LTE Earle Macpherson on Enforcing Bike Helmet Laws in Cornwall Ontario – April 9, 2013

bikeHello Everyone.

I have witnessed today no less than 17 Juveniles riding by my home without the necessary head gear required by law and I quote.

1.. Cycling Skills – 5) Cycling and The Law – Ministry of Transportation

HTA 104 – Helmets Every cyclist under the age of eighteen must wear an approved bicycle helmet. Parents or guardians shall not knowingly permit cyclists under sixteen to ride without a helmet.

Where is the enforcement of these laws, in my opinion it is non existent.  I also observe on a regular basis adults riding the sidewalks of this city. It’s time we crack down on these violators. The schools and parents who ignore their children breaking these laws on a regular basis should be made an example of by being fined or warned of this situation. No one can convince me that the schools are not aware of this situation as they see these students coming to school every day without headgear. Parents are not being very responsible when they see their children daily leaving there home without a helmet

Why have laws if they are not enforced. It is a shame that this problem has existed for so long, it is unacceptable and something should be done about it immediately

Earle Macpherson


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James Moak


  1. There are about 2500 head injuries in Ontario annually. 49% from car crashes, 35% from falls and 2% associated with bicycles. Even one person is too much of course, but kids want to look cool and be cool. Change the helmet design so kids don’t take them off when a minute from home.

  2. I do believe

  3. Earle, you quote the law and you state your frustration with the kids not following it..what I don’t know is why you care? There isn’t an epidemic of kids cracking their skulls in Cornwall is there? Can’t remember reading anything in the news in the past oh….30 years about anything serious. I agree wearing helmets is the smart thing to do…but serious enough of an issue for a letter-writing campaign? I think not. You just make yourself out to be one of those guys sitting on their front porch yelling at the kids to get off the lawn. Move on.

  4. The law is unnecessary and helmets are of doubtful utility … see … the police don’t enforce it because they are charged with protecting our freedoms and our property, not playing nanny … they left that to Dalton McGuinty.

  5. It’s very obvious I care about everyones safety and you my friend (Wondering Man)
    do not. I believe everyone should wear helmets, on bicycles or motorized vehicles. What laws will our children break next when they they are not taught to obey the minor ones. I just happen to live in the path of three schools elementary and high schools. I have witnessed it all after living at this location for over 35 years and I care enough to take the time and effort to say something about it. Which is more than I can say for you and your uncalled for rude comments. Instead of wasting your time criticzing others do something constructive and offer positive suggestions about something. Get a life !

  6. I thought that there was already a law enforced on people to wear head gear to drive bikes. Some years ago my husband and I were walking at Lamoureux Park on the bike path. The parents and the children were racing their bikes and of course we stayed to the very right of them so as they could pass us by. There was a young boy maybe 4 or 5 at most who was their son and the parents and the little girl went on ahead and the little one behind. Well that little guy was not wearing head gear and ran in the back of me. I got hurt but that little guy fell and got hurt maybe worse than me. I say to all parents put head gear on the kids and at least it is a protection to a point. Better safe than sorry. There doesn’t seem to be any by-laws in Cornwall or not enforced and it should be.

  7. One more thing it was my husband and I who yelled after the parents to turn back that their son fell and got hurt or they would have kept on going. Parents are responsible and if they cannot take responsibility then things go wrong. Why can’t people go slow on the paths and enjoy the beautiful nature instead of doing whatever they can to get hurt or killed. 2% of head injuries and you lose your life for a minute’s pleasure. I think that people better pick up their brains where they left them.

  8. So what is important enough to state your frustration? Kids not wearing helmets? Dogs crapping on your lawn? People smoking smuggled cigarettes? City councilors breaking signs? Federal political parties convicted of contempt of parliament?

    I think more people should talk about their frustrations. That could lead to a social movement and more responsible government at all levels. Everyone has the right to free speech and no one has the right to tell you to shut up.

  9. I think the helmet rule should be talked about at the school level. In Cornwall I have noticed they many parents can’t look after themselves let alone their children. I don’t believe that the police can ticket the kids, so they would have to find the parents and ticket them. It sounds kind of time consuming.
    Hey if it was a city counselor or one of their family members riding on the side walk or not wearing a helmet, you would probably get more support on this site. 🙂
    I think Cornwall Police or City Bylaw should be out walking the beat like they used to, it would stop a lot of the infractions in the down town area at least.

  10. Entitled is absolutely right that by-laws should be enforced and that cops should walk the beat like they used to. Barney Fyfe PD is like sugar they are afraid that they would melt. How times have changed. No wonder the cops are over weight – they head to Tim Horton’s and devour the donuts and coffee and sitting in the vehicles or at desks all day would give someone the spread as well.

    When we had our house we had problems with dogs crapping on our lawn, etc. People are not responsible pet owners as a general rule – not everyone but quite a number and yes this is one of my frustrations. The dogs are more intelligent than a lot of humans and I don’t know how many times my husband has said that to people walking their dogs. A lot of times it is the people who should have the leash around their necks and led to where they are supposed to go. Many humans do not have any brains and the mayor and city hall all lack such a thing.

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