Should People Be Attacked for Questioning Why and What’s Behind Shooting and Bombing Tragedies by Jamie Gilcig

CFN –   We all live a life that basically is an jg2illusion.   Like ants we go about our days trying to survive as best we can.

Looking back over the history of mankind, especially if you’ve studied history, certain trends and certain beliefs over time change.  Culture changes, but one thing hasn’t and that’s fear and what it makes good and bad people do.

The Boston Marathon has been a huge incident.  It’s having far wider emotional pull than even some of the school shootings.   Why?   An interesting question that I’m sure far wiser minds than this scribbler can answer far better; but I have a hunch it’s because we’ve almost become used to school shootings and these crazed  gunmen actions.

So far no group has taken credit for Boston.   That in itself is an odd question.  To go to the lengths to try and hurt people and create fear is not something done on a whim.  Someone somewhere wanted this.  The big question is whom and why?

People have been distrusting media since the caveman days when I’m sure there was always a guy in the crowd heckling stone wall art.   In WWII Germans in theatres would scoff and laugh at newsreels telling them that the war was going great while the very theatre they sat in had bombs dropping around and sometimes on top of them.

The news isn’t always accurate.

Looking back at fairly recent history how many people believe the official media report of how the Reichstag fire started in Germany all those years back?  How many people believe that JFK, the President of the United States of America was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald?

Even 911 has a large contingent of non believers in the official reported story.

Whole industries have popped up of people who take advantage of people’s disbelief and distrust of mainstream media, which oddly enough CFN is.  We just are a new more innovative and interactive form of media that’s web based with no history in Print or traditional media.

After reading countless posts and comments about Boston and all those tribute images I decided to have an experiment on Facebook. I did not take a position.  I simply shared a link to a site that was asking some questions about what had happened and was clearly leaning to a position that it was not terrorists, but something far more sinister that caused the tragedy that has taken the lives of three people, wounded nearly 200 others and taken over the consciousness of most of the world.

The response was near predictable although I was surprised by some of the people who chose to lash out.

Boy. this so undermines the site’s credibility and all the good work you’ve done. Why would you associate yourself with this nonsense?


It must be a drag to wake up every morning prepared to believe the worst of everyone in every situation.


Idiots. First of all, there was no third bomb, the Saudi national was never more than a person of interest, and I think it would be more than normal to have bomb sniffing dogs at any event like this. They have them on constant duty at the airport, for Pete’s sake!


AHA! This is proof that it was Islamic terrorists, and this web site is trying to deflect attention from them! THAT is the true conspiracy here, and (taking a page out of the conspiracy theorists playbook), anybody who disagrees with me is obviously part of the Islamic terrorist conspiracy!


I find it strange that he is saying that the mainstream media is putting the blame on the right. I find that the blame has been put on every single group, or minority.


Some people simply yearn to believe in conspiracy theories. Ya still hear friggin wackjobs preaching that 9/11 was an inside job….

Frankly, I find it, and them, pathetic…


You see similar comments across the net wherever there are people discussing the Boston Marathon.

People not only seem to be attacked for asking hard questions and sometimes taking positions, but is that reasonable?   Do we still live in a world where if you say the World isn’t flat you should have your eyes plucked out?  Have we not grown as a species?

Right now metric tons of fear have been created with the loss of 3 lives.  As sad as that is that’s 3 lives out of 313 Million Americans.   Should our society change?  Should we have more police presence?  Should our world become something far less free and far more sinister?  Who wins if that happens?

And with that thought I’m going to put out this poll and of course you can post your comments below.



  1. The only thing that we know for sure is that whomever is responsible is or are cowards for attacking civilians & children.They don,t have the gonads to bring their fight to a real army who can shoot back.We also know for sure a child was killed,I never get use to hearing that news,We also know that this cowardly act creates fear with a knee jerk reaction to curb the rights of more people,although no guns were involved here it will certainly come up .We also know that major news like CNN will sensationalize this event trying to rise above the bar of gory details & pics showing blood & gore while victims are still traumatized .We also know that this will happen again & that those responsible will be sitting down in from of TV,s maybe even at a coffee shop just to further enjoy the misery & destruction that they have caused & the fear that they have installed in all who hear about it.All we can do is to go on with our life,go on with our work,family & activities til this fades from our memories til the next atrocity

  2. People don’t mind thoughtful questioning about violent tragedies, but many first-to-mind thoughts by many people just borrow from stuff they’ve heard before, or their prejudices, or plain old stupidity.

    Terrorists are terrorists. I personally don’t wish to “name” what kind of terrorists these might be before hearing some of the evidence that comes forward.

