Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger Triggers State of Emergency to Host 350 Kashechewan Flood Victims at NAV Can Facility

Kashechewan_mapCFN – The City of Cornwall will be hosting as many as 350 residents from the northern Ontario community of Kashechewan who are being evacuated due to flooding concerns.

The displaced residents will begin arriving at the Cornwall Regional Airport this afternoon (Sunday May 5), with the first flight scheduled to arrive at 1:30 pm. Additional flights will continue through the afternoon and evening hours. From there, they will be transported to the NAV CENTRE on Montreal Road where they will be housed and provided meals for the duration of their stay.

Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) is currently working with a number of northern Ontario communities that are facing flooding challenges as a result of rapid snow melt and rainfall. In response to the flooding concerns, the communities involved and EMO are making plans to evacuate citizens.

The first evacuees to arrive in Cornwall will include the elderly, expecting mothers, young children and their guardians and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.

At approximately 10 am on Sunday May 5, Mayor Bob Kilger declared a state of emergency for the City of Cornwall to serve as a host community for the evacuees. As per the City’s Emergency Plan and protocol, officials from a variety of City departments have gathered to coordinate the logistics of this situation, along with officials from Emergency Management Ontario. There is no expected direct impact to the residents of Cornwall as a result of this emergency.

The City of Cornwall will be entering into an agreement with Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada (AANDC) for full cost recovery for the event. AANDC will be deploying a representative to Cornwall to assist with expenditure approvals and to work with the City and the Kashechewan residents.

It is unknown at this time exactly how long the Kashechewan residents will be staying in Cornwall.

“We did host Kashechewan evacuees on a previous occasion in 2005, and we have the capacity and logistics to handle this event,” said Kim Coe-Turner, NAV CENTRE General Manager.

The displaced Kashechewan residents will be received at the Cornwall Regional Airport and transported via motor coach to the NAV CENTRE. The Red Cross will be on hand to assist with this effort. St. John’s Ambulance and the Salvation Army have been also been placed on alert in the event their assistance is required.

At this time there is no need for community donations or volunteers. However if it is determined that there is a need, those details will be provided as soon as possible.

Additional updates will be provided as new information becomes available. It is requested that media respect the privacy of the displaced residents and refrain from seeking interviews until such time as all evacuees have been established in their accommodations.

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  1. Are the local First Nations going to be helping out in any way?

  2. Recall if you will, the time of need for all flight redirected to Goose Bay, Nfld. coming from Europe back in 9/11.

    The help ALL NEWFANLANDERS offered with billeting (not needed in this event) feeding, laundry, fresh underwear and other cloths and much much more were provided with glee.

    Cornwall must maintain the same vigilance of concern and care for these displaced Ontarians. Keep a close eye/ear for any needs you may be able to provide if needed.

    Despite or because of varying culture shock differences, we must resolve to overcome our own negative or adverse views. They need our open arms welcome PERIOD.

    Do not be afraid to wave, shake hands of welcome, smile and ask fair and common sense questions and offer prayer sof hope for them to be in comfort here and able to transit back as soon as the
    authorities give the okay

    Once returning home, they must have only good memories of their stay, of the new people they met……you know the idea by now.

    Perhaps there is/was no need to this added note but I just know that as Cornwallite’s, you will be there for them.

    They in turn will gain fond friendships and beautiful memories to last them a lifetime.


  3. Fair question perhaps by Reg. Coffey, but why even ask. That decision will be made on their own decisions and how/when they communicate their willingness to the local authorities.

    My take is why don’t we all participate. It is about time we met with each other in a mutual need project anyway, isn’t it.

    Sometimes one persons troubles can act as a catalyst to quell local concerns and difficulties.

    Fair enough?

  4. This response to a crisis is excellent. Also demonstrates that the Cornwall airport (which should be expanded) and NAV Canada are great resources.

    I don’t understand why Cornwall has to declare a state of emergency. Is that the usual protocol?

  5. Hope you good people remember something VERY IMPORANT……those from their region will not likely be able to handle our foods 100%. So you able bodied fryers and bakers out their make lots of appropriate inquiries beforehand alright.

