One Sided Story by the Cornwall Standard Freeholder over CFN Lawsuit Against the Mayor & City of Cornwall



CFN –    Omg!  One of the local media in Cornwall actually picked up the story of CFN issuing suit against the Mayor and the City over the incident of the February 25th Council meeting where Mayor Bob Kilger hit the panic button and had me removed from council because he didn’t like the t shirt I was wearing.

For those of you that never saw the shirt that’s the image that was printed on it. (right)

Sadly the Standard Freeholder oddly enough didn’t practice standard journalistic craft in putting together their piece.

First off they did not contact or speak with myself or my co-owner.  With only quotes from the Mayor and city clerk there is no balance to Cheryl Brink’s piece.  And Ms Brink knew about the lawsuit the night I served the  papers in Council as I shared it with the media table upon my return.

Two, for some reason, they refuse to refer to us as a Newspaper which CFN most certainly is.   We are an online newspaper.  We are the most read newspaper in Cornwall Ontario.  We’re on Google as newspaper, and sites like the Canadian equivalent to the Drudge Report  Oddly enough the Free Holder isn’t there.

What they and the mayor do when the slur CFN is not only disrespect a local company, but they are disrespecting our over 42,00o viewers per month and sponsors; some of whom are the same as their own.  Does that make sense?

Taking a quick peek at CFN is miles ahead in the rankings as well with a Canadian score of 4,435 and are the #9 website overall in Cornwall (the Free Holder is ranked 6,464 with no mention of a Cornwall ranking)with over 1/3 of the population of Cornwall Ontario clicking at least once on content on CFN in April, and that doesn’t count our Social media streams on Facebook and Twitter.   Our score is 65 (100 being best) while the Free Holders is only 53 and the Ottawa Citizen is 7o for comparison.

I doubt that Ms Brink could produce a receipt for accessing the court documents.   The piece looks like what it is; city spin with a city that refuses to state how much was spent on advertising in 2012 which if presented would show the Free-Holder at the top of the list.

For example CFN charged for all of 2011 to post the City Bulletin less than the Free Holder charged per month and in 2012 CFN sent more web traffic to the City’s website from old archived banners than the advertisers they were paying in 2012. (info from the city of Cornwall)

I guess Friday night will be Claude McIntosh calling me a pinhead again and telling the world what a swell guy Bob Kilger is; maybe he’ll come up with some startling revelation.

But if a picture is a 1000 words how many are video?

Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee who is the only minority shareholder of CFN had the following to say.

Our lawsuit is a reasonable last resort effort to hold the Mayor and the city responsible for it’s discriminatory actions against our business. The Mayor’s interpretation of the rules too often has to be defended by lawyers instead of using common sense and decency.

As for Ms Brink and her employer I personally find it sad that the Free Holder behaves in this most unprofessional manner.   I was taught that there is a responsibility for telling the truth in media; something I know in far too many cases doesn’t occur.  Omission can be perceived by some to be a form of not telling the truth.

The Freeholder also isn’t allowing comments on Ms Brink’s epic.  Another red flag when it comes to truth telling.

Helen papersAre some people that afraid of the truth?  I was asked why I chose to issue suit against the mayor and city.   The answer is simple.  To get the Mayor on a stand, under oath, so that some simple truths could be shared.    The route chosen was the fastest one available in our court system; the one that could be delayed the least.

Maybe, just maybe,  some truth will be exposed.   It will be an open court and the public will be able to come and watch the proceedings.   And again, according to the report from Ms Brink if accurate,  the city again is having to pay the Mayor’s legal bills instead of him being accountable for his own actions.

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  1. Go gett’em Jamie! Klilger deserves everything coming to him! Wish he’d just pack up and leave town for good and stop wasting taxpayer money on lawyers to protect his cruel and corrupt ways!!
    Best wishes to you and your business. I have 100% for you as a person and a businessman. Anything written in the Freeholder could be done much better by the average monkey. No true/fair journalism there.

  2. Your freedom of expression violated and taken advantage of. There is nothing wrong with that t-shirt. In fact I can think of a lot more (and nasty) things that I would have on my t-shirt that would describe Kilger. In fact ol ” Bobbie should thank you for only wearing that!

