Whistleblower Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley Goes One on One with CFN – HD VIDEO – June 3, 2013

rob hickley interviewCFN – Rob Hickley is a very stressed out man.   The weight of being a Whistleblower has impacted his health.    After much deliberation he decided to grant an exclusive video interview to CFN.

Please note that CFN did something we rarely do.  We have a short break in the video as it was becoming emotional for our Deputy Fire Chief.   All there is a pause between video with no editing otherwise.

While Mr. Hickley could not discuss details of his case against the city and Mayor Bob Kilger; CFN felt that hopefully some of the motivational and emotional answers from Mr. Hickley could help the public understand the enormity of what it takes to be a Whistleblower; especially in Cornwall Ontario where he and Diane Shay have paid huge prices and the ordeal that’s impacted their lives.

Said the Deputy Fire Chief;

It’s like Texas Hold em.  You get to decide if you’re all in.   So far I’m all in.

The case levels heavy charges of conflict of interest at Mayor Kilger.  LINK

The next hearing in his quest to get the City of Cornwall to cover his legal expenses is June 16th here in Cornwall Ontario.  CFN will be there.

Premier Wynne’s office has refused to comment on the ongoing issues with the Kilger Council with her rep stating it’s because of ongoing litigation.    However Ms Wynne found time to comment on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s issues over allegations of the Mayor’s use of Crack cocaine.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Mr. Hickley I would like you to think long and hard about what Perry Dunlop went through and he was ostracized by his peers and by a lot of people in Cornwall. Stress can be mighty damaging to one’s health as well as finances.

    I was born and raised in Cornwall and after all the years all I have seen was jobs given to certain people and the rest left out but I can see it even more under Kilger. It is all a clique and not a good system to live under.

    I hope that you do get financial help in fighting this issue but don’t forget this is that maybe you may have to leave Cornwall afterwards including Diane Shay and anyone else who would come forward. I know so much that Jamie may not print but I am trying to tell you to be aware that some people are not going to be so nice to you and your family. Perry left all the way out to Vancouver Island to escape what happened to him in Cornwall and there is hardly a day that doesn’t go by when I read Jamie’s articles that I don’t think about Perry Dunlop and his family. I would never return to Cornwall to live ever again only for a short visit. You take good care of yourself and stop the stress – stress causes diseases.

  2. Here is hoping that Judge Johnson will be on your side to ease your financial burden reducing your stress for having done the right thing, I admire you thus far as I also still do for Perry Dunlop who paid a high price but the city scoundrels were hounding him & out to destroy him. A whole box of Video,s went missing of well known city males in homosexual acts,I,ll bet that SF was chastised for revealing that info,stay strong many are behind you & wishing you well along with Ms Shay

  3. Empathy, always for such an uphill battle, but one that needs to take place.

    Managements, administrators in their arrogant ivory tower mentalities have always attempted a divide and conquer method to belittle any complaint as ‘your the only one’, who do you think you are challenging ‘our’ or ‘my’ decision have always been in their favor.

    Experience tells me though that unless their has been collusion to deceive, to over rule, to allow nepotism, the open concepts, transparent in every way, knowing the power of a union a riotous electorate or other strengths in law will assure repeat ‘offenses’ against the uneducated, lower echelons will be extremely limited. Proving it is a mountain climb.

    Failing compliance to common decencies of employment methodologies, sexual harassments, fraud within, and acceptance of whistle-blower complaints and having a zero tolerances in place will only cause derision among staff and management themselves.

    One can cringe at such a challenge that you are engaged in. Perhaps the time will come that the greater community will find it necessary to raise the funds for you.

  4. Yes, Mariah, and the City Judge who hid them from an RCMP search is now incapacitated, if not dead. He got away with it and allowed his friends, probation officer and other high level business men to go free at Perry Dunlop’s and abused citizens expense.

    I truly believe a number of high level citizens still in circulation are aware today.

    It is quit a problem to take on an established hierarchy of a fraternal club.

  5. WOW,I was emotionally moved by this video.

    I would like to thank Mr. Hickley for standing up for what is right even against such surmountable City political pressure .

    I understand somewhat what its like to fight the political pressures when one fights for what is right when the political system fails its citizens.
    I have much empathy as well as praise for you to “put it on the line” your profession as well as your reputation.

