Spirits in Unity Column 40 – The Secrets of Horse Whispering – By Garry “Horsetalker” Meek

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CFNThis Column of “Spirits in Unity” is being published by CFN for the community of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry.

The Secrets of Horse Whispering

A friend sent me a video of Jackie Evanco singin “I Believe” today and as I sit here writing today’s column there is a tear running down my face after listening to her inspiring message and enchanting voice.

I am thinking back to last weekend and all the wonderful people who participated in this year’s Bike-a-Thon Plus for the Children’s Treatment Centre. The centre has helped so many thousands of kids believe again. They have helped turn hearts in despair into ‘hearts of hope’.

I am fortunate to have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a group of young people who have helped many horses learn to trust in humans again and become wonderful partners for them. I hope that you had an opportunity to meet some of these rehabilitated horses at this year’s Bike-a-Thon Plus, but in case you didn’t have a chance you can still meet these wonderful “young horse whisperers” and their equine playmates at a special event being held at Drogheda Manor Horsemanship, 15975 County Road 18, between Lunenburg and Harrison’s Corners.

A special horse show is being held to reveal the ‘Secrets of Horse Whispering”. At the show you will have the opportunity to meet beginning horsemen and women as well as professional horsemen in a show designed to entertain and educate audiences about horses. Like humans many horses suffer at the hands of humans, sometimes people who are actually very caring individuals but who really don’t understand the true nature of horses inadvertently end up becoming horse torturers. I know how easily this can happen since it happened to me.

Attending the show this year is a very special lady named Farrah Green (www.sitting horse.us) with her horses Ceasar and Wesley. Farrah will be performing at the show which is free to attend. A bake sale and BBQ will be held at the show to help raise funds for the local OSPCA animal shelter. I hope you will plan to attend and bring your friends too. Bring along your lawn chairs and enjoy an uplifting horse experience. The show takes place rain or shine with covered facilities available.

Throughout the previous 39 columns I have attempted to reveal what I have learned about ‘Horse Whispering’. Many horsemen don’t actually like the term ‘horse whispering’ although to the uninitiated, the term may have more meaning than ‘Natural Horsemanship” etc. As with many things, the term originated in Hollywood and has become part of the vernacular with everything from dog whisperers to bird whisperers.

You can meet some of the personality types that I wrote about in previous columns, but see how the positive characteristics of their personalities can be brought out with gentleness and good horsemanship.

It is really all about real horsemanship and it can be learned by anyone. At the show you will see students as young as 8 years old being horsemen. They will show you how you can have a special relationship with a horse. I hope you will attend.

If you didn’t get to ride a spirit horse last weekend, here is you chance to get that dream of a lifetime ride on some very special horses.

At Drogheda Manor Horsemanship we live by the following promise.

The Horseman’s Promise

I promise I will see you

For all you were born to be

Before the training starts

Before the A’s and B’s

For I do not want to change you

Your heart, your soul, your spirit

For I want for you to sing your song

For the entire world to hear it

There will be many things to learn

For my world is different un to yours

And I will teach you with compassion

To understand the greater cause

For alone, you are quite special

And quite perfect in nature’s eye

But with my help, you’ll be a diamond

That will brighten up the sky

I promise you I will be fair

Whilst you learn to understand

My requests will all be justified

I promise you a gentle hand

You will learn to seek my guidance

On pure knowledge you will feed

And I hope to share a bond with you

To fulfill both our needs

For a horseman with no horse

Is just a man without a cause

And we will learn and grow together

To accept and know the other’s flaws

I promise I will give my best

In every single moment

For you to give your best as well

Is to know your gift and own it

So whether your name is ‘Teddy’ or ‘Spot’

Or ‘Weatherby James Saint Thomas’

I will see you for all that you can be

For you have my Horseman’s Promise.

Written by Guy McLean for all the blessed horses.

For all those people who give horses loving homes, and for all those kids who are wishing for that special partner, may all your dreams and your horse’s dreams come true also.

Whether you are just a horse lover, have dreams of owning a horse someday, or already have one, I hope these columns will give you some insight into the true nature of these magnificent creatures. I hope you will find them both informative and inspirational.

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Be part of your horse’s dreams, not his nightmares.

Garry “Horsetalker” Meek

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  1. Congratulations Garry and the young handlers…on another successful year at the Children’s Treatment Centre Fundraiser!

    I am also really looking forward to your “Horse Show” on June 1st , featuring Farrah Green. Can’t wait!!!

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