If Harper Knew of the Wright Cheque to Duffy Should He Have to Resign Too? POLL

mike duffyCFN –  It’s been a bad week for rotund Conservatives between Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Crack allegations and Mike Duffy being…Mike Duffy.

When confronted with Nigel Wright writing the cheque for $90K Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood byharper his man.

This holiday Sunday the PM’s office issued a press release stating that Nigel Wright’s resignation was accepted.

The bigger question to many is if Mr. Wright wrote that cheque without his bosses knowledge.

Most I spoke with this weekend laughed at the thought of Mr. Wright doing so and then with a wink and nod suggested as long as Mr. Wright didn’t give away his boss or there were not loose emails Mr. Harper could do the statesmen thing including taking  a page out of some of his Liberal predecessors and head out of town while the storm dimmers down.

But here’s the canard.  If Mr. Wright had to resign for issuing the cheque should Mr. Harper also have to resign if he gave the action his blessing?

Of course nobody expects Mr. Harper to admit to this and I have a hunch that Mr. Wright has a very nice position waiting for him and really will suffer no harm or embarrassment even as he took one for the team.   Even Senator Duffy gets to keep his job and gig and surely will still vote for his former team even if he’s not officially on it.

No, the only victim in this mess are the Canadian taxpayer…again.

What do you think Canada?  Do you think Mr. Harper knew of the $90K payout by Mr. Wright before it was outed?  You can vote in our poll and post your comment below.


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