  3. Jamie you are the only newspaper that I read. I don’t even look at Ottawa’s newspapers or any other except yours the CFN and do you know why – because you tell the truth. No major “toilet paper of record” tells the people the truth. Everything is sanitized before the people see it and that is all papers worldwide but especially Follolli’s which is a joke.

    I can say that I do have plenty of laughs coming here and lots of being upset as well when I see what is going on but at least the truth comes out. The taxes will go through the roof as long as these insane antics keep on happening with Bare Ass and his gang of goons. I have other words but I get moderated. LOL LOL. ROLF! We all know who they are. Is there an empty boxcar around to throw Bare Ass and his goons on and send them so far away that we would never hear about them ever again? Gee I wish that we can do just that.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with that T-shirt that you wore and I bet anything that the people at City Hall were in agreement with you wearing that T-shirt. I love it and I would do even more than what you are doing and you know me by now that I would go to more extreme and then he (Bare Ass) would be even more upset then you would have to visit me in the clink here in Ottawa. LOL LOL. Fossoli’s Barney Fife PD would have a field day with me but at least they are a great deal more gentle than Ottawa’s cops that is for sure.

    Every time I need a good laugh I put on that video and I will do that now. It is so funny.

  4. Speaking about the Drudge it is a very good paper indeed with the truth going on in the US. Another good paper is by Joseph Ferrah (a Lebanese American) and I forget the name of the paper just now – senior moments that is.

  5. Good luck with the lawsuit I may not agree with all you say at times but you do have earned my respect for standing up for our rights for Free Speech and making us aware of the corruption and cover ups going at City Hall. Bob Kilger may be used to that at Parliament Hill but here in Cornwall we don’t take too kindly to Scoundrel activity and wasting of taxpayers dollars. Hopefully this will lead to the truth and repayment of Kilger’s lawyer bills

  6. I just looked at the video again Jamie and you were very polite with Fossoli’s Barney Fife PD. Compared to Ottawa’s cops they are polite in general terms. I have never had run ins with Ottawa’s cops except when my son had a car destroyed by a man who pushed on the breaks and destroyed for cars at a nearby mall and the lady cop was very nice that came to see us.

    I think that Bare Ass changed a lot since his cancer surgery where he went under mentally and physically and should never have stayed on that job. Mayor Lastman of Toronto left the job as mayor since ones health interferes with ones job. Jamie you are not a pinhead and a good and intelligent person and you get the truth across without sanitizing it so much. I had a good laugh for now watching the video.

  7. Author

    Thanks Jules. One day the full story will come out; one way or another…

  8. Al the best Jamie. Bottom line, you are asking for equal treatment, period.

    Seems you have divided city due to your honesty in reporting.

    Bias sure a strong motivation to harm someone who has the guts to tell the truth.

    We’ll be watching.

  9. I am embarrassed to say this is our mayor, he is acting like a child. When your job is politics this is what you should expect if you can’t handle it, look for another job!!!

  10. I don’t think the article was too bad. One-sided, yes.

  11. I just came on at this late hour since Rogers was down and we have had plenty of that lately. Just now on I see where Mike Duffy is stepping down – he is one of the senators in trouble because of his housing expense, etc. Harper has corruption in his cabinet as well and I can’t wait for the senate to be abolished or to be an elected senate like the US.

    I think that people of Cornwall will hear plenty about Bare Ass and his gang of goons coming out. Nobody can convince me that the City of Cornwall “Fossoli” didn’t know about Robert Menagh when they hired him since those jobs are high ranking jobs and are well scrutinized. Not only that but even the little jobs like what my daughter does is well looked into who you are before being hired. I think that so much will come out about the lies and corruption and the people have to get together and push for all this to come out.

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with your T shirt and I sure had a good laugh indeed. Jamie all the best to you and to your staff working along side you. At least the net is working for now. It keeps going on and off – Rogers has a problem of some sort lately.

  12. THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THIS STORY…OR that our “guy” is quitting

    A cellphone video that appears to show Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine is being shopped around Toronto by a group of Somali men involved in the drug trade.

    Two Toronto Star reporters have viewed the video three times. It appears to show Ford in a room, sitting in a chair, wearing a white shirt, top buttons open, inhaling from what appears to be a glass crack pipe. Ford is incoherent, trading jibes with an off-camera speaker who goads the clearly impaired mayor by raising topics including Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and the Don Bosco high school football team Ford coaches.