    George Orwell wrote “In a time of universal deceit -telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

    I stand with you Sir and strongly encourage others to do as well by voicing their concerns .
    When you the public feels confident in your beliefs and want change join us out in front of city hall and advocate for our city whistle blowers and promote a positive change for our great community.

    If you the citizens choose not to speak up when our politicians fails its citizens then truly you deserve the politicians you get.

    If you feel you cannot join us “on the line advocating change” at city hall , please play a part and inform others what is happening with our city council .

    For the main purpose of us to protest in front of city hall is not for financial gain but to promote a better community through transparency at our city hall .
    We do this to inform the public of the transgressions BY OUR LOCAL POLITICIANS as some media are refusing to keep the public properly informed.

    Take care my fellow citizens.

  6. Hey Kilger and Fitzpatrick, are you proud of yourselves? you pathetic pieces of trash. Kilger be a man for once and explain why the city won’t pay Hickley’s legal fees yet you make sure yours are?

    Your the scum bag of scum bags and here is hoping you get yours and the people of Cornwall get ours. Hey Chad, {MODERATED} and give up this job that was not given to someone who truly deserved it, oh yes, your last name is Kilger. Good luck Mr. Hickley we all support you sir.

  7. what does it matter what Rob Ford did in the past? I think Wynne is only chasing ford’s past because he will push her political buttons.

    Has anyone ever heard or seen any evidence, speculation and conspiracy aside, of Rob Fired being a bad mayor?

  8. Mr.Hickley, thanks for sharing your deepest feelings with all of us. Your situation is indeed extremely stressful & draining, but knowing many in our community support you may be of some comfort.

    To speak out & go against what society deems is the norm is unique in this day & age of apathetic, self-serving people. To speak out takes courage & determination & will absolutely change your life…You will loss some people in your life, yet you will gain friendships with strong ties.

    I empathize with your situation as my husband & I have traveled a similar lonely road. We do what we do for our children & future grandkids & for society as a whole, as I’m sure you are doing what you feel you need to do as well.

    Stay strong & ask for help if you need it…

  9. Rob Ford for Ontario Provincial Premier…..Hey, look, he has single handedly said NO to 1 Billion in expenditures in Toronto…WHY you might ask….well how about because it would mean raising taxes. Go figure, what a novel idea. Rob could choose any party he wanted…or go as an independent. He would get 60% votes out of Toronto alone…most of the Northern votes and the rest would be a shoo-in for him. Rob Ford…just says NO. Win, win.

  10. Thank you for the video, very humanizing to say the least.

    The deputy fire chief states the playing field is not level and I believe that most would agree with that statement.

    The irony of it all is that Rob Hickley as a whistle blower is standing up for what is simply right and in doing so is attempting to further the cause of the community at large while the city uses the communities money to stifle truth and justice. I ask could anything be more convoluted ?

    As for Premier Wynne’s typical and predictable conflicting statement which she knows she will not be held accountable for, Rob Ford has made unfavourable comments in her direction while our Mayor Bob as been a good silent Liberal comrade to his provincial pals.

    Good luck on the 16th of June Mr. Hickley when we all find out whether our justice system is fueled by money or by the truth.

  11. Just an after thought with regards to true justice.

    I would like to see, if Mr. Hickley prevails in his case, the Mayor and council members pay the entire legal cost themselves (personally) because they sure as hell were not representing myself or in my opinion this community.

  12. I don’t live in Cornwall although I did grow up there and remember the Dunlop incident and all that followed.

    There is power in numbers Cornwall citizens. Get involved behind this man. Support him by letting your city council know how you feel. Get organized and get loud. Take back that which is yours…the integrity of your city.

    Set up a fund so this man and his wife are not risking their retirement savings to defend the integrity of your town.

    There is safety in numbers. If Mr. Hickley stands alone on this, there is a significant chance the stress of the matter will force an end before justice is done. If you stand with him and share the burden both emotional and financial your city council will be forced to reckon with their people. Go to meetings, go to court, whatever it takes to protect him as he has been protecting you all these years.

    Don’t wait another day…this has shades of Dunlop all over it and the time is now. Municipalities across Canada are proving, you CAN fight city hall and this whistleblower needs you.

    Good luck and God Bless.

  13. Bob Hickley-
    I have never had the pleasure of meeting you Sir but what I have read and heard you say on CFN you have my backing all the way
    Kilger and Fitzpatrick & many on city Council have with the assistance of TAX Payers $$$ cost the City a Pile of MONEY as you very well know. And it continues / A level playing field is obviously not in there best interest . You certainly seem to have the goods on them and I sure hope you are able to continue in an effort to
    seek JUSTICE . Further I do hope that your wife will be able to stand strong with you on this . Good Luck to both of you .

