Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario Changes Owner Ship Picture – More Live Acts as Larry Sylvain & Nancy Bonner Buy in!

port-800x643CFN – The venerable Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario is about to embark on the next reel of its own movie life as its ownership picture is changing.

Sound Guy Surpremo Larry Sylvain of Sylvain Sound and Nancy Bonner have entered the frame.    No official press release has been issued as of yet, but it is a sign that the Theatre’s future is changing.

Rumors of more live events and less theatrical are the buzz in our River City.    Allegedly it was another group led by Rodney Rivette, son of City Councilor Andre that sparked the purchase as Mr. Sylvain has worked frequently with Jeff Brunet of Alkaline Entertainment.

This scribbler’s concern is that digital projection finds its way to the Port and that it can be saved as a traditional movie house and not just become a music venue.

The biggest buzz is the expected name change of the theatre.  (our lips are sealed 🙂

rolling stones port

I spoke with Mr. Sylvain and he did confirm the sale which has created a new division.  Glenn McGillivray will still own a position in the corporation and run the theatrical while Mr. Sylvain will handle live events.  They have upcoming tribute shows for the Rolling Stones and Patsy Cline hitting  Cornwall this Spring!

Alkaline Entertainment and Frontline Assault Entertainment will be booking agents for shows in the theatre that just celebrated its 70th Anniversary.

What do you think Port fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I think they should go back to the old name, The Roxy. Then they could put on the Rocky Horror Picture Show and invite everyone to come in costume.

  2. good move guys much success

  3. I’m not sure about the Rocky Horror Show that movie always seemed self indulgent. But I wish the business the best of luck, we need more people interested in this area, its landmark institute if it can benefit from Alkaline perhaps it will survive in the 21 century without being forgetting.

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