Nigel Wright Resigns from Harper Government Over Mike Duffy Senate Scandal – POLL

harperCFN – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper accepted his right hand man Nigel Wright’s resignation on a Holiday Sunday as we have shared below.
The scandal, over Mr. Wright writing a cheque to cover some of the monies to be returned from Senator Mike Duffy have been rumbling this week.
The bigger question is did Mr. Harper know Mr. Wright would be writing that cheque?
And why wait until a holiday Sunday to announce the resignation?  Could it be to limit the “splash” as my political mentor Keith Beardsley, himself someone who has served three Conservative PM’s including Mr. Harper would say?
We live in a country rife with political scandals and intrigues; from Mr. Harper to Mayor Ford in Toronto and even Mayor Bob Kilger here in little Cornwall.
The issue is accountability.   Where were Mr. Trudeau and Mulcair over this scandal?   Where was the public?   It almost feels as though Mr. Harper might have followed Twitter and other Social Media sites before deciding to accept Mr. Wright’s resignation which is as much a  black mark against Mr. Harper and his government themselves as it is for Mr. Wright who simply was being a “good company man” and that this is probably only an event that was caught in the open.
mike duffyCanada, like our neighbors to the South seem to be out of control when it comes to the chicanery of our Politicians that seem to have no limits or boundaries any longer.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on the resignation of Nigel Wright:

“It is with great regret that I have accepted the resignation of Nigel Wright as my Chief of Staff.  I accept that Nigel believed he was acting in the public interest, but I understand the decision he has taken to resign.  I want to thank Nigel for his tremendous contribution to our Government over the past two and a half years.

“Our Government’s top priority is, and will continue to be, securing jobs and economic growth for Canada.  This is the focus of all our efforts and attention. “

The question is at what point to Canadians stop and say enough?  Do we really have to wait until the next election?    Mr. Wright probably will have a very cushy landing; something most Canadian taxpayers will never get.  Mr. Duffy too will probably continue to serve as a Senator drawing his considerable salary.

In a country that a woman was once fired from  a Tim Horton’s for giving a Timbit to a child for free does this make any sense?

Is it time for us to apply laws equally and not give free passes to politicians?   You can post your comments below.


  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Tories are throwing themselves under the bus, again, just like the good old days. Harper’s abuse of power and appointments are turning into a cement anchor just as the suddenly badly listing Tory ship is looking for a safe harbor to steam towards — and a new captain to get it there.
    Harper should resign. Tsk, tsk. tsk.

  2. No Harper your focus is not in ‘securing Canadian Jobs and economic development’ but rather pushing your right wing agenda on Canadians.
    My sibling, continues to defend the Conservatives, some how believing that all their woes are as a result of left waing media propaganda.
    With logic like that we are unlikely to see any change either now or in two years time. What is sad is my sibling (like many other brain washed right wing fanatics) stated that the left are hanging on to ‘their fairy tale prince Justin Trudeau’, however she would rather get her facts from Wonderland and the looking glass with characters like Humpty Duffy (you heard it first from me 😉 (Good picture CFN staff).
    As for me I am smiling like the Cheshire cat.

  3. Oh by the way, I heard that Harper is considering proroguing parliament (again) early in June to avoid the distraction over this affair in parliament. If so, it just goes to prove just how undemoctaric that Harper is and how he manipulates ‘our government’ to suit his own agenda and trys to make us forget issues that he would have to defend and debate in a legitimate parliament that actually answers to the public, instead of their well rehearsed one liners about how good they think they are doing and that it is the opposition parties that are not allowing him to get things done. (It’s hard to shake the feeling of being opposition for so many years I guess, eh Harper?).
    Look, even as a minority government the CPC acted like dictators, so what else is new.

  4. A guy gave a friend a gift. Big deal! I’ve helped several friends in hard times. Some paid me back, others paid in kind, some shirked on the debt and I don’t care. Should I be jailed for helping people on social assistance? I think not. This whole Duffy thing is stupid. He owns a house in PEI for {MODERATED} sake. What about Mac Harb and the fiberals that WILL be found out once the RCMP gets into it. The guy was just doing his Christian duty by helping out the downtrodden and for that he will be blessed and welcomed into the Kingdom of God.
    Pamela Wallin, that’s another story. But Harper can’t babysit everyone’s financials. Lefty bullshit cause they know Harper’s too smart to lose power for the next three elections with Baird as his heir apparent.