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  15. ADMIN is the June 16th court date open to all who would like to attend?

  16. Mr. Hickley stay very strong and cool like and you will win over those scum bags of Kilger, Fitzy and all the rest. You must not have stress in your life at all. I know very well what stress is and what it can lead to. I want all the people of Cornwall and surrounding areas to stick up to Mr. Hickley and the nurse who are exposing the wrongdoings in Cornwall. I would like to see all of you at city hall and throw the bums out of office and do not wait until there is an election. Support Mr. Hickley financially as well and if everyone made donations that would help a lot for his legal fees.

    Mr. Hickley if it came for you to ever leave Cornwall do not feel bad. I first left when I was only 23 and went back to Cornwall because of my mom was very sick with cancer and other things and died and came back to Ottawa around 10 years ago. There are many good small towns to go to here in Ontario. You have courage and don’t let anything bother you. I am used to a big city since I lived here before but saw many changes but life goes on and I just keep on trudging away. Cornwall is not the end of the line and if you were ever to speak to Perry Dunlop that dear man and his wife and children can tell you how they suffered. Today they are well to be far from Cornwall. I would never ever go back to live in Cornwall ever again those days are long gone forever. Have courage and fight for what is right. I know all about those scum bags and believe me I wish that I could print worse names than that but scum bags is the only words that I could get away with. You take care of yourself and I would make preparations in case something were to happen just like what Mr. Dunlop did and his family. Those wonderful people are in my prayers and you too Mr. Hickley and take care of yourself.

  17. I want to say one more thing here Mr. Hickley is that Jamie is one hell of a good man indeed and I know that. The people of Cornwall don’t know that they have the very best journalist there is in their town. Don’t let those scum bags get on your nerves and you are not far from retirement and you can live anywhere and the people of Cornwall must stand up for you and help with your legal fees. Be strong those are all scum bags that I deficate on. I can tell you that I would never live back in Cornwall ever again. There are plenty of towns to live in that are very good and a great deal better than Cornwall any day. You take care of your health which is the most important of all.

  18. Author

    Yes Mr. Oldham. It’s open court.

  19. Jamie, this was an excellent interview! Very well done and important.

  20. My sincere thanks to Chief Hickley. You are a man of high ethical conduct for blowing the whistle on wrongdoing. Your case is typical of what happens to a person who speaks truth to power. It is a well known legal strategy to harm the truth teller verses holding management accountable.

    The people of Cornwall must applaud whistleblowers. Tax payer waste is the single greatest concern of every citizen. The go along to get along group who look the other way when human rights are obliterated can no longer be tolerated.

    Government employees have duties to the people. Fire the decision makers who are harming the people who protect the public.

  21. An observation and recommendation.

    With all the publicity we now have regarding public disclosure regarding corruption or wrong doing, would it not be prudent to address Mr Hickley as an honest civil servant or a informant?

    Whistle Blower sounds so unprofessional and lacking in credibility.

    is there any input on council now attempting to counter suit Cornwall free news for their legal fees on the suit against council claiming the CFN lost clients as a result of Jamie’s being removed from council chambers?

  22. Many who work within the city know full well what Rob Hickley is stating is true fact without a doubt. The problem is, people are still afraid to speak up and you can see why (Shay and Hickley). You think its easy working for a city who runs corrupt? starting from the Mayor and Council? I can tell you first hand they really do look out for themselves and family/friends first and foremost.

    Everyone on council could have done the right thing and spoke up for what was right, not one did, not one and anyone who says they would vote for a certain few deserve more of this garbage because none deserve a single vote next election.

    The only way the people of Cornwall will ever get justice is seeing that low-life we have for Mayor behind bars, looking out at the world who is looking in at him saying its the perfect space for you Bob to rot the rest of your useless old life away for the pain you’ve caused so many and the bad image you have placed on this city. I swear, the more I look at Rob Ford the more I think your his father too.

  23. Mr. Hickley, great interview! It humanizes the ugliness of what a whistleblower endures at the hands of those who can so easily draw from the taxpayers pocket without even a care just to demoralize and attempt to break them. Without a doubt, disgusting and nauseating. Cornwall, if you don’t see them (All of Council) for what they are–there’s even a lawyer in the mix–then you truly deserve what you get. In my heart, I truly believe that we are smarter than they are giving us credit for. SPEAK OUT!!

