Bernadette Clement Wants You to Cut Your Grass & Pick Up Your Dog Poop! New Committee and Bylaws

Bernie Boo BooCFN – Cornwall is a pretty little city compared to many of its size, but in spite of taxes going up 2.88 percent this year and all of the scandals at city hall connected to the Kilger council and its covering up of mess after mess the city has decided to stick its nose into citizens business instead of cleaning up their own dirty back yard first.

Ms Clement, Councilor Dupelle lead a new property standards committee that are expecting to set standards and drive by laws about how high your lawn can grow, and other standards; maybe how much dog poop can be on your yard or how many children’s toys…

While being a good neighbor is important, and not being a distraction to a community is also important this new committee feels a bit too much like Big Brother, or in this case Little Sister running amok, poking through our yards and homes and as Ms Maureen Adams was quoted in another media outlet regarding remedies; to ” take possession of a property and perhaps sell it.”

And how to enforce such future  by laws when Cornwall has difficulty enforcing its current bylaws?   Are we going to have selective bylaw enforcement?

Yes, the issue of boarded up building can be an issue, but seriously, are there more than a dozen such homes in this city of 46,000 people where developers complain that it’s hard to find city lots to purchase to develop because all the big tracts of land have been bought up?

No, this scribbler thinks that Ms Clement and Councilor Dupelle should better answer why they stayed Mum to the public about the Glen Stor Dun Lodge letters for over three years?  Or Why they have remained silent over the costs for the two legal Whistleblowing court cases, or why Mr. Fitzpatrick, our former CAO was given a settlement instead of the city filing their own suit against him.  Or sitting silent while a family of beavers were killed while sitting on the board of the River Institute.   Insanity!   Do Ms Clement or Councilor Dupelle, or any of the other committee members professional landscapers or gardeners?  Do we really want people pointing fingers and sending over inspectors about our back yards and homes?   Does Cornwall need Fema Camps next?

Silence does not equal innocence.   And creating punitive gut reaction committees and bylaws is not a band aid for community building or leadership.

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What do you think about the city inching towards this Totalitarian type bylaws?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Oh, big city tactics like in Toronto, Ottawa for one. Some districts in these bigger cities even try to tell you what color you are allowed to paint your homes/garage/fence… Gotta make this border town look good right? I can agree with keeping yards to a relatively good level of maintenance, but this is probably just another cash grab. Whatever the city can charge for eh? Clean up council first and set an example for everyone before trying to nail the lowly peons with more taxes or fines to pay off litigation.. Especially if wanting to become an MPP! I still say no to her becoming an MPP after watching this debacle going on in city hall… This will only damage the Liberal Party even more if she does so.. one should not be so backwards that they cannot speak out against what is going on and stand up for the people they represent, especially a lawyer at that… What, another McGuinty in the making? Next, lets go after those disabled.. like Wynne is attempting to do.. What, they need to be 4 inches above the ground if they want to travel around? Oh, and better make sure its on a most likely soon to be provincially regulated 6000+ dollar scooter or else.. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a law like that with the likes of boo boo.. Let’s raise the price of beer even more while we’re at it.. Bernie, you gotta go.. Your time is past already and you’ve not even had a hit at the pinata yet… nor should you for the public’s sake…

  2. There is more grass and “poop” at Cornwall City Hall than we can handle already! Can they not find anything better to work on….holy hell!!!!! I’d be embarrassed to say I’m on that committee.

    Maybe this weekend I’ll head down to Pitt and Second with my paint brush for touch-ups.

    What a flippin laugh and a half!!!!!!

  3. I think its a French thing! After all, in Quebec they have their Language Police and Bernadette et al would like their own versions here in Cornwall, i.e., Grass Police, Dog Poop Police, etc.,etc.

  4. This is one time that I agree with Her Majesty Queen Bernadette Clément. YEA! She makes a lot of sense on this one. When we lived in Cornwall aka Follilli all we saw was dog feces all over the sidewalks and paths and not just geese poop but dog poop and I noticed that on the few last times that we were in Cornwall at Lamoureux Park and it was in the back as you go into the building – it was all part of Cornwall’s welcoming committee.

    Yes City Hall has to clean up their act and I agree with that all the way – there is enough stink coming out of there but I agree on cleaning up after ones pets or themselves. Dogs running loose everywhere and you complain about goose droppings. Here in Ottawa there are hefty fines of at least $100. if you do not clean up after your pets. There are signs everywhere.