    We could do good’ them with spoiler packages right into a hospital with stomach cramps and other things. Perhaps this might be where our good friends on Cornwall Island MIGHT be able to help out, besides the people themselves.

    I suspect if too many great foods are offered, especially the desert kind, chocolate bars, candies etc. we’ll send them back in need of a good dental follow up too.

    Again, that phrase, ‘common sense’ approach is so very important.

    If you were in a starvation scenario off a desert venture, you would not want to gulp down a lot of food and water right away.

    Best to you, you are all wonderful.

    Hey, if council wants redemption for ANYTHING THAT COMES TO MIND IN THIS CITY, lets see them and the Mayor over at the NAV digging right in in anyway they can. Just saying.

  6. Perhaps our involved support persons can take stock/inventory if you will of clothing articles, toys, dolls etc and see if places besides the Salvation Amy, Agape and even Value village can inexpensively come through for many of them, especially the children.

    From their wouldn’t it be nice if the NAV would open their back doors to receive items from individual contributors right at their back doors that they could provide for the Kashechewan Indians.

    If you can not help, or even be allowed to show support in a time of need, what good are you at any other time?

    Perhaps some hardware stores can check to see what hardware will be needed to repair and rebuild once home again. Floods can cause so much damage that rebuilds are almost impossible to avoid to avoid mold and mildew build ups etc.

    Anything from hammers n’ nails n’ stuff……..get a check list and each business or group can arrange for a pallet of helpful items to be sent up for them as well.

    What say you……never enough can be suggested too soon…..only NOT enough can be done ‘too late’.

    Other ideas anyone?

  7. A further concern comes to mind and quite frankly it needs to be expressed openly right from the get go.

    As I recall, the last time the NAV was used in this way, an awful lot of negative criticism was heard, the whinnying kind that our Northern citizens left untoward residues of the bodily kind in the most obviously wrong places within their rooms and elsewhere and that in OUR arrogant misunderstanding minds made mountains out of mole hills regarding cleanliness, some aroma or even smell issues at the NAV.

    Please allow me to remind you that if these good well meaning people of perhaps an indigenous culture spit on a window, or express disappointments in anyway about our misdirected concerns, then shame on you.

    Brick an mortar, paint and gyprock, flooring and ceilings, windows and doors, are frankly simple material issues compared to our over all heart and soul of the matter.


    Consider this, if an old tardy, sloven, beggar came to your place of worship or mall and asked for your help, FIRST ask, WWJD…..what would Jesus do. You get the idea, so let judgement be HIS NOT ours. Take on this challenge and then, SHUT UP ABOUT THESE ISSUES. They will be handles as they arrive and after our charges leave…RIGHT!

    Thanks guys.

  8. I wonder if the city or other group/volunteers can provide tours to city places, functions, events for our temporary neighbors.

    A city bus could be used for special venues to help relieve their boredom and getting on each others nerves.

    A trip to a Dairy Queen, Coopers March (?), Upper Canada Village,
    a movie or a few of them.

    You get the picture. Will this be pat of our taking care of them, on their behalf? I know I wouldn’t want to be sitting around cupped up, that’s for sure.

    Sure they have the pool and work out room a well as a restaurant but they are not in a lock down here.

    Can any of these places themselves make offers of acceptance.

    Can anyone, will anyone be available to co-ordinate such outings?

  9. If I was a ( and G_d thank you for giving me the freedom to choose to not be influenced by political or economical means to have to bend over and take it) Nav Can employee ( poor Lumley, Kilger. Warner, Lauzon cousins and a few good discharged military folk) I would go on strike for the shit-storm of third world disrespect about to shit all over the walls of this grasping prententious attempt at Cornwall hospitality. Diapers? This is perhaps the most inhospitable of all towns on the globe. Will Sue Stewart be handing out {MODERATED} at the door? Gilles offering financial advice to the {MODERATED} ? Lecky bringing them skating? Maybe? Hide the flammables, Son, cause these {MODERATED} will sniff and burn anything.