  24. On the aside, did you know that the City interviewed (4) out of 27 applicants for the position of Fire Chief. Mr. Hickley and Mr. McCullough (golf buddie) were among the chosen. However, golf buddie had none of the qualifications required while another fire department employee had all but one and didn’t get an interview. This is flipping unbelievable! Could the “thanks for all your snitching” be in place? NOT AGAIN!

  25. GREAT story Jamie. First I would like to say to Mr. Hickley…Stand Strong and be proud of what you have done for the citizens of Cornwall. I, along with the rest of the honest people in this city need to stand strong with you.
    Mr. Hickley has served this community well as a firefighter and now is the time to support him 100% so we can rid the corrupted individuals that have overtaken our great city.
    To all who have written great comments supporting what he has done, I give you a standing ovation!

  26. Now THAT’s what I’m talking about Cornwall!! Way to go! Love the comments that indicate you are going to fill that courtroom on June 16th. Go see for yourself what Mr. Hickley has to endure on behalf of the citizens he serves.

    Get behind this man (and Ms. Shay too) and take down corruption one pillar at a time. You will see as one falls another weakens. Like dominos, they are not going to fall on their own, you have to be involved.

    YOU are the taxpayer, the client, the employer. Let them know you are not going to stand for this…come together and have one loud voice.

    If every taxpayer in your city who is angry about this put just $10. into a fund for Mr. Hickley, you could more than cover his current legal expenses and you will find you have $$ left over to continue. AND it will be far less expensive at $10 each than this whole legal issue is costing you as a taxpayer.

  27. Jamie……On June 4th David Oldham directed a question to you asking if the June 16th court date for Rob is open to the public. Your response what that the proceedings were open.

    Could you please confirm the court date, as June 16th falls on a Sunday.

    John MacDonald
    Niagara Falls, On

  28. Author

    It’s July 15th at the same courthouse.

  29. Forthright and moving interview. Two honest-to-God professionals reminding us what a commitment to decency and public service really means. Very restoring in these times of widespread contempt and abuse of power. Well done to both!

    (Agree with hailey brown: there ought to be a more dignified term to describe one who calls attention to an injustice. Where are you, Shakespeare, when we need you?)

  30. How about a quote from George Orwell:

    “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

    What we are seeing is an honesty revolution not whistle blowing.

  31. So, how about “truthteller” rather than “whistleblower”? Sounds positive and powerful.

  32. Whistleblowers don’t need a label change. To suggest this misses the historical import and buys into the concept that whistleblowers are not accepted as important contributors of social change.

    The name whistleblower has its roots in police officers blowing the whistle to notify the public of danger or wrongdoing and to seek the assistance of others.

    As a society today, we live with whistles blowing to notify us of public that an ambulance or police car en route to an accident, a weather alerts us to seek shelter, a child has been kidnapped, a smoke or carbon monoxide can save your life…

    Why is it that when a person sounds an alarm and blows a whistle, we ignore the message and focus on the person? That person could warn you of poison in your food or drugs, contaminants in drinking water, price fixing, bad investments or fraud on tax payers. That person could save your life.

    If a nurse iand a fire chief both sound the alarm of government corruption…don’t spend time worrying about the whistleblower label. Vindicate the whistleblowers, compensate them for their losses, oust the wrongdoers.

    One way to stop corruption in government is to pass legislation that claws back pay, benefits and pensions. If there are violations of human rights law, prosecute.

    Whistleblowers are ethical conduct advocates.
    Whistleblowers are misconduct warning devices.
    These are the people you want working for the public!

  33. Mr.Hickey and Dianne Shay thank you for speaking up and representing the interests of the public .
    You have and continue to do service to your community by speaking up against behavior that is not in the public’s interest ,unfortunately there has been a price to pay for this.
    Why is the messenger the one that pays for speaking up?

    Not to diminish those great acts of accountability of Mr. Hickley and Dianne Shay ,but adding these examples may give more scope to our societal problems

    Dr.Tombler was another whistle blower with regards to Hospital discriminatory hiring practices -well the hospital quickly went to work to quiet that with reduced Operating room time and other privileges.
    Did anyone notice how quickly he had been quieted?Thanks you for speaking up Dr.Tombler

    What about Christopher Cameron the Nurse who spoke up following Dr.Tombler’s letter that informed the public of Cornwall Community Hospitals discriminatory hiring practices .