  5. Jamie, your comments in regards to the Property Standards Committee functions are incorrect. I can tell you I received many complaints every year in regards to rundown properties being used to store everything from old vehicles to old lumber stored in residential areas.

    This committee is long overdue and I commend Councillors Clement and Dupelle for volunteering to head up this committee with employees of the by-law division.

    This committee will work with homeowners or businesses and will advise them of grants that could be available to help do the necessary repairs to their properties. No property owner should be allowed to run a recycling business or intentionally allow garbage to accumulate on their property in plain site in residential or business areas in the City of Cornwall.

    I think your comments in regards to other issues you blame Councillors Clement and Dupelle is uncalled for as they are only two councillors out of 11 votes that make decisions in regards policies or procedures brought to the council table.

    You know I call a spade a spade but there is information request that Councillors are not able to discuss such as close council meeting items IE:

    Personal matters about identifiable individual.

    Litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

    Advise that is subject to solicitor-client privilege including communications necessary for that purpose.

    Councillors have no choice in regards to the above mention items !!!

    Maureen, was just answering a question that was asked on what happens when one refuses to pay their taxes over a period of time and how long does it go on before the city takes action on the property. I think she explain it very well so everyone could understand.

    CFN is a great news source that keep people informed on many news items, but I think it is important when writing a story on a new committees such as the Property Standards Committee that you request what their functions and mandate will be. As you know, this committee is new and are in the process of getting things in place and I think it is unfair to write such a story without getting all the facts.

    As Ed would say… And that’s the way I see it !!

  6. Author

    Hi Councilor Rivette. Good people can disagree, and sometimes by learned discussion people can cover a lot of ground and progress can occur.

    I wish more of your fellow councilors and the mayor would have the conjones to engage not only we the media, but the public as earnestly and openly as yourself.

    There are too many secrets at City Hall and not enough progress.

    They are major issues that are important to the future of our great city that we all share whether some of wish to admit or not.

    And like you quoted Ed, “And that’s the way I see it” too.

    Cheers and thanks for all that you’ve done for CFN over our four years on this momentous day when we broke the 50,000 unique visitors in a single month barrier for the first time. Something all of Cornwall should be so proud of yet will not be on the City’s ChooseCornwall website or released by Mr. Lajoie.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with André and yes Jamie you do have a good paper and I don’t say that lightly.

    I see properties neglected a lot like long grass, garbage thrown all over, properties used like a junk yard and I can go on and on. I see things right here in Ottawa that would make you very upset at times. I have seen so much in Cornwall.

    I used to own a house in Cornwall – I had two of them but not at the same time. On a street that I lived on it was considered as one of Cornwall’s better streets and on that street there were some neighbors who lacked consideration for others and let their dogs do their business on other people’s properties including mine. I have absolutely no inkling in ever purchasing again after all the things that we have been through. This place with all its faults is heaven compared to what we have been through.

    André is absolutely right Jamie and I have respect for both of you and this is where I side with André and I always side with him because he is a mighty good man and Cornwall has a prize having both of you and the people don’t even realize any of that. Merci André et merci Jamie.

  8. Jamie I just one to add one more thing here ok. People complain about my long rants but I can say something about others with putting down the French people and I don’t like that at all. Québec is Québec and the peanut gallery has absolutely no idea what is really going on and Canada is not the Canada that I grew up in but completely different and they call it a conspiracy and all well Jamie it is a conspiracy but a conspiracy fact. I love the French people and it is a huge insult to go against these people through no fault of their own. I am half French and mighty proud of it. This is one of my pet peeves on your paper CFN is to go and hurt other people and who do the “Anglais” think they are – they are not English but a mixture of mishmash of God knows what. When they complain about my rants just remember what they are doing as well. Thank you Jamie for giving me this opportunity to air this out.

  9. Yes, 50,000 unique visitors in a month is something to be proud of !!!


  10. Author

    Thank you Andre and it couldn’t be done with all those that view CFN and help make us the most read newspaper in the region!

  11. Thumbs up to Councillors Clement and Dupelle for taking interest in our City regarding property by-law standards.

    Some properties resemble toxic dump sites with wood being piled along fences and stewn over complete back areas of back yards.
    This is something we might expect in a country setting but not within our city. Photos have been documented to prove this has and does take place within our city.

