What the heck is wrong with Habs Goalie Carey Price? Injury or Headcase? April 16, 2013

carey priceCFN – The Montreal Canadiens have enjoyed a total turnaround this season as they duke it out with the Bruins to finish first in their division.   But all is not well in Hab land.   Carey Price seems to either be injured or crumbling.

Goalies have always been a special breed.  Head cases mostly with some peculiar ways of doing things.  After all they get hit with hockey pucks by choice for a living.

But in today’s age of high paid athletes Carey Price and other big ticket contracted players have to understand that when they sign on the line for big bucks; like Mr. Price has, you have to deliver.

There are no excuses.  Excuses are for Leaf fans.    Champions are only champions when they win.   Yes, the Habs lost Mr. Emelin and yes their team D isn’t the best, but if Ottawa and Pittsburgh can overcome adversity Mr. Price has to start sucking it up and stealing some games.

New GM Marc Bergevin chose to not make any big splashes at the trade deadline; a bottom run D man and a waiver pick up.   Either he was showing confidence in this year’s squad or he felt that price to pay for play off help would not get this team over the hump this year.

What’s clear is that since the deadline the team has not looked like a play off ready squad.

As of this story Carey is 6th in Wins, which is more of a team category; not in the top 20 for Goals against average; and 26th in Save percentage.  Hardly numbers warranting his upcoming salary.

There are names above him  in those numbers that are talked of harshly.   Terms like washed up or goalies that buzz are need replacing have better numbers than Mr. Price and in hockey a whole team’s confidence can ride in the team’s confidence in their goalie.

Carey has the contract.  Now he has to deliver.  It’s that simple.   Ask Scott Gomez.

If Carey is hurt it needs to be shared.   If he’s not hurt then it’s time to grow up and be a man.    Teams don’t pay players to be nice guys or great in the dressing room.  Some of the greatest teams in sports history had horrible dressing rooms and prima donnas running amok.

Professional sports is about winning.   Montreal is about winning the Stanley Cup.     Its fans love a Champion and make their names immortal.   Carey Price has to decide his own future before the Lords of Hockey decide for him.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. This Leafs fan is loving every minute of it. As you say, no excuses. Price is a sieve.

  2. This Leafs fan is loving it too. Maybe they should sacrifice a car on the secondary Canadian hockey altar . Nothing like burning a BMW on Rue St. Catherine to stimulate the hockey juices in Montreal.

  3. Price never was a domminant goalie, nor will he become one soon or late. Habs better trade him for sumting good before specialists stop mistaken him as a top 5 elite goalie in the NHL.

  4. Est Lebouooooooooooooooo!

  5. price isent any good and never has been ive watched him choke since he was 16 in pr geo his boy friend 76 isent any better

  6. All I have to say to these loser leaf fans is one word!!!!! 1967! BahahahHHahahH. LEAFS SUCK!

  7. 6 years of Carey Price being a B to B+ goalie is sickening. The only thing elite about him is his salary. This guy can’t win when it matters most either, as he gets worse come playoff time. I know the farm system is missing 2 things, (1) a good goalie and (2) toughness. Guess what? That’s the main problem with the big club. So since you are not going to have a great goalie or a lot of toughness from the farm team, it’s time to start trading people, and start with Price. He is 26 and he’s never been anything but a B to B+ goalie (right now he’s a solid F).

    Wake up fellow Montreal fans, get rid of this bum. Trade for Emery next year.

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