  10. Wow!

    Sad, really sad. Right maybe, at least some of lt.

    But we have a major cultural gap and what then would be there alternative, let alone OURS.

    Turn of events will say won’t they.

    Wow, you have a right to spew your reasoning’s based on history, but choices are few here.

    Hey. we could have corralled them at the Bob Turner but how will they ever see other than their own gates of hell.

  11. A State of Emergency is declared by the mayor to ensure that the tax payers receive compensation from provincial and federal monies.

    Without declaring, the city could be on the hook for the costs.

    The mayor followed established procedures to protect our taxpayer $$$.

  12. The declaration also triggers the cities Emergency plan to bring the needed agencies together with a coordinated effort.

    There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we don’t see.

  13. Maybe for once we can all forget about money and tax payer dollars and help out people in need. Money is always replaceable…a human life isn’t. Let’s improve Cornwall’s image for the positive and let us be known by helping out our fellow man

  14. Gerry:

    That is exactly what the City of Cornwall and it’s dedicated citizens are doing.

    Every other community assisting the people of Kashechewan will be doing the same thing and “improving” their image.

    When the provincial government came calling, it is Cornwall’s image of being able to respond that brought the phone call.

  15. What Mr Kilger sees here is a gauranteed revenue boost to the city. Can anyone believe Bob can care for anything that does not benefit his or his associates standing?

    Why a state of emergency? Why not just help?? Or why not send them over the bridge and live in what may be a more comfortble and familiar surrounding.

    Local guy is 100% on the money. The undercurrents are massive on these ventures. If you want transparency ask council to make public the costs and revenue from this situation.

  16. Did Bob Kilger and the City Council leave us enough money to pay for this State of Emergency?

  17. Hailey and Stan, you ègentlemenè are off the mark and a little foggy here.

    Mayor Kilgour did the RIGHT thing on behalf of the city by declaring the ‘State of Emergency’. This was DEFINITELY about city money but just the OPPOSITE of a cost to us. By his declaration, monies come from budgets wth the FEDERAL government and ALL COSTS WILL BE MANAGED THROUGH THEM.

    Any issues with Mr. KILGOUR are entirely separate and LOCAL. In this instance we ought to commend him for accepting this challenge on behalf of our city but more importantly, for the humanity CORNWALL teams get to support in such a professional way as they have planned and prepared to do.

    Kindly place your negativity towards him and council on a separate plate.

    Thanks Guy. Please get with the programs as we need YOU, YES, you to pick up your socks on behalf of our Ontario citizens who are in dire straits and very possibly losing some of their homes.

    Any inferences about going elsewhere like or the bridge is simply garbage talk. We have a place and they can ALL be together to support each other knowing it is not necessary to worry about any of their own.

    Put yourself in their shoes. Now, ‘what is it YOU can do for country’, not the other way around at this time?

    Some have offered to volunteer their time and services however, call list are being made up and may not be needed. Whether that is due to ‘liability concerns’ or any other I do not really know but from what I saw, they have everything well planned and well organized way ahead of us.

  18. Dave Windsor: what have you been smoking?

  19. Dave you mis the point, What Bob did was deal to earn the city revenue from the government, be it federal or provincial, on the back of the needy once again.

    Typical for Cornwall bring in and encourage people that really offer no business gain nor growth opportunity.

    Now berfore you all accuse me of descrimination and hatred for aborignals bite your tongue.

    I support the concerns and i definitely would like them to have a fair shake, but to bring a people countless Km to a city that really offers nothing to its current populus how can you think Kilger is doing more then extorting more money from government

    and for what cause?

    I bet most of these people at first will find Cornwall entertaiing but in the end they will probably fly their own planes to get back home.

  20. sorry about the spelling on that one

  21. Stan and Hailey, I respect your comments, but I don’t smoke or toke(?) and your rub with Bob is YOURS and those that would agree with you.

    On that I hold y peace.

    Kind regards.

  22. Last line… ‘On that I hold ‘my’ peace.

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