    Perhaps the property by-law standards will also take immediate action to have signs that threaten death by gun viokence also removed from city front windows. This is a disgrace not a joke sign. What welcome example does that set for our city of Cornwall?

    No sign that threatens to harm the life of any person should be allowed in any window in our city or any other city.

    Congratulations councillors Clement and Dupelle and others who show this concern for our community.

  12. the change in cornwall from winter bleak to spring flowers and summer green is oustanding. bylaws intended to keep property tidy encourage others too as well. nothing here smacks of big brother.

  13. Seeing our community in bloom is truly outstanding due to the fact that so many Cornwall residents take absolute pride in maintaing clean and tidy properties which can be admired by all and even by strangers who visit our community.

    Unfortunatley not all properties are kept this way and many have old carts that belong to stores tossed in back yards along with other various debris. It is time for this neglect to end. This is a disgrace.

    People should pick up after their pets. It is called having respect for others in your neighbourhood!

    Debris, wood and other items also attract mice and other rodents which can become a health issue. This devalues our property and shows neglect instead of interest and community pride.

    A little effort can go a long way. The time is now to take stock and adhere to new community by-law standards. They are in place to protect and enhance our community.

  14. Andre Rivette =
    You say Coun Clement and Dupelle are to head up this new committee of Council with employees of the By- Law division some
    division Andre you go on to say that they will work with home owners or business advising them of grants etc. The head of the
    By-Law dept. is a capable man what he requested is more staff for that dept. which was quite correct . Council came up with this dumb idea of yet another committee . Most persons should realize that if it wasn’t for our City spending in excess of 2 million dollars to
    out of Town High Priced Lawyers that Dept could have had a much needed boost in staff .

  15. I am a member of this new committee!
    A frustrated taxpayer who is trying to clean up this messy city. I am NOT a city employee but a volunteer and you sure have your facts all wrong about what we are trying to do here. You can critize us all you want but at least I’m trying to do something about it.

    A bit of support from the community would do a great deal for this thankless job I have chosen to take on!

  16. Author

    Frustrated if you are a member of the committee why use a pseudonym?

    You state that your a volunteer and that it is a thankless job that you have chosen to take on . I find it unusual in that you
    just volunteered & even at the get go your frustrated & expecting support from the community clearly indicating that your not fully
    convinced of your own position .
    There are big problems here no question about that however :
    Forming yet another Committee of Council is not the answer .
    We already have By- Laws / but they are not being properly
    enforced / WHY? one good reason Short Staff , another good reason / the BY-Law dept are waiting for someone to complain
    & only then will they look into it . IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY &
    LAWYERS. That has to stop .

  18. Not convinced of my position? I have tried for over a year to fight city hall about problems you have described so well.
    Frustrated, I volunteered to be the voice of the community which I am part of. Hopefully I can fix my problems along the way. My other option was to move out of Cornwall! And yes, I expect your support, I think I deserve it!

    Pseudonym….try to think for a moment …..retaliation!!!

  19. Author

    Retaliation from whom Frustrated?

  20. Retaliation from the offenders of property standards by-laws I have been complaining about!
    Do try to put the picture together based on my comments!

  21. An anonymous volunteer by-law enforcement person who has their own agenda, hmmm, would you describe that as a community vigilante?

  22. Frustrated you have my deepest sympathies for what you are about to go through.

  23. Wow… this site is full of experts in problem management, enough to discourage anyone from doing the right thing! I guess with your negativity it’s no wonder this city looks the way it does. Hmmm…you must all enjoy the messy city and want to preserve it!

    I will not be returning to this site for more abuse!

  24. Author

    Frustrated if you’re on this committee might I suggest you resign immediately if you really think Cornwall is a MESSY City. I can assure you there are far worse looking cities than our fine and in many ways quite pretty gem on the river.

    It’s time to look at the big picture and not the small. Did you not read Councilor Rivette’s comment? I hope you’re not considering running for council too as I’m not sure you can do that anonymously as well.

    Part of being on a committee or running for office; serving the public; means standing up to public scrutiny. If the media attend one of the committee meetings and reports on comments stated surely you would have to not be anonymous either?

  25. Frustrated Jamie is right do not run for council – the pressure would be too much for you to bear. I just got a terrible shock to see that Fitzy is back but something to do with the college. OMG thank God that I left – I couldn’t handle the shock.

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