  5. I guess that ‘WOW’ is afraid to use his or her own name after posting such a post. All I have to say is Wow! See what I said abouut the brain washed Conservatives in even invoking God as being on their side.
    Maybe WOW should do a little more research into Senate and even Canadian laws regarding corruption/bribery/lies and downright stupidity on the part of Harper before defending him.
    Just go to SUN (aka FOX News North) and see how they too are blaming the Liberals and NDP.
    I knew it. Such a foolish defense of the indefensible even exists in my ill informed family. Of course, they chose to be ill informed by blaming the Liberals, NDP and probably now even The Devil for this ‘unjust criticism & lies’ about their great prophet Harper.
    Now WOW go and do your Christian duty and do 3 hail Mary’s for each of your three fallen comrades! And Pray for the BIG man. He needs all the divine intervention to get by this one.

  6. Wow! – “The whole Duffy thing is stupid.”

    Damn right it is. But what can you expect? In the words of the philosopher: “Conservatives are not necessarly stupid, but most stupid people are Conservative.”

    Now watch them try to put Humpty “Duffy’s” pieces together again.

    Good header, admin. You ask: “Where were Mr. Trudeau and Mulcair over this scandal?”

    Let me guess: Awed by the Conservatives’ stupidity. And perhaps happy to let them unravel by themselves, as they richly deserve to.

  7. OK, Dave White, the Conservatives are tyhe big bad wolf. What is the “real” alternative?

    The “Bloc” NDP?

    The Lib (with the French accent on the e)rals

    Or perhaps we want the Green Party running the show?

    Seriously, this is the answer to the age old question as to why people DO NOT vote AT ALL is because there is NO ONE of any worth to vote for. It’s a constant battle where by one is forced to vote for what will hurt you (or this country as a whole) the least, instead of who will guide this country into the future in a practical common sense type of way, the best.

    Strategically and practically speaking, common sense would tell ANYONE with a brain that forcing the 80% MAJORITY to learn French instead of letting the 17% —

    (which in reality is actually a much smaller number but i am giving the benefit of the doubt)

    — know that English is the common language of CANADA and the French can keep all the French they want in the province/Nation du Quebec but MUST adapt and know English when they venture out into the COUNTRY of Canada. You know, sort of like the French are telling the English within the province of Quebec right now when it comes to the Anglophones in Quebec. Except they have gone even further with their aspirations and simply made English illegal while whining that everyone else must adapt to THEM..

    The billions upon billions that could be saved with this one small adaptation (and also the pride of standing up for the English language and English culture) is astronomical and would go a long way as far as who the next leader should be and what direction this country SHOULD TAKE. If you open yourself up for being taken advantage of then someone (rightfully so) will go right ahead and take advantage of you.

    I for one, as an anglophone Canadian (and i believe there are many others) who at one time fought tooth and nail to keep Quebec as part of Canada, am fed up now of being taken advantage of.

    And the French accent on the e in the Liberal name is an insult to me as part of the Anglophone MAJORITY in this country as well.

  8. PS
    So, as much as i am DO NOT like what the Conservatives are doing the other choice SMELL even worse…

  9. So Edudyorlik do you plan to vote for the Conservatives or just throw your vote away?
    The way I see it is that the CPC attack adds have convinced people that the CPC is the only party of integrity and trust.
    Time and time again over the past seven years they have shown themselves to be the worst, yet somehow people are convinced by their tax payer funded adds that they are pure and faultless.
    The sins of the previous Liberals are far behind them and us and the NDP have never been given a chance to disappoint us but the CPC want to make sure that they are the only ones that will hold on to power.
    Wake up people and vote them out next time.
    They have been given seven years so far and have broken promise after promise, lied to us, bamboozled us with their propeganda and convinced feeble minded people that they are ‘the only way and the light’.
    On your other topic that seems to hold your interest.
    I am a native born Quebecer and although I didn’t leave Quebec for the politics I am glad that finally moved to Ontario and now can be considered a first class citizen.
    My advice to you is not to get your undies all tied up in a knot over the linguistic foolishness that is going on. Life is too short for such frustration.
    I have provided a multilingual education for all of my children and they are better off for it. My youngest son is fluent in English, French and Spanish as my wife is Peruvian and is also tri-lingual.
    Having more than one language opens up the world to us both personally and professionally, yet many have come to despise the fact that it seems to be forced down our throats to also speak French.
    I agree that no Federal or Provincial government has defended English rights in all provinces or stood up to the narrow minded minority in Quebec.
    However, let us enjoy the linguistic peace that we can enjoy here by respecting not only French and English but also of our aboriginal peoples that we share this country with. Many seem to forget that and just because the English won on the Plains of Abraham does’t mean that we are the master race in Canada.
    If you don’t like the biggotry of Quebec then don’t repeat it by insisting that we only have to speak English in the rest of Canada.
    I have travelled Canada extensively during my life and there are French communities in all or at least most provinces and territories in Canada, even in Alberta.
    I too was at the unity rally in Quebec in the last referendum and I think that like you I wouldn’t waste my time again.
    You see, I don’t have a problem with language or it’s use by people but of the divisive politics that surround it, so if the Federal government had the courage and gonads I would support the next referendum to be a national one where we ask CANADIANS “Voulez-vous dire au revoir à pleurnicher du Québec”?
    Meanwhile and back to the main topic of discussion, we have to also say goodbye to the corrupt politics of Harper and his cronies.

