever ever.

  38. Author

    Pierre I don’t prune over ideas. Trolls yes though. Ponder that amigo.

  39. @PIERRE

    When comments made are superfluous and foreign to the topic of discussion or debate or a step further and inflammatory than a media moderator acting responsibly should limit or censor comments made. This does not violate freedom of speech laws because it is in fact either upholding limitations placed on free speech in Canada or more likely or usually simply editing contributors who display an inability to remain on topic (troll). My observations regarding ADMIN and moderation has been that even where a topic has given birth to additional subtopics restrictions have been primarily focused on decorum. I would wager to say that we are both relatively safe from elimination.

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