Political Times by Mike Roache – RBC Temporary Workers – April 10, 2013

Roache April 10 2013CFN– Here is today’s installment of Political Times by Mike Roache!

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About Mr. Roache:

Mike Roache was born in Halifax and began cartooning for a school newspaper while in junior high,often putting the paper together by himself.  Over the years some of his work has appeared in newspapers in the United States and Canada. Presently his work appears in the Klondike Sun and the Sackville Tribune. Married with three adult children he lives with his wife in Halifax.

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  1. Temporary workers from China, India, etc. is no news to me since in the US there are plenty of those H1B’s from such countries and they are computer programmers, systems analysts, finance, etc. These temporary workers are paid less than Americans or Canadians and do a better job for a great deal less money. What is planned is to reduce the standard of living in the west and this is how they are starting all of this.

  2. RBC isn’t the only bank hiring foreign workers from abroad. All the banks are doing this nowadays. Like I said it is to start to reduce the standard of living in the west. I have been studying this for years now and it is starting to happen.

    The standard of education in China and India is ahead of our Canadian and American standard and the IT (Information Technology) is heading there and is already there in fact and many students here in Canada are not entering those courses as much as they used to – the classes are only half full. The thing is Canadians and Americans are not as qualified as those other people and they know that they cannot compete.

    My husband was telling me about an Indian student (from India) in Alberta who is around 17 or 18 years old found some sort of a cure for a cancer.

    People need to listen to a woman who was head of the education department in the US on youtube.com and her name is Charlotte Thomson Iserbit and she wrote a book called the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America or something like that. Go and listen to this lady speak – she is a blue blood from Maine. She and her son have web sites as well.

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