Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger Hits Panic Button Again at Taxpayer Expense by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN –  Maybe it’s old age?  Maybe Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger simply is losing his legs, but for the second time in less than 3 months he’s hit the panic button; this time calling a State of Emergency in Cornwall for some of the flood victims from Kashechewan Ontario who will be billeting at the NAV facility.

It’s an odd situation.   After all there are hotels and accommodation all over Ontario; far closer than Cornwall.     The Federal government has a long history with the NAV CAN facility and it has the capacity; but to call a State of Emergency?

City releases state that the costs will be covered by other levels of government, but surely taxpayers pay the freight at the end of the day.

Does it really matter which pocket you reach into to pay when it’s all coming from the same pair of pants?

When the Jehovah’s Witnesses invade Cornwall in the Summer thousands attend and stay.   Do we roll out Emergency plans then?    Do we have city managers pop into a crisis meeting on a Sunday?

The City’s plan is right here for all to read.   LINK  The plan has not been updated for 7 years.

An emergency is defined as a situation or an impending situation (threat) caused by the forces of nature, an accident, an intentional act or otherwise that constitutes a danger of  major proportions to life or property.
An emergency is distinct from routine operations carried out by municipal agencies, such as fire fighting, police activities, and normal hospital routine.

Of course there was no flooding in Cornwall.   And there have been floods and emergencies in other communities.   Also, the flood victims were coming to NAV with or without the participation of the City of Cornwall. After all there is no law with filling hospitality rooms in a former Federal facility with large cafeteria and facilities.

Those rooms, meals, and services will all be paid with tax dollars.   Why does the City of Cornwall need to coordinate less than 400 people?

Are these people moving to Cornwall?  Are they different or special than any other Canadians?   It’s great that the governments are coming to the aid of the flood victims of Kashechewan Ontario, again, but is our mayor so desperate to get some positive ink that he’s adding to the heavy workload of of our city departments and services?   Does any of this make any sense to you our amazing CFN viewers?

It’s boggling to this scribbler, but can taxpayers trust a Mayor and his henchman to say this won’t cost Cornwall taxpayers after refusing to answer basic questions about how much has been spent on the Whistle Blowing and Fitzpatrick scandals or even how much they have spent on media and where in 2012?

We have no idea how long the flood victims will be at NAV.  Hopefully for awhile so that the facility can benefit.

There is a State of Emergency in Cornwall Ontario; but it has nothing to do with these poor flood victims or exploiting their situation by a Mayor looking for some positive ink.

Tuesday night at 5 PM there’s a special meeting of City Council regarding the Stephen Fournier report of how the Kilger council handled the Whistleblower situation.   LINK

There’s a protest before the meeting.  Will you be there?

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I am following CFN stories with a keen interest, almost no matter the subject. I am finding most of the media, does not report all angles, or facts- only the ones that leaves them beholden to a city hall agenda, or that paints favour upon them. Not so with CFN, and it is refreshing to watch alternative media cover things, with a more honest perspective. I appreciate it. It gives me hope for Oshawa and the massive problems we face here with a dark city hall agenda against the residents. Thanks.

  2. I have two comments. They will be denoted below with the numerical 1 and 2.

    2) Is this really happening? Bullshit.

  3. No life alert button for Kilger! He would be abusing all the services AGAIN into his retirement years.

    I think he has used his panic button again as a distraction to try to make Cornwall look like a good city, yet it isn’t a good enough one for his a$$ to live in! Kilger will do and say anything to sway the people away from what is really happening downtown with all the whistleblowing going on.

    Go forward and let the truth be told!!!!!

  4. What a desperate old loser in life and family, this ex-MP, and rotting old piece of flesh. Check his personal history, his public life and medical interventions… He is simply an old man watching his life and even his delusional self-importance slip away.

    He is now grandstanding at the expense of a community uprooted from their homes and way of life. Bob has run out in front of the parade of agencies caring for these people and pretending he is the leader.

    He is first and foremost a disgrace to Cornwall, and secondly, too foolish to know he is a disgrace to himself and his kin.

  5. I feel sorry for these people…maybe they should just stay at the Nav centre…
    Think the real emergency IS
    If this place can take in 400 at the drop of the hat…whats happening there the other 364 days of the year
    Seems somebody must be paying big bucks to keep this place afloat..and i kinda think..its probably the taxpayers…

  6. Like MacIntosh going out of his way to make a mockery of the whistleblowers, our Mayor has chosen to make a mockery of State of Emergency. Really. The citizens are not involved; our City is not involved; it is a private facility, NAV CAN, that has agreed to accept the Ministry’s request; and apparently, all costs will be paid by the First Nations? What has been the City’s position over the years with regard to this annual event? Gee, could it possibly have been to suggest that all the funds used to relocate these people far distances might better be spent to build a safe annual shelter closer to their homes? Just a thought. We as a community will always go out of our way to help those in need. We have proven that time and time again. We are good people. We do not need some idiot declaring a bogus state of emergency to say that we are good.

  7. A CTV broadcast had Bob (absentee mayor of Cornwall) Kilger on the phone talking about the evacuated residents of Kashechewan that are being housed in Cornwall.

    Kilger kept referring to a “facility” and was obviously uncertain that it is called the NavCentre… he didn’t know that it is owned by NavCanada, and in fact said it was owned by the Canadian Airlines Association — a non-existent organization he apparently made up on the spot.

    One would think that a city mayor could spend more time in Cornwall paying attention to the community, and less time bedding down at the Ottawa gal pal’s pad.

    His most recent interview was just cliche and political “no speak”, and, I don’t know maybe he’s medicated. At any rate he’s a crappy representative.

  8. Self-aggrandizing: exhibiting self-importance and “big talk”

    This is exploitation of the people who are in a crisis. Shame.

  9. La ville de Fossoli oh how I love that one. It contains old fossils from God knows when. Just look at the mayor and council who are so mighty old that they can hardly remember where they are or who Nav Canada belongs to or anything else for that matter. La ville de Fossoli is where old fossils go to die and the rest who are alive or semi alive are brain dead. I love that name for sure and it is Canada’s crotch for sure. The mayor sounding the alarm again. I go there now and then to have a good laugh – la gaffe de Fossoli. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  10. A state of emergency would be if Cornwall had an emergency which it does not,these poor people coming in to Navcan certainly do. Cornwall has opened its doors about 8 years ago to a tribe near Brockville, The Federal Government sent these people to Navcan, they were coming anyway,Bobblehead had nothing to do with it,Government just making use of a white elephant from Lumley screw-ups! Liberals;(

  11. “Council ..under repair” ….” exercise in human solidarity.” The Freeholder sucks the {MODERATED} that feeds it again. What a load of bullshit!

  12. Yet another display of attempting to deflect the focus off the dysfunction of Cornwall’s political reality. A gross indication of the true level of competency at city hall. This was no state of emergency for Cornwall, call it what it what you will, it in the end was simply an act of charity, pure and simple ! Over reaction by a group desperate to display some credibility only to fall yet again flat on their … well you get my point here.

    Time to get a grip on our future!

  13. Bare Ass is just that “the emperor has no clothes” and any intelligent person can see through the veneer of Bare Ass. He is “narcistic” a mental condition just like people have described thinking mighty highly of himself and giving himself gratuity when all the time he is doing nothing but sick people like himself are delusional and living in their own little world with the help of that “clawd” Claude Mac and Cheese and without that idiot writing about him people would simply ignore it all. Get away from the filthy toilet paper of record SF and read what is real and not fiction.

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