  10. Good for you Dave White for having multiculturalism in your home. The more a person knows the better they are. Here in Ottawa I have met Canadians of Anglophone and Francophone learn Arabic, Spanish, Italian, etc. One evening my husband and I were waiting in line at Your Independent Grocer on Alta Vista and Bank Street and one young man behind us was a student at Ottawa University and of all things heard my husband say something in Arabic to me but nothing nice I can tell you that. LOL LOL. Anyway the young man understood and spoke to my husband in Arabic. My husband and I were very surprised that the young man was speaking in his language and he said that he was taking Middle Eastern studies since he wanted to go in the foreign service.

    A year ago we went to get a few new beds for our children (adults) and the man that served us was from Brazil and he spoke four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. My husband thought that he was Lebanese at first because of his appearance.

    Some years before that we were at Wal Mart in South Keys and a young guy who served us spoke three languages of English, French and Spanish.

    At my bank here in Ottawa there are at least 10 languages spoken other than English and French and they are all needed. In Cornwall all I hear are Anglophones bashing Francophones and that makes me very upset. It takes people who have no education to bash other people. I am glad to be back in Ottawa and yesterday I heard a young man speak Russian to some people and he works as a stock boy in the grocery. A lady that used to work with my daughter is of Italian and Croatian descent and married to a Lebanese and she speaks fluent Italian. We are surrounded by the UN here and it is something to see. My daughter went to school with children from Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Polish and many other nationalities and everyone helped each other to learn.

  11. Yes French is spoken in many provinces in Canada other than Québec and we had superintendants from Alberta and other provinces and they were Francophones from out there. People in Fossoli aka Cornwall have not travelled to know what is out there and think that the west is all English but they don’t realize about the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Ukranian, Mexican, etc. etc. etc. that is out there. Fossoli lives in a world of its own and if they travelled maybe just maybe there would be an awakening of spirit and understanding and togetherness. Fossoli is a good word for aka Cornwall.

  12. I don’t see anybody that I will vote for I the next election. I sure don’t like Harper – he is a Yankee all the way. As for Justin Trudeau – no I can’t vote for him at all and nothing against his father but young Justin is a drama teacher and he would act all the way in Parliament. There is no other choice – they are all feberals in one way or another. I will not vote in the next election if this is all we have to choose. What a shame.

  13. @Mr. White
    The treatise propsed by a young Harvard political economist named Iggy in 1979 proved that conservatives are 25% smarter and 87.5% less likely to fall for political advertising than the lesser educated liberals and ndp (note the lower case to accentuate the lower IQ of non-conservatives). Based on Iggy’s thinking, the libbydippers have not a clue what the hell is going on in the world.
    Now let me concede that at that time the party members were the lazy working man and the unionist. So maybe the whole numbers don’t fly since the unions are thankfully busted and the working man almost extinct. To postulate that Conservatives are brainwashed is equivalent to saying that Mike Holmes knows how to build things. The more you don’t know the more you protest
    Take your {MODERATED} fleur de lis loving typoing fingers and shove them up your hipster ass. And if you don’t know what a hipster is, {MODERATED} them, and look at Shiny Pony and look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls.

  14. Author

    Wow, you’re not Ezra Levant by any chance? 🙂

  15. If everyone could leave their party preferences on the front porch and look at the problem unearthed with these fallen Senators, all comments would most likely revolve around how to fix the problem instead of fixing blame. Senator Duffy was found out to have excessive housing expenses and found a friend to loan him the money to pay it back. (It is reported that his wife is quite ill although I am now sure what that has to do with it.) Senator Wallin had exorbitant travelling expenses that, in my opinion, showed extremely arrogant judgement on her part to think she could even get away with it. And Senator Brazeau apparently hasn’t broken any rules so he is fighting his case. The whole point here is that our existing Senate system sucks. Nobody should have a job for life with no accountability to the people. But wait–wasn’t that an agenda item for the Harper government to reform the Senate and have elections for each Senate seat. And isn’t it true that each time the item was presented, the Bloc, the Liberals, and the NDP all voted against any reform? So where do we go from here? We blame the likes of Nigel Wright? People, we should be blaming ourselves because we continue to let this system exist. Period.