    Neither do I personally feel more grief or sadness about the Boston incident than I feel for similar acts of terrorism in distant places; the wailing women, the tiny coffins, or the bloodied or legless victims lying in makeshift hospitals. It’s all terrible.

  3. Very interesting article.
    Asking questions, even over such events as Boston, is important in a free and democratic society. Opinions and ideas should not be set in stone, they should be allowed to change as information becomes available. Anyone who holds their opinions and ideas to be objective is dangerous.

    If someone has empathy for the people in Boston, then they should also have empathy for the fifty people killed in bombings in Iraq that same day. This is the nature of empathy. I hope for for freedom and justice for all people.

  4. It’s Obama-planned just like the last big school shooting, raising false flags to terrify the stupid lefty masses that guns and gunpowder kill people. George Soros and his Bilderberg ilk have no shame as they manipulate world events to manipulate currencies and see Obama’s promised land of unified currency, one world government by the UN to bring us all under a new world order. Get ready for the chips in your head lefties, the Moslem commie Pres., elected twice!, is ready to put his big foot down on you. Dopes.

  5. We are drowning in our political correctness. To be in denial, or to hide our heads in the sand, as it were, will not do us any good, nor will it bring the evil doers to justice. Nor would it be fair to the ones and their families who lost their lives. There are extremes, and such will produce hysteria and panic. But to turn a deaf ear and a blind to certain ideological groups that have stated up front, that they are out to destroy the West, and bring it under it’s domination and control is to all ready surrender to the enemy. Closing our eyes and wishing such globe threats will just go away, is insane, childish, and stupid. Did our forefathers use such tactics when they had to face Nazism, Communism? If that were the case, the Berlin wall would still be standing.

    Side note, maybe the reason we are in denial, and choose to hide from the reality of terrorism, is that secular society has no means by which defeat a religious ideology, so in the short run, it is easier just close our eyes, and wish it away. Just won’t happen!

    Hos 5:15 “I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early”.

  6. Shall we turn a blind eye to American drone strikes overseas…killing even Americans…without trial????
    Check out the number of children killed in these attacks
    Nic Robertson brave CNN reporter
    Ninety-nine percent of the boys, I am told, have never heard of Osama bin Laden, despite the fact he was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs in the next valley over from here. What has radicalized these boys instead, the school’s director says, is what turns teenagers the world over to crime: poverty, poor education, limited prospects and often lack of parental control.

    It is in this setting that the boys have made ready recruits for Taliban scouts who wean them on tales of the U.S. drone strikes that have killed scores of Pakistani women and children over the past few years.

  7. We live in a community where questions automatically mean disapproval or criticism. If you even suggest something outside the standardized popular opinion you are automatically demonized. Theories need to be squashed quickly or an ugly truth may be revealed.

  8. WOW…your thoughts are truly scary…at least to normal people…chips in heads…come on man…are you writing from a bunker…or do u listen to sean hannity and his gang too much
    Hannity was boasting about going out and buying more guns and bullets after Newtown..truly scary from Fox News top guy

  9. Tom Newton –
    Terrorists are criminals, secular society has a justice system to deal with the law.
    Whatever you are proposing, I find to be terrifying.

  10. A great thought provoking article Jamie:

    “Should People Be Attacked for Questioning Why and What’s Behind Shooting and Bombing ”

    We as a species are unique in our quantitative analysis of situations that are presented to us .
    Humans a very inquisitive creatures and it is only human nature to question within and out of perceived societal viewpoints.

    I agree with Reg his statement;

    “We live in a community where questions automatically mean disapproval or criticism. If you even suggest something outside the standardized popular opinion you are automatically demonized. Theories need to be squashed quickly or an ugly truth may be revealed.”

    Questions should not mean automatic disapproval or criticism for it is better for society to question then to remain oblivious.
    Questioning brings about different thought processes to the scenario and perhaps encourages others to be open-minded to a situation.

    “If you even suggest something outside the standardized popular opinion you are automatically demonized. ”

    This rings very true ,”Political Correctness” has become the set standard .
    Due to societal pressures anyone who “speaks their mind” is often demonized and in effect”Political Correctness” and the societal pressures that comes with it stifles ” TRUE” “freedom of expression”of which all are equal to have .

  11. Tom Newton
    You are proposing the eventual seeking of salvation promised by Hosea 5:15 by those you call “the enemy” are you not?

  12. And to think that the conservative senators just defeated a bill that was promoting sticker gun control. How could they be against more thorough background checks on future gun buyers is beyond me ? And why would anyone need an AK47 to protect their house ?

