Is it Time for Kathleen Wynne To Put Some Teeth in the Municipal Act While We Watch Mayor Ford and Kilger ?

Rob-ford-miami-mugshotCFN – Rob Ford is still mayor of Toronto, our largest city in Canada as of press time.   It’s been an interesting week for the mayor as he circles the wagons and staff member after staff member fall off either by firing or resignation.

What we do know is that when your inner circle leaves that’s generally not a good thing.  It’s not a ringing endorsement of support or indicator of innocence.

EvenKathleen_Wynne Premier Kathleen Wynne has taken some shots at Mayor Ford; but she’s an a slippery slope herself as election day draws nearer.

I personally have nearly 60 tabs open of Rob Ford stories.

Late Night Chats with Rob Ford.   Warren Kinsella asking Money Shot Questions that still haven’t been answered.   Clever headlines such as asking if Rob Ford’s Mayoralty is Up in Smoke.  9 Things We Don’t Know about Rob Ford.     Covering Up of Records by IT Geeks.   Rob saying things are great as staffers leave.

Rob saying he’s not stepping down.   Worrying about Rob’s Legacy.

While Ms Wynne is busy commenting about Rob Ford I think we all owe the Mayor a debt of gratitude for he’s showing that in Ontario the Municipal Act needs Urgent and Draconian modifications.   It needs teeth.  It needs to protect the people and taxpayers from incompetent, corrupt, immoral, ignorant, and arrogant politicians that instead of having to be accountable for their words and actions instead bleed taxpayers as they cover up their scandals knowing that short of being caught with a gun in their hands over a crack dealer with an iPhone can thumb their noses and tra la la as long as they really want to.

Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement at the Wynne Leadership Convention.
Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement at the Wynne Leadership Convention.

We’re seeing the same thing here in Cornwall Ontario where Mayor Bob Kilger, long time Liberal chum of former Preme Dalton McGuinty is using the same play book with the assistance of Super Lawyer Will McDowell who happens to be with the same law firm…you guessed it…as the one that helped Rob Ford out of one of his many pickles.   In fact Cornwall City Councilor and failed Federal candidate Bernadette Clement, a lawyer herself, has participated in Ms Wynne’s transition team as well as being co-chair of the Leadership convention.




Ms Wynne’s words:

“It’s concerning to me if there are issues, whether they’re personal issues, that get in the way of a government, a municipal government, being able to work in the best interest of the city,”

“So I think whatever those issues are, they need to be dealt with as quickly as possible so that the council and the leadership of the council can get on with dealing with the business of governing the city.”


“I’m worried about what’s going on at City Hall,” Wynne said Tuesday. “There’s a lot of confusion about what’s happening and what is going to happen.

“It’s difficult to lead, it’s difficult to govern, when the ability to focus is compromised.”

Until Ms Wynne, or her replacement, grab the Municipal Act by the pages and make some sense of it taxpayers will bleed money across Ontario.   There has to be a way other than individuals issuing suit or having to wait until an election to hold wrongdoing accountable.  As Clayton Ruby suggested; a lawsuit like the one he brought against Mayor Ford for his Conflict of Interest would cost over $400,000 in legal fees.

When we contacted Ms Wynne’s office for comment about the Mayor Kilger situation we were dumped to another mouthpiece who simply stated that they could not comment because of current litigation; but the issues, at least in Cornwall, are far more than the three current lawsuits against the city and Mayor.


  1. Is it the job that corrupts politicians or is it only corrupt politicians who want the job…..or is “corrupt” redundant when describing politicians.

  2. I think that people have a certain amount of corruption before they enter politics but when they do get in that is when they really go corrupt because they have bad influences just like what Kilger (BARE ASS) had with his clique that really brought him down along with his personal life. Once you turn your face away from what is important and you get in with the wrong company then your life goes down the hill and that is for everyone and not just politicians.

  3. Yes Reg, corrupt is redundant when describing politicians.

  4. The only thing Kathleen wants to {MODERATED}

  5. StellabyMooonlight

    Ah gutless time once again…little mac takes a swipe at CFN…a weekly affair that surely pleases his watering hole buddies…He also mentioned ED lumleys name…for the 8th millon times…but
    NO COMMENT SECTION…truly a pinhead move

  6. Stellabyestarlight

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story….judge for yourself
    mr mac claims cfn says thibault is fired…the facts say otherwize

    With age and his own health concerns some are wondering if Mr. Thibault may leave the ship before it sinks says cfn

    This is what the mayor press officer says tonight on coffee break..

    The Blogger announced that Denis Thibault had been fired as head of the Eastern Ontario Training Board.

  7. Jamie
    very sorry didn’t realize you moved comment
    I was just so upset that…to my mind…little mac
    had printed a deliberate lie…or misquote
    Its so gd blatant that it makes me ill

  8. To me this just sounds like a very well planned attack on PC Mayor Ford by Liberals, after all Mayor Kilger has actual charges against him over his corruption & conflicts of interest & I don,t see anyone photo shopping a pipe in his hand.Toronto mayor might smoke dope but Cornwall has the DOPE!!! This mayor must be held accountable & be made to stop bleeding taxpayers dry

  9. “It needs to protect the people and taxpayers from incompetent, corrupt, immoral, ignorant, and arrogant politicians.”

    So, incompetent, corrupt, immoral, ignorant, and arrogant politicians Wynne and Mcguilty, will protect us from incompetent, corrupt, immoral, ignorant, and arrogant politicians?

    Did I get this right?

    Boy are we in trouble!

  10. This is the Wynn that was part of the following and supported these issues across the board:

    1) E -health boondoggle. cost 1 billion

    2) The Mssissauga/Oakvillle plant re-locations at a cost 680 million to a billion

    3) The samsung claim of 20,00 jobs from , so far 300 jobs

    4) Spending millions on windmills that produce 3% of Ontario’s power.

    The wyn woman that supported staff and members of her Queen’s park government to use g mail accounts so these would fall outside the access of information laws.

    Rob Ford:

    Has balanced Toronto’s books

    Has stopped the gravy train for elected officials

    Has held accountable all facets of spending in city hall

    Has developed a youth program that is second to none.

    Mr. Ford has been accused twice before by the liberal Toronto star and has both times won in court.

    he has now being accused of something without ANY PROOF only supposition. Yet people are crying out for his job.

    Gimmie a break. Isn’t everyone in Canada presumed innocent until PROVEN GUILTY.

    the alleged proof here is based on DRUG DEALERS.

    Not exactly credible witness and factual information.

    The crime here is that the liberals under both Wynn and McGuinty should be charged for crimes against the people of Ontario

  11. Frankly Kathleen Wynne, I’m worried about what has been going on in the provincial legislature with Liberal idea of leadership.

    How the hell can YOU throw stones at another LEADER when you have boulders coming out of you party end.

    Frankly, again. dare I suggest that Mr. Ford has SAVED Toronto over a billion dollars in unnecessary spending, simply because the MONEY was not available without further TAX assessments. What saving have you done for Ontario…DIDDLYSCWAT.


    Stick that in your nosey pipe and smoke it.

  12. I just had a good laugh and needed that today. I saw on news: Morris the cat runs for mayor in Mexico. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am laughing myself to pieces here and said what a wonderful improvement to what we have today as mayors here in Canada. Mexico is very corrupted and so is Canada and the US. Time for a real change and a change that we can all believe in. Yes I read it right and I am laughing to beat the band.

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