  16. Hey Wow, a lot of things have changed since 1979, including our knowledge.
    As for the lazy working man and the unionists, did you know that in the 22 years Guy Lauzon worked for the federal government, he was an official in the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)?
    So, seeing as Guy was one of the people who helped destroy your vision of Canada, who are you going to vote for next time around?

  17. Sorry, Wow, there was a typo in my last comment. I didn’t mean to imply that Guy actually worked during this 22 years (except, of course, for the union, because he would have been voted out if he hadn’t produced results).
    What I should have said was that he was paid by the federal government.

  18. jules, Fossili you mention was an internment camp for British prisoners of war, are you saying Anglophones have it bad to worse in Cornwall?

    Dave White, I don’t understand why Francophones are spending so much of our tax money to push French, it’s not like Anglophones will master the language enough to continue it.

    PJ Robertson asks where are Mulcair and Trudeau on this? Well a Lawyer (Mulcair) should have known enough to report possible corruption years earlier. The ethics level is higher for a Lawyer, or should be, so he is silent on others.

    Trudeau has been double dipping taking speaking tour money while being paid by but missing Parliament sessions.
    We need to throw them all out and demand better!

  19. Wow or should I call you ‘A horse with no name’, like I said to Edudyorlik ‘Life is to short to get upset’ especially over politics. Now Wow (Still don’t know if you have a real name), there is no need to get vulgar and obviously get your blood pressure up to the boiling point and your skivies tied up in a knot. This is a forum of intelligent discussion and if you think that Conservatives have a superior intellect then prove it by trying to participate in an intelligent discussion without our gracious editor having to bleep out your vulgarities. Truth is that people are people. There is no greater intellect if you are black or white, French or English, Laberal or Conservative.
    Truth is that I would rather live in a Liberal society that welcomes all people and treats all as equals than discriminates against French or English, Catholic or Protestant, Muslim or Jew, Gay or Hetrosexual (That means straight Wow in case you were thinking that I was speaking dirty).
    Some on this forum would rather re-gather on the Plains of Abraham to fight out the battle again.
    Eric, it’s not the Francaphones that are spending the money to push French. It’s our weak kneed governments that are catering to the separatists, trying to buy Quebec votes instead of applying bilingualism across Canada which includes Quebec.
    I do not have a problem with bilingualism and surprisingly jobs that require French and English probably favour the English as we seem to be the ones that are educating our children and ourselves to expand our horizons.
    Eric, you would be surprised at how many of us Anglophones have mastered the French lanugauge to preserve it .
    All 6 of my children (4 step children & 2 of my own are fluent in French and English).
    I sometimes cringe as I hear my French neighbours and friends murder the French language (both here in Ontario and while I lived most of my life in Quebec) and want to slap them in the head (figuratively speaking…bilingual of course) or correct them in their proper use of French that I know from proper education in French from my schooling.
    My observation from this forum of discussion is that language seems to be an obsession. Get over it and stick with the topic.
    It doesn’t matter what the topic is, it seems to end up in heated language debate.
    May I remind everyone that this topic began about political corruption in the Conservative party. That is a fact.
    If Conservatives are comfortable with that then fine, you have proven just who has the greater intellect to see the bigger picture.
    Like Catholics, Conservatives seem to have the persecution complex and keep looking over their shoulder for their ‘secret satan’ to punish them forever in this purgatory we call Canada.
    Like I said, I am not affiliated with any political party. I consider myself fair and liberal, with a small ‘l’.
    I have voted even for Conservatives in provincial politics and judge for myself the merit of the party I vote for but do not have my vote influenced by corrupt and self serving attack addds or propaganda that seems to have so many of you not using your own minds but being influenced by your corrupt messiahs.
    But above all don’t throw your votes away. VOTE. I will respect as should you the majority. In our parliamentary system and Parliament comes from the French word Parler or talk, our governments should also respect the fact that they are not dictators but should listen to the voice of every elected MP both their own and the opposition parties and work together to make our great country work.

  20. Eric I just came on now and no I didn’t know about Fissoli being an internment camp for British soldiers. I thought that it had to do with old fossils. That is why I use the name that someone posted. I haven’t stopped laughing about it since and always posted it for fun.

