CFN Celebrates crashing through the 50,000 Unique Visitor in a Month Club – May 2013 Numbers & Special Ad Offer!

CFN Panic Button 2013-05-13CFN – What a tumultuous month May was; yet with a City Boycott, lawsuit, hatchet job during a media war from the Standard Freeholder, one outlet play games with Alexa locally,  and all the drama that follows, CFN set a new traffic record with 53,775 Unique Visitors for the month of May!   Those visitors hit the CFN button 2,195,892 times.

Our Top 25 Cities for February!

1) Cornwall 39.67% of our visitors

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) New York, NY

6) Gatineau

7) Kingston

8.) Patterson NJ

9) Richmond Hill

10) Brockville

11) Mississauga

12) Calgary

13) Vancouver

14) London

15) Hamilton

16) Winnipeg

17) Edmonton

18) Vankleek Hill

19) Morrisburg

20) Kitchener

21) Santa Monica CA

22) Brampton

23) Barrie

24) Alexandria

25) Halifax

Only 53% of visitors to CFN in 2012 were first timers!   We have a huge loyal following with a bounce rate in May of only 5.55%!

Nearly 20% of you are using mobile devices and tablets.

Over 30% of you visit CFN 25 or more times per month!

Alexa Canadian Rankings of Eastern Ontario Media Online

1) CFN  4,090 95% Canadian traffic!    #7 in city of Cornwall!

2)  (Brockville)  5,589

3)   5,691

4)  17,051

5)   37,707  62% bounce rate!

7)  (Brockville)  No regional data

8.) No regional data

9)  No regional data

10) (one website for several media including The Journal in Cornwall) No regional data


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  1. Congrats, Jamie.

  2. Now if we had a nickle for every visitor…….we would have a lot of nickles.

  3. @Reg and if the freeloader had a loonie for every CFN visitor they could maybe buy a corrupt mayor and council to get made up news stories for their rag.

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