Fundraiser for Apprehension & Conviction of City Towing & Recovery Truck Fire in Cornwall Ontario – June 2, 2013

CFN – It was explained to me this afternoon that there is almost like a family when it comes to the tow biz in Tow Car Wash 2Cornwall Ontario.

And today many in that family pulled together to have a Car Wash Fund Raiser at the 5th Wheel Truck Stop so that a reward could be put together for the Apprehension and Conviction of the person(s) who set fire to the City Towing and Recovery Truck May 20th.

It was the second time that the single truck company had seen its vehicle burned to a crisp.

Burnt tow truck close

So Bill Fell from City Towing and TJ Atchison from Cornwall Towing organized the fundraiser which has accumulated over $600 as of press time.  Metro Towing had 3 vehicles torched as well over the last year.

Ray Bowman was quoted:

Even though we tow operators work for separate employers the majority of us consider each other brothers & do our best to look out for one another.

The public can email or call Bill at 613 936 1703 if they wish to help.

No arrests or charges have occurred since the blaze.

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  1. p.s. you can’t apprehend a fire.

  2. has anyone considered it may have been someone upset at the excessive cost of their tow? overaccumulation of impound fees possibly? damage caused inadvertently to their vehicle? and have no one own up for fear of loseing their job? not everyone carries caa, and if its the rates they set that are charged to the average guy who can barely afford gas let alone an overpriced tow, i think id be upset too. so pointing a finger and suggesting it could be the competition is unfair to hard working people who are just trying to make a living like everyone else

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