Should People Be Attacked for Questioning Why and What’s Behind Shooting and Bombing Tragedies by Jamie Gilcig

Should People Be Attacked for Questioning Why and What’s Behind Shooting and Bombing Tragedies by Jamie Gilcig

CFN –   We all live a life that basically is an jg2illusion.   Like ants we go about our days trying to survive as best we can.

Looking back over the history of mankind, especially if you’ve studied history, certain trends and certain beliefs over time change.  Culture changes, but one thing hasn’t and that’s fear and what it makes good and bad people do.

The Boston Marathon has been a huge incident.  It’s having far wider emotional pull than even some of the school shootings.   Why?   An interesting question that I’m sure far wiser minds than this scribbler can answer far better; but I have a hunch it’s because we’ve almost become used to school shootings and these crazed  gunmen actions.

So far no group has taken credit for Boston.   That in itself is an odd question.  To go to the lengths to try and hurt people and create fear is not something done on a whim.  Someone somewhere wanted this.  The big question is whom and why?

People have been distrusting media since the caveman days when I’m sure there was always a guy in the crowd heckling stone wall art.   In WWII Germans in theatres would scoff and laugh at newsreels telling them that the war was going great while the very theatre they sat in had bombs dropping around and sometimes on top of them.

The news isn’t always accurate.

Looking back at fairly recent history how many people believe the official media report of how the Reichstag fire started in Germany all those years back?  How many people believe that JFK, the President of the United States of America was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald?

Even 911 has a large contingent of non believers in the official reported story.

Whole industries have popped up of people who take advantage of people’s disbelief and distrust of mainstream media, which oddly enough CFN is.  We just are a new more innovative and interactive form of media that’s web based with no history in Print or traditional media.

After reading countless posts and comments about Boston and all those tribute images I decided to have an experiment on Facebook. I did not take a position.  I simply shared a link to a site that was asking some questions about what had happened and was clearly leaning to a position that it was not terrorists, but something far more sinister that caused the tragedy that has taken the lives of three people, wounded nearly 200 others and taken over the consciousness of most of the world.

The response was near predictable although I was surprised by some of the people who chose to lash out.

Boy. this so undermines the site’s credibility and all the good work you’ve done. Why would you associate yourself with this nonsense?


It must be a drag to wake up every morning prepared to believe the worst of everyone in every situation.


Idiots. First of all, there was no third bomb, the Saudi national was never more than a person of interest, and I think it would be more than normal to have bomb sniffing dogs at any event like this. They have them on constant duty at the airport, for Pete’s sake!


AHA! This is proof that it was Islamic terrorists, and this web site is trying to deflect attention from them! THAT is the true conspiracy here, and (taking a page out of the conspiracy theorists playbook), anybody who disagrees with me is obviously part of the Islamic terrorist conspiracy!


I find it strange that he is saying that the mainstream media is putting the blame on the right. I find that the blame has been put on every single group, or minority.


Some people simply yearn to believe in conspiracy theories. Ya still hear friggin wackjobs preaching that 9/11 was an inside job….

Frankly, I find it, and them, pathetic…


You see similar comments across the net wherever there are people discussing the Boston Marathon.

People not only seem to be attacked for asking hard questions and sometimes taking positions, but is that reasonable?   Do we still live in a world where if you say the World isn’t flat you should have your eyes plucked out?  Have we not grown as a species?

Right now metric tons of fear have been created with the loss of 3 lives.  As sad as that is that’s 3 lives out of 313 Million Americans.   Should our society change?  Should we have more police presence?  Should our world become something far less free and far more sinister?  Who wins if that happens?

And with that thought I’m going to put out this poll and of course you can post your comments below.


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