    About those crooked senators my husband said just this morning that the crooked dealings going on here in our government is no different than what goes on in his country for corruption and all the dirty underhanded dealings. I will not vote until there is a decent person and persons in government and that cannot be found. Just this morning my husband said that it was either Duffy or the man that lent him the $90K that was offered a job on Bay Street and that shows you how mighty corrupt things are. No I will not vote this time at all. I agree that young Justin is not honest either nor was his father. As for the NDP I voted for Jack Layton and found him to be the last resort. This time I will not vote for the last resort or anything – they are all the same bunch of no good for nothings that must be ousted out – Canada is in much bigger debt than what the people know about and if the people knew the real truth they would hang those crooks from the lamp posts on Parliament Hill for all to see.

  21. I’m just screwing with you Mssrs. White and Komorowski. Iggy never did such a study, and it was I who made a typo by misspelling type or something. But it goes to show you how far bullshit travels. Conservative brand stinks to high heaven this week but I believe King Stephen, with a few more terms will:
    -stop the ridiculous language laws
    -prevent the proliferation of gay marriage
    -Cut Quebec’s gravy train off
    -make Canada the world’s fossil-fuel superpower
    -create an effective airforce and Arctic security with nuclear subs and F-35’s
    -rationalize pensions ie: end them universally by decree(each man is an island friends, take care of yourself or off to Carousel)
    -Attract more desireable immigrants who do not honour kill, acid bath, maim, terrorize, and treat women as dogs (ie: white folks and chinks)
    -bring God and Christianity back to government and ban abortion (throw the little sluts in jail, fathers to four years military service and let good infertile couples adopt the baby)
    -enact new laws that every person over 18 own a sidearm with
    an open-carry permit
    -rid us of the plague that is the Charter of Rights and Freedom
    -work with Mexico and the US to build Fortress North America and ban imports for 20 years to re-build the industrial base

  22. Dave White
    May 20, 2013 at 8:06 am

    “Truth is that I would rather live in a Liberal society that welcomes all people and treats all as equals than discriminates against French or English, Catholic or Protestant, Muslim or Jew, Gay or Hetrosexual”

    The liberal society does not treat all people equally ,its aspirations are that of socialism and socialism evolves into Fascism,Dictatorship ,Communism whereby the people no longer make the decisions for the masses but the nanny state does.

    It was in the interest of Socialism -(Trudeau who was very fond of Communism ) that “Official bilingualism” was introduced to provide services “where warranted “for french services ,(a good intention morphed into what is unrecognizable to that original intention).

    Bilingualism has evolved into STATE sanctioned discrimination, as often legislation provides the chains of oppression !

    If one is unable to to work for their own government purely on language issues alone this is discrimination and the political elite encourage this.

    Socialism is fine till you run out of others peoples money !

    Not all people are equal in social standing and nor should be ! In a democracy rather then Socialism does one have the capability to change their standing in that society .

  23. I agree with the majority of items that WOW listed and they make a lot of sense indeed. The Conservatives were destroyed by “lying Brian Mulroney” and now they are drowning because of Steve Harper “Harpo” and yes it is true that Trudeau was an admirer of communism which doesn’t work at all.

    I agree that we need our industrial base back and stop bringing in the garbage that is sent to us by China and other countries and yes it is garbage indeed.

    As for immigrants I sure do agree that we need the better immigrants and not those who rely on welfare but those who “make businesses” and make Canada a thriving place to live. Here in Ottawa it is the immigrants who made Ottawa and no kidding. I have been here way back in the 70’s era and many came since the 40’s and 50’s and bringing in ideas. When we came back to Ottawa in 2004 we were shocked at some of the things we saw which didn’t exist before but we have to get used to it somehow. Even when we went to Cornwall on visits we were in shock because Cornwall did not have such people.

    About Mike Duffy: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    You never know when the Conservatives fall again. I am no fan of what the Liberals-Fiberals have done and will not vote for them at all. After seeing Bare Ass, Dalton McGuinty and all the rest of the losers I will not touch the Fiberals with a ten foot pole.

  24. @ Dave White
    Dave White wrote, “On your other topic that seems to hold your interest.”

    ”My advice to you is not to get your undies all tied up in a knot over the linguistic foolishness that is going on. Life is too short for such frustration.

    Having more than one language opens up the world to us both personally and professionally, yet many have come to despise the fact that it seems to be forced down our throats to also speak French.

