Rudderless SD&SG Wynne Liberals Take Beating in Local Media Before Ontario Budget by Jamie Gilcig – May 2, 2013

Bernie Boo BooCFN – Local Liberals in SD&SG Ontario have been taking a walloping in local media of late.   The ridingJim Brownell still has not replaced it’s last offering, former Cornwall Council member  Mark MacDonald, who took the place of retiring MPP Jim Brownell.

The Buzz is that Cornwall city councilor Bernadette Clement (pictured left) is all but their candidate of choice after gaining some high profile action after the falling on the sword by Dalton McGuinty transition to new Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The Liberals lost the long time riding to Conservative MPP Jim McDonell who was a first time MPP candidate.

The Tim Hudak led Conservative’s have been calling for the Liberal Minority government to fall for lack of confidence, and that rests in the hands of NDP leader Andrea Howarth.

Locally the Liberals have taken a pounding as release after release from the MPP has been printed in other media with such slug lines as;

McDonell hammers Liberals over power debacle

McDonell takes aim at Liberals over power debacle

MPP wages war on red tape


  1. The liberals don’t stand a chance in this riding provincially at the moment. And if they put Bernadette in, that’ll most likely succeed in damaging the party even further. Bernadette should exit politics as she obviously cannot do the right thing and speak up for the people that put her in her position at city council. With performance being displayed like this at the municipal level, what do you think will happen at the provincial or federal levels?

  2. Amen to that!

  3. The emperess needs new teeth.

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