  13. And what did the Canadian gun registry do for us tax payers? Line the pockets of many politician? Make possible a nice retirement fund for the aristocrats that run this country? Whose idea was that anyway? The Americans?

    I think we forget that people kill people not guns. But it is also true that secularism can not do any thing to change people and their hearts like true Christianity. Stop – do not go back to the crusades and all, for that is not, and never was true Christianity.

    All that secularism can offer is prescription drugs, and a label that says you are mentally ill, and should not be held accountable for your actions, crimes, etc. Our justice system has been corrupted by the love of money, and now lives and dies by the principals of human psychology. So the prison system is not a place for criminals to pay off their crimes/debts to society, but luxury retirement resort. Remember – God instituted the death penalty for murder, not man. But man, in all his so called wisdom, chooses to disobey God, and says -“I am smarter than God”. Sow to carnal, fleshing wisdom, reap the whirl wind of social decay and destruction. The Roman Empire did not fall in a day, but it did fall.

    Simply we have forsaken God and His inspired Word, and turned to our inner light for direction and guidance. One thing that is a problem about this inner light, it is pure-100% darkness. Thus, this is why we are in such a social mess, to say the least.

    Jer 17:9-10 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings”.

  14. Yes, people kill people but guns and bombs make the killing more efficient. You can kill a bunch of people with little effort.

  15. Labelling acts such as this as cowardly would be mistaken.

    The perpetrators were nervous as hell, quaking in their boots, and practically pissing their pants when they transported their bomb to its destination. But they did it. That took gumption.

    They’re not likely cowards, but they are wickedly callous in their methods. And practical in their actions; for if fear and hysteria was their objective, they were successful.

    That’s the truth of it. So let’s quickly snap out of that hysteria and knee jerk reaction.

    If we accept the act for what it was — a desperate response to a desperate situation — we’ll be half way to stopping these montrous acts. They won a battle. Now let us win the war.

    These people are misguided, desperate, and angry.

    Identify these people and the source of their anger… it’s that simple.

    Look for the marginalized, disaffected, and ignorant, people with nothing to lose. There are a lot of them… ask yourself, why is that? And move to fix it.

    Look for their source of anger… that should be as apparent as the nose on our own face, why do we antaganize the third world? Move to stop it.

    But when I read that in a church — a house of worship — after the president’s speech, thunderous applause arose at the prospect of vengeance… I doubt that things will get better,

    So, our life and liberty will be increasingly at risk, because greedy nations and leaders, driven by even greedier financial interests, continue to nurture our hatred of the ignorant and oppressed sharing our planet, even as the greedy nurture the oppressed’s hatred of us.

  16. Tom — Seems like you can’t read.

  17. Pastor Tom Newton April 17, 2013 at 11:39 am

    StopDrone/strikes – so in your estimate what happen in Boston is justified?

    Further proof that the rev is “Blind” in mind and body

    Seems the writer is suggesting that killing people by remote control just creates more terrorists…HOW U turn this into support for what happened in Boston…is beyond my comprehension

  18. This truly must be a sign from the heavens..or hell
    The Pinhead/bar hopping/should be forced to retire..scribbler
    DIDN”T try to blame what happened in Boston..or Cornwall on Jamie or CFN…truly a happy day….NOT

  19. Ephesians 6:12
    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”


    Final attack on the Waco Branch Davidian compound: April 19, 1993.

    Oklahoma City bombing: April 19th, 1995.

    Columbine school shooting: April 20, 1999.

    Virginia Tech shooting: April 16, 2007.

    Boston Marathon bombing: April 15, 2013

    Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, nothing to see here. Things happen. They’re meaningless. Go back to watching your TV – especially CNN. (Constantly Negative Network)

    See for yourself how they mesmorize @ the 4:40 mark…

  20. People need to question and examine tragedies critically, without being gagged or held back.

    “It’s over!!”, was the joyous pronouncement of one Boston resident. This, in response to a microphone being shoved in her face as a reporter gathered a few seconds of filler for the “infotainment” that news broadcasts have become.

    It’s not over.

    This happened in the United States of America… most bombing victims are now in debt for their hospital treatment, years of therapy, prosthetics, lost jobs, lost breadwinners.

    America’s social safety net for these consequences, is either non-existent or so full of holes as to be non-existent.

    Ironically, law enforcement, hospital and city workers willl make their overtime claims, and the transit workers and others that stayed home for a day likely be paid any way… And there is nothing particularly wrong with that…

    But it is sad that the innocent victims will be devastated physically and materially for years to come, and the horrific tragedy is already slipping away to the inner newspages into the ads and horoscopes and sports.

    The question of the larger tragedy, of the lifelong victims, will just not be interesting enough, too very soon.

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