    However, let us enjoy the linguistic peace that we can enjoy here by respecting not only French and English but also of our aboriginal peoples that we share this country with. Many seem to forget that and just because the English won on the Plains of Abraham doesn’t mean that we are the master race in Canada.
    If you don’t like the bigotry of Quebec then don’t repeat it by insisting that we only have to speak English in the rest of Canada.”
    Dave (I’ll assume its ok to use — just “Dave.” — )

    I am typically NOT a Conservative voter. I am VERY Liberal minded and was brought up with the concepts that surround that ideal however…

    Now, this may be slightly off topic but, it does tie in within the sense that a vote for the Lib(French accent on the e) rals, or a vote for the BloqNDP is simply giving carte blanche (to use a French phrase) to the French to continue on with their “corrupt” take over. And that is a serious problem in this country. When someone like myself cannot even vote for the party that represents my values because they are also giving my country away on a silver platter to the French then it all ties in.

    All of what you say above is wonderful. It’s all just peachy keen in a perfect world where everything is just rosy and wonderful and fairness abounds BUT… That is not the case in reality. We live in a cut throat world and everyone (meaning individuals and countries alike) are trying to position themselves so as to maximize their wants and needs and fulfill their potential while hoping the “other guy” doesn’t notice that he is getting short changed and starts complaining and doing something about it. Just look at what the U.S. is doing around the world and why the Arab world is so pi&*^%ed at them (not to mention Russia and China).

    We see examples of this kind of thing everywhere and in just about ever facet of life. Ie: The government department that gets a certain budget every year and spends any surplus as the end of the year nears so that next years budget will not be reduced within the idea that they made out just fine with less the year before.
    That kinda thing.

    So again, your statements like, “life is too short to worry about such things” and “just relax” are all nice and earthy but in the end it will just allow Canada to slip further and further into being totally dominated by the French. (sorry this “foolish” topic is on the minds of many and for me, I am just responding to your previous post)

    If you think my assertion is nonsense read on.

    Oh and, as for your advice about “not getting my panties in a bunch” as a result of what I see happening, it seems that you are either OK with what is happening and are on “that side” or you underestimate the French and what they truly want in all of this.

    If any of this is UNCLEAR TO YOU (or anyone) all you have to do is look at what they have done and are doing on a daily basis in the province of Quebec. That’s NOT just some kind of game of dominoes. It is – an all out fight for domination – by the French over EVERYONE especially the Anglophones.

    Let’s be frank… The French are NOT interested in bilingualism. They fear assimilation
    and avoid it at all costs EVERYWHERE they are. The things that are going on in that province should be a clear warning to everyone of what is at stake here.

    If this were all about simple fairness, equality and “bilingualism” then — I MAY — agree with your fluffy “relax and take a pill” statements like everyone seemed to do back in the day when the English were told in those very words. “Relax and take a Valium.”

    But, we ALL must take a good hard look at the examples that Quebec and the French are presenting to us both inside the province of Quebec
    and everywhere else OUTSIDE the province of Quebec as well. Wherever the French gain any kind of foothold. That being institutions (the University of Ottawa, the Montfort hospital etc etc) AND OR small towns and areas as well. Once they have the numbers it then begins. The march towards French first, French dominant and ultimately French ONLY.

    Just look at all the examples and it becomes clear that there is MUCH MORE to this than a sense of equality and let’s all be bilingual. Look at the province of Quebec as THE PRIME EXAMPLE. They have basically outlawed the English language and frown upon the English culture. Need I say more?

    Then take an honest hard look at what is going on outside of Quebec. The University of Ottawa.
    The initial concept was for it to be a bilingual institution. I – MAY – have started out that way but, look at it today. A quick walk around (I worked there not long ago) and you will see that French is first and dominant. Right down to the street signs on the streets inside the university grounds. MOSTLY FRENCH ONLY. (I have newspaper clippings, videos and other examples for all of what I say)

    There are plenty of complaints and examples where by English is being treated as a second class entity at that university. Both English people and the English language. These things — ARE HAPPENING — and no one can deny it… Well, maybe some of the kooks that frequent here but they are simply denying — JUST BECAUSE —

    Then we have the Montfort hospital. Supposed to be a bilingual hospital but, not long after the English people were duped into provided plenty of funding and donations to save the hospital from being torn down, (same thing happened to a university in New Brunswick) it was turned into a COMPLETELY French hospital.
    And, not only that but, one of the only teaching hospitals in the area which means, all Dr’s and nurses that come out of there will be French dominant.

    Again, many complaints about how French is dominant and English is pretty much laughed at and treated as second class if at all. Even patients that live in that part of the city of Ottawa, ONTARIO where the population is at most 2.9 % French are being treated as second class if they are treated at all. Which reminds me of French only clinics in parts of Eastern Ontario. Once again PROVING THAT that the goal for “them” is not bilingual, but French ONLY.

