Alleged Elder Abuser Dr. Sheridan Diaz Claims Trial is About Gay Marriage Rights at Cornwall Ontario Trial

jg2CFN – In an unusual twist Dr. Sheridan (Sherry) Diaz suggested that her trial was more about Gay Marriage and spousal rights than Elder Abuse.

Dr. Diaz looked a bit like the Black Dahlia, dressed in black and forcefully tapping her finger on the table at documents for her lawyer James Harbic who himself savaged Dr. Anna Blinkina.

The demure and petite Doctor Blinkina was visibly shaken during a recess near lunchtime where she was comforted by other media.

Mr. Harbic hammered at the Doctor about a complaint filed against Dr. Blinkina by a patient being treated by Dr. Blinkina that filed a complaint, a complaint signed by Dr. Diaz.   This scribbler is not sure if that was done to perhaps disqualify Dr. Blinkina; but for a city with one hospital it would not be unusual to have one doctor cover a lot of ground.

What is clear is that this is not your usual trial about the welfare of a senior.    The trial is in its third day and I’m wondering if three media outlets would be sitting and freezing in the courtroom if one of the parties wasn’t related to Canadian Pop Star Corey Hart who liked to wear sunglasses at night.

It has all the ingredients of a movie of the week.      Dr. Diaz and Patient X were a long time couple allegedly meeting while Dr. Diaz was doing med school in Montreal.

How they ended up in Texas, and then in Cornwall Ontario still is a mystery as there are different versions of the story from family members, friends, and what little Dr. Diaz has shared.

After getting Patient X (there is a court order initiated by Dr. Diaz’ lawyer to block the name of the alleged victim) released from the Lakeshore Hospital just outside of Montreal; complaints from neighbors drew police which resulted in Patient X ending up at Cornwall Community Hospital for nearly a month.

The most bizarre twist Wednesday was the Crown showing that Patient X did not have HIV or Aids as was claimed by Mr. Harbic.   References to a 250 page report with full notes were mind boggling.  Could you imagine if all patients required such a log?   No wonder it takes so long to see a doctor in hospitals!

The trial enters its fourth day today.

Family members for Patient X were present.      Whether this case is about a woman bravely fighting to stay with her beloved as her days start to dim with the impact of Dementia and old age or as family members allege “all about money” remains to be seen.

Sometimes a court room can’t determine the truth; but for Dr. Sherry Diaz her reputation and future are on the line, and for Cornwall Ontario we have one more Doctor at least for awhile.

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  1. If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk it probably IS a skunk.

  2. Gay marriage or not should not even enter this court case or any other discussion on whether or not a crime has been committed, after all Cornwall is well know for having gay married men hiding behind a family.

  3. Check out Dr. Diaz’s nTexas record,is she still on the run from accusations there? I believe we really need. To check out Dr.’s
    Previous records and reputations before hiring them, no matter ho hard up we are for Dr.’s. Somebody’s life might depend on those checks

  4. they talked about it the first day of the trial, she has no criminal record and the texas thing was dropped by a grand jury in the us

  5. Also the gay rights thing is just a smoke screen- this couple as been together for over 30 years already…
    This is about one marriage partner not providing the necessities of life for the other when their health started to fail due to age…elder abuse for certain….

  6. Really people, look and listen. The whole AIDS thing that Diaz attermpted to use as diversion. Is patient X alive? Yes. Is she on AIDS medications? No. Easy to verify, ask Pat Banon if she helped dispense the criticaly needed medication while reading the Lincoln Lawyer. Maybe Pat can afford a Lincoln now that she is on Arbic and Diaz’s payroll. Next timer she has to go all the way to Ottawa to meet with the defense, she will not have to take a bus. Why three apartments for Diaz, why would she go to work out billing issues on Pitt street when she did not start working there till Mid August?????? Why did she have to flee the USA, a grand jury investigation, heck just ask her bounty hunter in Pearland Texas, there is just the one and they are more than happy to disscuss the money Diaz owes them, as does 8 other law firms in the Houston area. Think for yourselves, do some research.

  7. I am a family member of patient x. I would like anyone reading this to know that this case was {MODERATED} by the daughter of patient x in order to get money to support hers and her husbands {MODERATED}. Those two list their {MODERATED} in along drawn out court case due to their{MODERATED}These are he people you all want to believe? They have been {MODERATED}they could for years, making enemies left and right, and {MODERATED} lives of almost everyone they come into contact with. {MODERATED}to gain their mothers fortune, and that includes dr diazs fortune as well. And if hey had won, {MODERATED}
    Sheridan Diaz is a wonderful woman who has out up with those drug addicts and their shit for longer than she ever should have and this is how she gets repaid. I am happy justice was served and hope for her sake this all ends and she can go on with her life in peace.

  8. This comment area is bogus and this reporter is clearly showing favouritism towards the family of patient x and not towards the truth. Shame on you. Moderate all you want, and commenters, make your assumptions all you want. The people who have done wrong here will have to live with that every day of their lives. That’s punishment enough, and if they’re heartless selves have no remorse then one can count on karma to one day knock on tier doors and hopefully karma will come soon {MODERATED}. {MODERATED} loved ones and sitting on welfare getting laid to sit around and do nothing while the rest of us working hard support their lazy good for nothing asses.

  9. Author

    Diaz Supporter CFN is not The Jerry Springer Show; or Maury Povich either. If you feel as strongly as you do then perhaps you could post your actual name and not hide behind a fake name launching attacks?

    We do not allow potentially false or defamatory material to be posted. We do not allow personal attacks from “sock puppet” id’s. We have exceptionally high standards we are quite proud of. With over 40,000 comments on CFN I think our rules should be respected.

    If you want to take a shot at someone come out of the shadows or STFU.

  10. You are right. But these people have nothing on jerry springer. The only difference is they {MODERATED} They have now spent more tax dollars and wasted time and money and energy on a farce. {MODERATED} human beings taking advantage wherever they can. Dr Diaz would do well to rid herself of these animals.

  11. Dr. Diaz is an amazing person and doctor. I believe what she went through was treatment unwarranted and unfair by those accusers, in fact I have witnessed one of the accusers….let’s say her name starts with “Dr.R” strongly advise a very very ill patient to leave her husband without investigating the situation or interviewing him to know the mind frame she was in. I believe that this particular accuser is reckless and impulsive, not to mention unscrupulous as she initiated and organized the witch hunt that has ruined Dr. Diaz’s life. People….don’t be so hasty to hate and give someone the benefit of the doubt when deserved.

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