    Christopher was an example of what Dr.Tombler spoke of and he informed us that the Hospital purely for political reasons chose to hire unqualified personnel and incur a cost of approx $18,000 to attain that bilingual quota that far surpasses( 250%)above the needs of the community.
    Once again there was a backlash from the Ontario Francophone Teachers Association ,numerous Francophone media organizations as well as numerous Francophone groups.

    But only another $18,000 of taxpayers money ,but money is no object when there is a political agenda at work.
    Its only your money, people.

    What about Mr.Shultz a lawyer in the justice department who is also a whistle-blower .
    He informed the media that his superiors in the justice department had encouraged violation of the charter of rights by not allowing these charter cases that would be deemed politically sensitive.
    He is presently on leave without pay and the Government with all its influence and financial resources is attempting to silence him.

    This warrants repeating:

    George Orwell wrote “In a time of universal deceit -telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

    When it comes to whistle-blowing the messenger is the one being targeted and the taxpayers are footing the bill.
    Should you the taxpayer pay for actions that are against transparency and detriment of the public?

    Well you do!

  34. @ EBrown, CEO, Whistlewatch.org

    Excellent defence of whistleblower. Thank you. I’m in.

  35. Fitzpatrick & City Council / Dept Morale over hiring FIRE CHIEF ?
    Perhaps someone could refresh my memory or shed some light on
    what I seem to remember as a big problem with Fire Dept Morale .
    Was it not Fitzpatrick who arranged to promote to Fire Chief a man who had no experience whatsoever in Fire Fighting ?
    If this is true what a stupid move that Fitzpatrick & our City council made at that time .

  36. Violating e public expectations, like a rape, has been a damning, long lasting hurtful to our entire city.

    These misrepresentations of professionals is reprehensible, abose of power and authority.

    In other words, the activities ‘sounded’ but totally ignored by the very people we have until now looked up to, has been downright fraudulent of character expectations from them.

    As well as this and other court cases, WE WILL CLEAR HOUSE AT THE VOTING BOOTH, regardless of any court decisions.

    This council and city management (involved) should be caned and personally FINED, yet our fear is that they will only have their wrists slapped, exonerated as professional friends of like minded professionals, as witnessed with the very recent Project Truth hearings. Poor Perry Dunlop (whistleblower hero too).

    After everything is whitewashed, once again these smug char-acters, some of the same as during Perry’s hanging out to dry, will move on as though nothing ever happened.

    Anymore good challenging ideas as these clowns continue to lie, contaminate evidences and carryon(seargeant) with their, divide and conquer mentalities re retribution and retaliation is mark in trade as being higher on scale thanthan fair and appropriate resolution.

    Negative? Perhaps. History seems to repeat itself. Mark my words, but SURPRISE ME/US FINALLY, P-LE-A-S-E!

  37. Voting these corrupted scum bags out is not enough – people can’t wait until then and it is the same damn scum bags year after year after year …. and it just keeps on going like the bunny rabbit that advertises for the batteries. These scum bags of Kilger, Fitzy and all the rest have to be taken out now and I don’t give a rat’s behind if another municipality has to take over Cornwall’s administration – something has to happen. This has gone on long enough throughout the years and a good man like Officer Perry Dunlop was ostracized. Now you saw this happen with Dr. Tumbler and Chris Cameron being told to stay quiet. Now there is Ms. Shay and Mr. Rob Hickley going through this kind of hell. If the people themselves do not stand up all together as a whole and support these people financially as well as morally then things will go downhill. Not only that the people of Cornwall have to change and stop drinking the fluoride water that stunts your intellect and think about changing your ways before it is too late. You will all lose many good people very soon and I don’t say that lightly because it is going to happen. The good people are going to move away because nobody in their right frame of mind would put up with such corruption from Kilger, Fitzy or anyone else. It is all in your hands.

  38. there is not a thing I disagree with I am a whistle-blower as well in New Zealand on an issue of serious corruption .

    I was taken to court as well denied a defense and I am now 7 1/2 years into it.

    you have to over come the fear , they use fear to immobolise you , I lost the fear after they tore my family to bits.. once you lose your family you have nothing more to lose . It has cost me well over $300,000 cannot get it out into the news .

