Is Cornwall Ontario’s State of Emergency Over? Kashechwan Flood Victims Return Home After Four Days

Kashechewan_mapCFN – The City of Cornwall is waving goodbye to our visitors from Northern Ontario after four days.   Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall had initiated a State of Emergency in Cornwall to allegedly accommodate our visitors.

No requests from the public were asked during the brief stay of the flood victims.

From the City:

Cornwall’s guests from up north will be bidding the city good-bye today as they return home to Kashechewan Ontario.  360 evacuees are scheduled to board 10 flights departing from the Cornwall Regional Airport today. The first flight departed shortly after 11:30 am.

Flooding concerns have subsided in Kashechewan, which sits on the banks of the Albany River near James Bay. Chief Derek Stephen has recalled his people back to their community.

The Kashechewan residents evacuated to Cornwall included elderly residents, expectant mothers and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. Over 150 children were also part of that group.

The Federal Government will be covering all expenses related to the evacuation during the past week.

The city has not confirmed if the State of Emergency has been lifted here in Cornwall nor if the Federal government is covering any of the city costs for overtime for poor management that had to come to work on a Sunday.

Geez this was so embarrassing for Cornwall…  you can post your comments below.

Jim Moak


  1. Just so totally ridiculous to make a state of emergency when there was none,if bob ever gets a medical alert button LOL he,ll be pushing the button on a regular basis …such an embarrassment to Cornwall indeed!!!

  2. In Sunday and out by Friday… with all the travel, accommodations, and coordination of agencies and support services handled by the great white mother (the crown), but coming out of our pocket.

    This is not the first or last time — apparently they still builld houses with basements in the Kashachewan swamp.

    It’s not an emergency at all, it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

    On the bright side… Cornwall will be making a cool profit when they finish the inflated billing for city services, and NavCanada the same, for the lavish food and accommodation (along with a hefty bill for damage and vandalism done to the facility).

  3. In reality, this doing was more damage control for our Mayor to cover up his wrongdoings at City Hall than to help the flood victims. I am glad that Cornwall was able to give the victims aid but I am also smart enough to see the real reason for this cities action. Watch now Cornwall voters and see more Damage Control over the next few months from our Mayor and Council to prepare themselves for the next election. Shame! Shame!

  4. The only thing possibly more embarrassing than this latest error in judgement by our elected officials would be being Claude McIntosh.

    Imagine if you will someone who finds great humour in making fun of an entire community just to sell a failing newspaper. Is this desperation to maintain a paycheck or just a true indication of his professional capabilities ? Really does any one care ?

    Reminds me of an athlete that just doesn’t know that they should have hung it up long ago and gone out on a high note. No accounting for common sense, or dignity for that matter. Just an opinion.

  5. @ LASSIE

    There is no bright side. There is only the taxpayer left holding an empty wallet or purse. Maybe some day we will all get it, just not today unfortunately !

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