Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger Hits Panic Button Again at Taxpayer Expense by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger Hits Panic Button Again at Taxpayer Expense by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN –  Maybe it’s old age?  Maybe Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger simply is losing his legs, but for the second time in less than 3 months he’s hit the panic button; this time calling a State of Emergency in Cornwall for some of the flood victims from Kashechewan Ontario who will be billeting at the NAV facility.

It’s an odd situation.   After all there are hotels and accommodation all over Ontario; far closer than Cornwall.     The Federal government has a long history with the NAV CAN facility and it has the capacity; but to call a State of Emergency?

City releases state that the costs will be covered by other levels of government, but surely taxpayers pay the freight at the end of the day.

Does it really matter which pocket you reach into to pay when it’s all coming from the same pair of pants?

When the Jehovah’s Witnesses invade Cornwall in the Summer thousands attend and stay.   Do we roll out Emergency plans then?    Do we have city managers pop into a crisis meeting on a Sunday?

The City’s plan is right here for all to read.   LINK  The plan has not been updated for 7 years.

An emergency is defined as a situation or an impending situation (threat) caused by the forces of nature, an accident, an intentional act or otherwise that constitutes a danger of  major proportions to life or property.
An emergency is distinct from routine operations carried out by municipal agencies, such as fire fighting, police activities, and normal hospital routine.

Of course there was no flooding in Cornwall.   And there have been floods and emergencies in other communities.   Also, the flood victims were coming to NAV with or without the participation of the City of Cornwall. After all there is no law with filling hospitality rooms in a former Federal facility with large cafeteria and facilities.

Those rooms, meals, and services will all be paid with tax dollars.   Why does the City of Cornwall need to coordinate less than 400 people?

Are these people moving to Cornwall?  Are they different or special than any other Canadians?   It’s great that the governments are coming to the aid of the flood victims of Kashechewan Ontario, again, but is our mayor so desperate to get some positive ink that he’s adding to the heavy workload of of our city departments and services?   Does any of this make any sense to you our amazing CFN viewers?

It’s boggling to this scribbler, but can taxpayers trust a Mayor and his henchman to say this won’t cost Cornwall taxpayers after refusing to answer basic questions about how much has been spent on the Whistle Blowing and Fitzpatrick scandals or even how much they have spent on media and where in 2012?

We have no idea how long the flood victims will be at NAV.  Hopefully for awhile so that the facility can benefit.

There is a State of Emergency in Cornwall Ontario; but it has nothing to do with these poor flood victims or exploiting their situation by a Mayor looking for some positive ink.

Tuesday night at 5 PM there’s a special meeting of City Council regarding the Stephen Fournier report of how the Kilger council handled the Whistleblower situation.   LINK

There’s a protest before the meeting.  Will you be there?

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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