    I admit I am skimming the surface right now as there are MANY examples of what I say but, for me to really put down everything related to this topic would mean I would have to write much more than you see here.
    In closing I say yes, the idea of knowing many languages is a great concept and a wonderful thing.
    It all would BE JUST FINE except for the fact that it is clear (using the province of Quebec as the prime example) that the French don’t think the same way.

    They are doing everything possible to do away with the English language and the English culture. Even to the point of passing laws (bill 101 and 14) that make English illegal.

    As a result of what we see happening in the province of Quebec and the areas I mentioned above with the French only clinics etc etc, we can surmise that if we keep moving towards this one sided “bilingual” fantasy and voting for parties like the Lib(French accent on the e)rals and the Bloq NDP it can logically be projected that once Canada is — ALL — so called “bilingual” the French will then go the next step and simply do away with the English all together, just as they have done in Quebec and all the other places I have mentioned above where they gain a foothold.

    So yes, Dave, this is indeed “a topic that seems to hold my interest” but, NOT in a blasé type of way which you present. What is going on in this country IS NO JOKE and no laughing matter. “Linguistic peace” as you called it seems only to be something that is presented to the one side (the Anglophones in this case) as a means to placating them while the plan continues to take shape and — the take over — slowly continues to wind its way towards it’s final intended goal.

    What is going on is much more tantamount to the idea that this country — my country — is being taken over in a non violent quiet kind of — oh don’t worry your pretty little head about such minor things, just relax — kind of “coup” and I for one don’t plan to sit by and simply “just relax” as it happens.

    As for the “battle on the plains of Abraham.” History should NEVER be forgotten and I find it funny how the French want to forget some key parts of history (ie: the Battle on the Plains) but are always keen to bringing up others (ie: the FLQ) and, even if we set aside the idea of who won on the POA (to appease you and them) we should (as a country) still be able to celebrate this countries history without this kind of cr@p
    after all, Quebec IS NOT a sovereign country and SHOULD NOT have a say over such things.

    And, if the argument back is, — well this is more of a kick in the face to the French — then what about this?
    @4:30 of this clip
    Reading the FLQ’s manifesto on the Plains of Abraham on the very anniversary of the Plains is NOT a kick in the face to the British / English / Anglophones of this country?

    Not to mention they won’t allow a statue of our victorious James Wolfe to stand on the POA. Now, those things are a kick in the face if you ask me. A constant double standard.

  25. Political stripes put aside, we need to get a pulse and hold our politicians accountable or be happy that the rest of the world views us Canadians as complacent lemmings.

    We continue to embarrass ourselves with having tolerated supporting a political party whose original purpose was to break up the country structure (BLOC)

    We promote multiculturalism as being positive diversification and then wonder what happened to UNITY. Embarrassing.

    We see the LIBERAL PARTY raid our pockets, outright steal our money (ADSCAM) and then we believe them when they say that the money will be paid back to the people. Embarrassingly stupid.

    We accepted that there was great need to justify the expense of adopting the metric system. Has this changed your life for the better or simply cost you money for nothing?

    How about the 80% or so of Canadians that have so easily been led to believe and accept that language is more important than competency. Surprising that more of us don’t own land in the Florida everglades. Must be a money issue.

    No party is exempt from controversy. No party should be allowed to remain above the law or unaccountable. How dumb would we be?

  26. Dave White, it is not just government pushing the agenda.



    Association canadienne-française de l’Alberta (ACFA) – Régionale de Calgary
    Association canadienne-française de l’Alberta (ACFA) – Secrétariat provincial
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    Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS)
    Centre Accueil Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones (CANAF)
    La Cité des Rocheuses
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    Prince Edward Island for Newcomers to Canada
    Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité (RDÉE)
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    Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce
    Yellowknife Education District #1
    Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority
    * this list does not include individuals who participated in the roundtables or in the online consultations under their own name, or organizations who chose to participate in the online consultations.

  27. Holeeeeeeeeee. I knew there was representation in this country Eric but, that list is AMAZING…

    That should give people a clear idea of what the heck is going on.

    Oh and @ Dave. I only read your second post — about how things seem to shift to the language issue — after i posted my response to you.

    But, just the same i also would like to add there is a reason it shifts and that is because it is a heavy topic for many people who can’t get work as a result of these insane new official bilingual rules.