  13. I had a good laugh the time that a TV crew of comedy knocked on Mayor Ford’s home door wanting to make a comedy sketch of some sort and he called the cops on them. LOL LOL. This guy has a colorful side as well but more on the serious side than what Mel Lastman had.

    Yes those Somalis are sure in the drug trade and we have tons of them here in Ottawa. The area where I live in South Ottawa is full of Somalis and Arabs. The day before yesterday I heard 3 gun shots and so did my husband and daughter. My husband knew that they were gun shots since he used to hunt back in his country. It isn’t unusual for that to happen here and some years back there was a shooting down the ways in a few places and I was so mighty thankful that my daughter wasn’t working the night shift in that area like what she used to do. I was sitting here at the computer and I ran in the other room wondering where it was coming from.

  14. GD these politician have no bloody shame…now the deputy mayor of Toronto is on CBC claiming the video of mayor rob ford smoking crack is a fake..
    Former crusading journalist Mike Duffy is hanging on by the “skin of his teeth” after false expense claims…it just goes on and on and on…they make me ill
    The fact that the TO mayor is anywhere near a gang of drug dealers…should be reason enough for him to step aside
    He was even asked to leave an event honoring Canada wounded soldiers because many felt he was under the influence..this guy…like our guy…is a joke

  15. Four hours..or so…before coffee break hits the streets..
    $100 says little MAC will praise wacko journalist Peter Worthington AND…take cheap shots at Jamie.

    The fact that the watering hole scribbler knows all about CFN stories means he comes to this site often..OR…like his two retracted stories…he hears about this second or third hand..then writes his column

  16. Some of tonights comments on coffee break press release..before freeholder closes the section or takes it all down

    but as one councillor noted, “considering the source of the ‘scoop’, most of us had it figured out.”
    Dear councillor…bet if u took a poll….most people in your town…would say u don’t have a clue

    Right WingNutt

    “It’s (resignation story) pure fiction.” says the Cornwall mayor thru his puppet
    It’s pure fiction..i wasn’t smoking crack with a bunch of dope dealers…TO mayor Ford


    Standard Freeholder..the only paper in Canada…to reprint a story that they were Andre Rivette fiction piece by claudes great sources…NOT


    Dear Standard Freeholder Editor
    It would seem that your columnist has taken on the role of Ron Zeigler infamous press spokesman for Richard “Watergate “Nixon

    those who don’t remember Ron Zeigler, he was Richard Nixon’s loyal-to-the-death
    press secretary. He would proclaim a lie one day, contradict the next day with
    another lie, and then finally admit that those first statements were lies,
    while assuring one and all that the country could believe today’s

  17. This is just so sad..week after week…the mayor thru his spokesman /bigMAC coffee break…try to make fun of cfn
    They are sure spending a lot of times in RangaTANGO or some other bar…dreaming up all this nonsense they throw at jamie

  18. The filthy toilet paper of record is very jealous about Jamie and no kidding Jamie this is it. You outdo that filthy rag that is so mighty archaic that intelligent people will not touch. You get the truth out whereas the rag hides everything for the corrupt bunch from the top down. Keep up the great work Jamie. You are outdoing them in the ratings.

  19. Once again the freeloader will not bite the hand that feeds them .

    But its subscribers of which they are loosing that truly support the paper.The Freeholder is playing politics of which will only damage their already tarnished image.

    Hey a little advice Standard Freeholder stick to writing the story rather then playing politics .
    You are backing a loosing team with your biased articles and this will certainly have a negative impact on your bottom line.

    Continue to hit that self destruct button!Remember you are there to serve the community and your subscribers not the local political scheme .

    I know that this subscriber and others no longer purchase your paper and we are the reason you exist.

  20. The only thing that the purpose of that toilet paper of record SF is good for is when a little dog at the Park at the Power Dam did a number on the paper. It was a hot day and a man (elderly) came along and sat down at a picnic table and picked up the dirty filthy rag of toilet paper of record and read it. Like those rich people he was too cheap to go out and buy one and the little dog knew just what purpose that rag was for when he lifted up his leg. I will never forget that little dog nor how cheap people can be. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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