    I blog I have two web sites http://www.anticorruption.co.nz and http://www.transparency.net.nz.

    New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world because we beat whistle-blowers into silence. I am a former police sergeant

    the antiquated adversarial system means that the last one still in the saddle of this silly jousting game is the winner, it doesn’t matter if they blind your horse drug you and cut the straps on your saddle it is win at any cost and truth and evidence do not play a part.

    I am happy for you to contact me. I now have the proceedings in High court on a miscarriage of justice claim.

    You are so lucky your wife stands beside you be sure to tell her that they will try to attack your marriage , they did to me and my husband fell for it.

    all the best

  39. I just saw on yahoo news where they are going to put Laval under the province and that is exactly what I said many times here and I don’t think that Jamie posted it. Cornwall aka Fossoli has to be put under the province or some other city to manage it since it is the same corruption year after year after year and nothing changes. When people are not educated nor capable to take over and lead then Cornwall has to go under another jurisdiction. Cornwall has a great deal of corruption from past to present and much worse off today than any other time in history.


    By that time all the sins will be legally buried under the Mafioso cement pillars and monuments. We’d start with a clean house.

    Surely Ontario would be happy to see us go. They haven’t given a rats ass about this corner of the province anyway. The ONLY Ontario they know is the GTA.

  41. Diddlysquat you said it all right. Cornwall was forgotten and I blame the provincial government for that and the federal but the provincial the most.

    As for being part of Montreal I don’t think so. My husband read in his paper of a man from his country living in Montreal and had a terrible time with the Mafia and he was leaving for France with his Canadian wife and they had a business in Montreal but couldn’t take it any longer. I sure wouldn’t recommend Montreal. Not only that but I read a while ago where some Jewish shops have been blown up and Cornwall has enough problems. My area here in Ottawa used to have mostly Jews and now it has mostly Arabs and Africans. I have my fingers crossed for the best.

    My daughter and her co-workers lost their jobs to the GTA and they don’t call Toronto hog town for nothing and this has been going on for some years now.

  42. Jules, sounds like the better dog you know here, is the one to stay with.

    The Arab/Muslims have been spreading the flames world wide. I wouldn’t get involved with any of them either.

    Tolerance of the intolerant has proven a laxidazical(?) approach that gives way to expansion of undesirable activities.

    Sounds like the best is for each of us to do the best we can with where we are and to fight our own nemesis.

  43. Hey Cornwall, Enough is enough. There has to be a support committee formed for these people, that is the least that can be done…..Releave stress and share stories and public beware. How can this committee be formed and what to call it? What is your input, Jamie, please share your opinion, are you in?

  44. Robin, I was in Cornwall this weekend & my brother Steve was telling me what has been going on. Lynn sent me the links to some of the videos CFN and different papers with stories about what’s happening. I watched the interview with tears in my eyes cuz I could see the stress in your face and eyes. Robin it was very hard to watch but I am so proud of you. Your entire life you’ve been known as the guy that did the right thing no matter what. I pray that you are able to keep up the fight physically, mentally & money wise. Remember this Robin, Cornwall maybe the Goliath but you are a lot bigger than the David and you have GOD on your side. From the sound of things Robin you have more than 3/4 of Cornwall on your side so I know that you will win this thing. Put out a public appeal for support you’ll b surprised at how many people will back & support you. Also remember this Robin behind every man there is a good woman
    & it sounds like Joanne is this for you as well. GOD Bless Robin Luv Ya Gail

  45. Rob, I was in Cornwall this past weekend & my brother Steve was telling me what has been going on in Cornwall & then Lynn sent me the links to some of the videos & stories. It was very hard to watch the video Robin cuz I could see the stress in your face and eyes but through the tears as I watched you fight to keep yourself together I was so proud of you. That’s the Robin I remember fight to do the right thing no matter how hard it is. I pray you have the stamina physically, mentally & the money to get through all this. Make a public appeal you’ll be surprised how many are behind you cuz from the sound of it about 3/4 of Cornwall agrees with you so I’m sure they’ll back with dollars and lots of them to set this straight. I’m glad to hear your wife is standing with you as well cuz that helps. GOD Bless you Robin I’m so proud of you.

  46. Admin is there any news yet about Rob’s court date that is supposed to come up soon? That dear man is going through a lot of hell. Like the poster Gail said that you can see it in his face and too much stress. I hope that this dear man will be ok. There is so much that one can handle.

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