    And further more, why does EVERYONE have to know French in this country? Why is “the answer” — oh, just learn French and everything will be fine? — Especially when the French want nothing to do with the English language and English culture? Seems a bit one sided to me. Not to mention a bit of a sneaky to be sure the French NEVER have to bother to know the common language of this country.

  28. Good for you Eric for bringing up that it isn’t just Québec that has French but all over our beautiful country. What makes things really ugly is the ugly black heart of people who hate others for their language and culture. I don’t know what WOW and some other would do with foreigners being that they cannot get along with their own here in Canada. My husband went through hell and I mean hell while in Cornwall. There is a teacher that my daughter had in a French school who went to a store and when she spoke French the clerk had the low life approach of yelling out in the store if someone spoke the foreign language. I can go on and on WOW.

    When we lived in Cornwall and 911 happened a man whose wife was a building manager came out and called my husband who is a Christian “a sky jacker” and is this a nice thing to say WOW is it. I swear to you that I would never ever return to live in Cornwall. There is a doctor who went to rent in Cornwall – just outside of Cornwall and he had a terrible time and kept moving and my husband told him how many times he moved in Cornwall and he was disgusted. You wonder why nobody goes to live in Cornwall “Fossoli” well you just have a few of the reasons and I can go on and on but I would take up most of Jamie’s paper.

    I am mighty proud of that “fleur de lis” and WOW do you want me to say here “Vive le Québec français libre” because if I have to my French side is coming out and I don’t believe me separation of Canada but I can tell you that if push comes to shove I will be on the side of Québec even though I was born and raised in Ontario and lived here all my life.

    It takes people who are of a black heart and uneducated to come out and put the French people and even Anglophones from Québec down. There is a man highly educated who is like a doctor and his parents are from England and he is an Anglophone Québecer and I can tell you that he loves Montréal and he has offices all over Ontario including Ottawa and he has staff who is running his business – all French so as to be able to communicate with the public. The more you know the better you are. It takes people who have no education and are narrow minded to come out with what you said to Mr. Dave White. Mr. White’s wife is Peruvian and I know of a man here in Ottawa (2 in fact) who are from Peru and very nice people and they know us by name and face. My husband is Lebanese and his second country is France since France occupied Lebanon way back until they got their independence. Vive la France. Ask yourself why Cornwall hasn’t grown since 1956 – people all leave and they get educated by seeing other cultures and get an education and they want to get ahead and not be like the KKK of Mississippi and those places.

  29. Raid our pockets ? Are you serious ? Conservatives are worst when it comes to good accounting. Regardless of a recession, was it completely necessary to raise the national debt by 200 billion ? Is it still necessary to deficit spend to the tune of 25 billion ? Is it good investment to buy planes to the tune of 30 plus billion and on top of everything else we might not get them. Liberals, Conservatives have made alot of mistakes in the past. The ones that stole money or did something illegal belong in jail. TO blame the liberals for the state of our economy today is ludicrous. The Conservatives have been in power for more then 7 years. HAve they done better ? NOPE. Ever since the conservatives have been in power we know less and less of where our money goes. They replace the government workers that don’t agree with their policy. They hide and deflect legitimate questions that we should know the answer to. THis is not right, and if the PM is proven to have known about the 90 000 dollars, I hope the CONservatives get the same treatment they got when Kim Campbell was running the show.

  30. Kilroy, didn’t read your whole rant but what does language have to do with someone receiving 90 000 dollars illegally. By the way, this is a message to Nigel Right, I have alot of bills to pay. I am willing to purchase a CONservative membership card. Could I please get 90 000 dollars to cover some of my bills ? I will also fundraise for the party. Also, if you judge it to be ok, I will claim my fundraising days as a work day so I could claim my out of pocket expenses.

    ** NOPE, you can’t buy my integrity. I’d rather be poor and honest then to be rich and have a whiff of dishonesty that surrounds me.

  31. Richard Tremblay your last paragraph is absolutely right indeed. I would rather be poor and honest than to be dishonest and all we have when we leave this world is our word. Many will be placed in hell for all the things that they have done and still doing. Money doesn’t buy happiness and happiness comes from within.

  32. Maybe if you’d read the whole “rant” you’d know Richard.

    Your loss 🙂

  33. Figures you wouldn’t address the “real” issues in my post Richard. Just as usual, duck and cover and beat all the way around the mulberry bush.

  34. Nope, I just know your history. Rant kilroy, always about language and if he disagrees with you, he’ll quote you in a video. I actually addressed the issues here, Nigel Wright, did you ? I’d read your whole post but like we say in french ¨ dès que je terminerai la lecture, mon linge ne sera plus à la mode¨.

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